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Sunday School May 12th 2024

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    Strange how leftists can get so far off track with the Gaza terrorists. And what are we to make of an old dude who throws on a cheap wig and stuffs a bra with some rubber strap-on tits and claims to be a lesbian….

    It never occurred to me that so many guys would exploit the good will for trans people or purposefully cheat female athletes, but here we are. Sorry, but not a woman, dude.

    Unless someone goes full monty with a sex change operation, taking hormones the rest of their life, learning how to behave like their newly-chosen sex, are they not simply cross dressers? If I were to believe I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body, what elevates that beyond a mere belief? And beliefs can be false. And to be meaningful, many philosophers would say, any belief needs to be at least in principle falsifiable. Looking at the matter this way is seldom done.

    A fair society would require some mental and physical minimum thresholds for a “legal” gender transition. Cosplaying cross-dressers, cheating/dominating athletes and potential sexual predators don’t get to pick their pronouns or legal gender status. Hell, if convicted of a felony, I’d want to go to a woman’s prison too.




    Gandhi was once asked what he thought about Western Civilization. He replied that he thought that it might be a good idea if it happened.

    Any civilization would have done Gandhi good. He was not the nice guy everybody thought he was. Think about Amanda Marshall’s “Birmingham” or Arthur Smith’s “Dueling Banjos” played on sitars. *Yeech!*

    Also, his Satyagraha hogs all the limelight and overshadows the thousands of Indian soldiers and sailors who fought and died for Indian Independence, not to mention the millions of both Hindus and Muslims who were dislocated and murdered in the partition of India and Pakistan.

    And if it wasn’t for the Ghandis and Nehru encouraging Indians to hand-spin cloth in the home, Indians could have done safer, less difficult, more profitable work, like maybe being the voice of customer service in the 1950s and 1960s or raising GMO self-harvesting saffron as cheap as table salt.

    The Hitch could have had lots of choice cuts of jib if he had done a biography of Gandhi.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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