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Sunday School April 29th 2018

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    Studies show that the number of freaked out Christians is growing at an alarming rate.

    Here’s a first – religion could be linked to big business marketing campaigns! Who would’ve thought it could be so?

    The religion of peace continues its campaign of Atheophobia.

    Could it be that the lack of prayer in schools is the reason a home schooled Christian became a murderer or could there be another reason?

    How many inaccuracies and falsehoods can you find in this article?

    Atheism and politics in America. I think the midterm elections this year will be more intense that the Presidential elections in 2016.

    Religion for the nonreligious.

    For years I have been calling out “religious freedom” as code for “religious privilege” and it is good to see it elsewhere.

    Asia Bibi may yet not be murdered by the religion of peace.

    There is a chilling link between religion and suicide for LGBT people.

    This weeks’ Woo:  Homeopathic and Natural remedies are not the same thing.

    Climate Change: A study by the US military makes some unnerving claims but the EPA is on the job.

    Who wants to live forever? What though if we found an “immortality” enzyme.

    A disbelief in the truth of Evolution is not always the result of poor education or intelligence.

    Why do scientists name species?

    How to be a systems thinker.

    If philosophers should be keener to talk about the meaning of life then are we not all philosophers?

    The resilience of Counter-Enlightenment convictions.

    The danger of having a distorted view of the Right.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    This week I am reading this book: The Great Rift. 21 books you don’t have to read??

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Have an atheist experience with Tracie Harris. Some mind-bending questions from physics.


    Have a great week everyone!!


    David Boots

    “I was constantly berated for my belief in God” – It is natural to push back instinctively.



    Thanks, Reg!


    Daniel W.

    Thanks for some great links Reg.

    Looking at the first few, it amazes me any more that people are still alarmed by atheists.  To me, being atheist is the most ordinary thing in the world.  I guess I don’t see the real world that much.  Maybe, that’s a good thing.



    A good portion of the pics of the week always seem to be depictions of the antics inspired by religion. Would a secular humanity tend to be less eccentric and more boring….I wonder?


    Simon Paynton

    How many inaccuracies and falsehoods can you find in this article?“, “Atheism is a dead end

    – from start to finish, this is a straightforward re-hash of every current pro-Christianity/religion, anti-atheism cliché in the book.


    @simon – I post such articles so that it might help improve debating skills with theists. There are these self-anointed pastors and mock theologians that rehash the same arguments over and over again. Their delivery is the same pious and anti-intellectual rhetoric. It is all taken from some online theology 101 course. It is bad enough that they keep repeating them but what is even worse is that they deliver them as if they have just discovered something amazing for the first time. They also are clueless when it comes to understanding what atheism actually is.

    When I hear the line “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” I imagine some apologist is about to produce a banana as a teaching aid!!


    @robertI used to have an office just out of sight on the right of Tower Bridge in Picture 6. It looks like the artillery fire is directed at it!

    Picture 28 is excellent.



    Their delivery is the same pious and anti-intellectual rhetoric.

    I went with a preacher friend once to his church’s headquarters on some kind of business, and when introducing me to a superior he added “This one likes to think.”. The response was “Ahh, I see!”.



    Thanks Reg!

    Never forget tour of the Tower of London. The guide enumerated every beheading and various other executions and then spoke to us about the French designers of the Tower of London. They said that the castle’s moat would be flushed out  by the high and low tide of the Thames. Everything went into that moat; dead body’s, feces, garbage, dead animals, you name it. He said that in those days you could be 25 miles out of London and you knew you were getting closer by the stench.

    I thought at one time that I could actually be an atheist and still call an evangelical friend. After the massacre of those young teenagers in Florida I voiced my opinion on responsible gun ownership. Six of the ten guys I ride with agreed with the opinion of one of the other guys when he said, “why are we even talking about the kids in Florida when there are so many babies killed everyday by abortion. Why are we not talking about that? Yeah, I was shocked that they all agreed with this guy. Still can’t wrap my head around how you can compare an unwanted fetus with a child that was wanted enough to have been born and that the parents invested a whole lot of emotional and monetary capital in. Needless to say I cut them off.


    Simon Paynton

    I had never realised that some Christian scientists believe in both evolution and Adam and Eve and the Bible stories.


    Simon Paynton

    Does life have meaning? The answer is: it might.

    – we should all be able to be philosophers, and we can be, if we are working with “correct” philosophy.  This means, taking existing philosophy and using it to make new philosophy out of.

    Albert Einstein wrote that to know an answer to the question ‘What is the meaning of human life?’ means to be religious. But there is in principle room for non-religious accounts of meaning, ones that do not appeal to anything beyond the given world or the world revealed to us by science.

    – I think it is the pressure to thrive, survive and reproduce.


    Simon Paynton

    How many inaccuracies and falsehoods can you find in this article?

    – I have a feeling this is how atheists can sound when they are summarising Christian thinking – naïve and misguided, second-hand.



    I had never realised that some Christian scientists believe in both evolution and Adam and Eve and the Bible stories.

    There is no shortage of intelligent people who believe tons of stupid absurd nonsense. Isn’t it interesting how the proportion of scientists in a country who are religious is proportional to the percentage of people who are religious in that country…and that the specific weird surreal religious narrative the scientists swear can compliment the entire different and fatally conflicting “observable universe” just happens to be the narrative their parents believed.

    The tentacles of Christianity reach deep and have a tight tight grip.

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