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Sunday School 31st December 2023

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    I haven’t seen or heard Emo in decades. Thanks for recalling his many witticisms!



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    World of Woo: The Medicine of Extinction.

    I fully agree with not using ground animal bones, skins, and innards in fake woo medicines.

    However, the author’s arguments on the grounds of human overpopulation and animal species extinction are simply mistaken, at least they are any more.

    The biggest evidence refuting overpopulation is not only the global decline in birthrates and replacement rates, but especially the present and foreseen future decline of these in Red China:

    China Is Pressing Women to Have More Babies. Many Are Saying No.
    Story by Liyan Qi • 1d

    It says something damning about the dehumanization of Totalitarianism when a regime tells it’s citizen/subjects whether, when, and how to fuck and/or breed.

    One Chinese woman was persecuted by the authorities under both Deng Xiaoping’s One-Child-Only Policy of the Eighties and under Emperor Xi Jinping’s present bout of Baby Rabies:

    A decade ago, a woman surnamed Zhang was in a cat-and-mouse game with authorities after she decided to have a second child. She asked that her first name not be used.

    While pregnant, she left her job to stay out of public view, fearful officials would pressure her to have an abortion, she said. After giving birth, in 2014, she stayed with relatives for a year. When she returned home, local family-planning officials fined her and her husband around $10,000. She said she was forced to have an intrauterine device implanted to prevent pregnancy. Authorities required her to have it checked every three months.

    Months later, the Chinese government announced the one-child policy would be scrapped. For a while, authorities still demanded Zhang have her IUD checked.

    She now gets text messages from officials encouraging her to have more children. She deletes them in anger. “I wish they would stop tossing us around,” she said, “and leave us ordinary people alone.”

    A fine Secular “Amen”, Sister!

    As long you pay your own freight, there should be no “Mother May I?” or “Big Brother May I?” required for whether or not consenting adults either mother, brother, slither, slather, or lather!

    As for extinction of animal species, this a hard enough problem to document accurately, so it is not as bad as some make it out to be. And it is even solvable with human technology such as genetic engineering, surveillance technology, and private ownership of natural resources and game preserves:

    The Return of the Dead: Countering Extinction
    Slowly, humans are making amends for our past excesses. What’s clear is that nature’s resilience is stronger than we thought.
    JOAKIM BOOK — JUL 22, 2020

    The Return of the Dead: Countering Extinction

    Yes, don’t do woo, but don’t use woo against woo, too.

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    I refuse to utter the word ‘contumacious’ in a sentence, no matter who asks me to.



    Inevitably wordlickers have stickers of those they adore and those they abhor.

    Islamophobia is my new number 1. Earlier ambivalence is clarified. This word is an abomination. Utilizing it only furthers the agenda of the Islamists.

    Frankly is an old adversary. It is rare to find a context in which it makes sense. Using it simply suggests the speaker is typically disingenuous or prevaricates out of their bunghole. And it is no surprise that it was in fashion at least among politiicians and news media. Monkeys mindlessly imitating.

    Spiritual is a word that ALWAYS or typically needs context. Way better to say what one means than retain ambiguity unless that is that obfuscation is the goal.

    Closure. Feels to me like a neologism of post modern psycho babble. I get the concept but it is just a little too daft and glib to represent the key to an improved mindset of one who has or is recovering from some trauma or hard luck.

    Cockswain. Just like that.

    Testicles. Just like that.

    Animadversion. Too formal. Too grumpy.


    @jakelafort – Spiritual is a word that ALWAYS or typically needs context.



    Demons and angels are mostly downgraded gods when Yahweh got promoted to big dog. They live “up there” or “down there”, don’t cha-know, LOL

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