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Sunday School March 10th 2024

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    Why people are reluctant to call themselves atheists.

    Biden administration finalizes rule on religious liberty protections.

    Students in Public Schools are not prey for Evangelical vultures while the expansion of the School Voucher program raises questions about the separation of Church and State. Complaints to the school volunteer child catchers please.

    29% of Catholic women would consider disrespecting their god if the Pope does not cave in to their demands, irrespective of what the Bible says about it.

    World of Woo: Why won’t mediums solve crimes?

    Environment: World’s oceans reach record temperature.

    Did the daughters of Urizen turn on the lights at the Dawn of Time?

    A look at Moral Foundations Theory (with video).

    In 2024, we’ll find out how robust our democracies are to online disinformation campaigns.

    The Pentagon wants us to believe that they have no evidence of alien technology!

    Could this be how the Earth’s first cells formed?

    Long Reads: The Christian Nationalism Project wants a scripture-based system of government.  A.I. is learning what it means to be alive. Kinship – Science must become attuned to the subtle conversations that pervade all life.  The A.I. scam that uses your loved one’s voice.

    Sunday Book Club:  Means of Control. How targeted ads are used.

    Some photographs taken last week.  Some photos from International Women’s Day.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Bill Nye on saving the world. Bible Scholar Dr. Joshua Bowen leaves Christianity. How the brain shapes reality – with Andy Clark.


    Have a  great week!



    Thanks Reg!




    World of Woo: Why won’t mediums solve crimes?

    Penn Gillette and Teller of Showtime’s Penn &:Teller::Bullshit interviewed John Walsh of the TV show America’s Most Wanted and all shared the same answer too.

    The Dynamic Duo of Debunking also refuted any evidence for an afterlife from which the dead can communicate when they exposed and refuted Ouija Boards and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs.)

    The dead still tell no tales. Maybe one day, more media consumers will use this as a springboard to equally question “The Narrative” and “The Current Thing” on all other matters.


    Simon Paynton

    A look at Moral Foundations Theory (with video).

    I like Moral Foundations Theory, it’s been influential, but I think it suffers from not having a theoretical basis to explain it.  It’s put together ad-hoc, which is fine, but has no theory, beyond promoting cooperation that promotes survival and reproduction.  Consequently it’s a bit wobbly on details.

    For example, my theory states that a different joint goal and a different method of collaborating to achieve it, gives rise to a moral domain, and the joint goal and method of achieving it explain the values in that domain.  Then, the morality of the domain is the regulation of this type of collaboration.

    This is why my theory can connect well with traditional moral philosophy – it’s exact, you can connect it to things.

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