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Sunday school May 17th 2020

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    In some countries atheists make up the majority of the population.

    A new Pew report thinks Donald Trump has done more for religion than Jesus ever did. It’s enough to make his spiritual advisor, Queen Paula White, do the Deborah Dance. (Warning this contains a video not suitable for the sane. I reached for the bleach).

    Another look at last week’s report on “Being Nonreligious in America”.

    A Catholic school claims “religious freedom” to fire a teacher diagnosed with cancer.

    Scotland’s chilling new blasphemy law.

    A significant percentage of wealthy churches profit from unconstitutional church bailouts.

    What is an evangelical? More importantly, in the legal sense, what is a minister?

    This weeks’ Woo: Natural Immunity is not Herd Immunity.  The correct hand sanitizer will also help.

    Climate Crisis: After the Covid-19 crisis, will we get a greener world?

    Most people were self-isolating before it became mandatory. Others are outing themselves as sheep in public. The White House rejection of the C.D.C.’s re-opening plan does not help matters. Re-opening based on politics and not science is going to cost lives.That is not really a surprise given the current War on Science.

    Just how bad could the collateral damage from the pandemic be? Distorting religious freedom will put people in danger. The results of a Spanish study on Covid-19 immunity have a scary takeaway. But I agree with this article that there is very little we can do to stop the spread.

    Our morals are fostered by the people we spend time with.

    Rethinking the Big Bang in light of the problem with Dark Matter as any 10 year old can tell you.

    Well done to Todd Stiefel for his plane speaking.

    The Neanderthal renaissance was another of nature’s experiments with humanity.

    NASA intends to go back to the moon, soon.

    To all at Polk County Atheists, keep up the great work!

    Long Reads: COVID-19 and the turn to Magical Thinking. The rise of mutual aid under coronavirus. The secret to a long life.

    This week I am reading this book: I think I will read some poetry this week as I was interested to read that it hangs out at points of transformation.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Ten reasons people are leaving Christianity. From the FFRF; Atheists on the Front Line. This is good but over 2 hours long: “God & Cosmology” Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig. Albert Camus – The Plague.


    Have a great week everyone!


    Simon Paynton

    Our morals are fostered by the people we spend time with.

    This is very interesting and illuminating, and I agree with most of what they say.  I learnt my morals as an adult, from two particular women, and later on, two particular men.  You could call it, a moral compass.  One of those women is a career criminal, but she still has more morals than most people.

    A moral education is what I hope to offer with my book.  This article gives me encouragement that it’s a good idea.

    I think that young people have less empathy – i.e., perspective taking and empathic concern – than older people.  Mainly this is down to experience (if we experience more, we can empathise with more experiences in others), and the increased caring responsibilities that older people tend to have.  I like to think that empathy can be learned, as a habit.

    Why do some people lack a conscience?  If a conscience is concerned with one’s own moral behaviour – i.e., concerns for others, concerns for fairness, concerns for obeying norms, obligation and group loyalty, and concerns for the self – and one only cares about oneself, then it follows that they will not be concerned for anything else, and will not have a normally functioning conscience.



    Thanks Reg!



    Thanks Reg


    Thanks, you are most welcome.

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