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Sunday School January 21th 2024

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    “Kaj Sxxxxxn”? How do you pronounce that? And does this Insurance Commissioner give special deals on premiums to adult bookstores? There might be some mutual back-scratching going on there.


    The Granite State New Hampshire is also pretty high up there on percentage of Unbelievers as well. Their motto “Live Free Or Die” applies to rule by Theocrats too.

    All of New England to varying degrees lives up to the thinking of Ethan Allen. Dare I say, Freethought is like a fixture of furniture up there.




    This is the kind of language anti-semites used in the run up to Naziism. It is no coincidence that Autumn left this website around when some of you started saying shocking dehumanising things that go far beyond simple criticism of religion. I am, at this point, embarrassed to be associated with some of you and this website in the last few months.

    This kind of language is vile and I would encourage you to reevaluate the shit you say and how that reflects on the kind of person you are.

    All right. Hamas members are not non-sapient animals. They are evil human beings who should know better.

    As for Autumn, to her, the word “bigot” equals anyone who doesn’t have a brain like a sieve and says anything she doesn’t like. She made the mistake of flinging that word my way and got a response that she really didn’t like.

    Autumn was at a particular point on the graph, and the rest of the SJW/ESG/DIE “Woke” mob, along with Hamas and Hezbollah, and arguably the rest of the whole world, are all at this point on the graph:

    Rational minds proceed up the perpendicular vertical line without going horizontal.

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    My perception of the dynamics of inculcating beliefs and free thought are diametrically opposite of yours, Enco.

    I see the viruses of the mind as being preeminent and largely determinative. Most of us born into Palestinian families with connections to Hamas would be of a kind with the majority. And you can superimpose that hypothetical fetus into any historical era and see the same result. Born into antebellum south in the lap of luxury and latifundia you see Blacks as subhuman and their exploitation as deserved and biblically supported. The inerrant bible tells you so as do all of your compadres. Why belabor the point. I could go on for hours.

    Free thought does not exist. Free will does not exist. A free marketplace of ideas is a lovely ideal but it is at best a chimera.



    Enco i think all of New England is reasonably stocked with atheists and for most part nobody anywhere in New England shoves their BS down your throat.



    The thing to remember when it comes to Hamas and Islam is that there has never been a popular tradition of peaceful interpretation of its scriptures unlike Judaic traditions. There were long periods of anti-Islamic sentiment, such as when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic took over, or when the pre-revolutionary Shahs of Iran controlled things. They didn’t “reform” Islam; they ditched it in favor of Western style policies. So yeah, it was easy for the Ayatollahs or Erdoğan to blame everything on the sinful departure from Islam.

    The unobservant Westerner may have been fooled that Islam was somehow reformed when Persians were wearing suits and ties. The fact is that Islamic reformers such as Muhammad Shahrur never gained popularity and others such as Musa al-Qarni end up in prison or murdered.




    I’ll reply to what you said in the thread on Free Will. This thought has been turning in my head and I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

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    Will an influential reformer come along and spin moose shit into raccoon poo? I am sure it can be done. If the supreme court of the usa can write an opinion spinning its way out of Roe V Wade then some Islamic brainwave (how’s that for an oxy?) can spin Islam into a religion of peace.

    That is what it will take to ameliorate the middle eastern tinder box. How TELLING-that Egyptian author indicating how all those middle eastern nations promulgated lies to further the antipathy between Arabs and Jews. So degenerate the antisemitism that her life threatened for telling the truth about the Hamas invasion. Egyptians who were cooperating with Israel in opposing Hamas shifted its position when there was Jewish blood in the water. And it is no surprise to me. I keep saying it and will do so until proven wrong.

    Islam is the major source of antisemitism in the middle east. The Arabs can’t stand and are jealous of Jews. The concern for Palestinians is an absolute lie. It is so bad and there is so much antijewish propaganda in education, from the government, from the mosque that it takes precedence over the self interest of the middle eastern nations.

    And the far left has in a despicable manner with its BS narratives and infiltration of education propagated and expanded the hatred. I am gonna stop right there cuz i feel a rant coming on…

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