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Sunday School June 4th 2023

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    What the shifting religious landscape means for American politics.

    The Roberts Court takes aim at the Establishment Clause.

    UK: The National Secular Society warns council on free speech after ‘Islamophobia’ allegations.

    Some schools in Florida are to cease scheduling graduation ceremonies in churches.

    A new generation of children may not have to endure the literal interpretation of the vulgar Bible while in school.

    Texas GOP accused of coordinated effort to force State-Sponsored Religion into Public Schools. See also the first long read article below.

    An image of a baboon on a tree trunk attracts a horde of humble mumblers.

    Sikhs in California get a religious exception to become organ donors.

    Atheists just don’t have many kids.

    World of Woo: Chemtrails and dangerous idiots.

    Environment:  Earth’s health failing in seven out of eight key measures, say scientists.

    The best ideas in science are the ones we should adopt and the dangers of poor peer review.

    Biggest ever study of primate genomes has surprises for humanity.

    Protein-based nano-‘computer’ evolves in ability to influence cell behavior.

    Long Reads: Inside the Christian legal campaign to return prayer to public schools.  Satan loves you! There is no Free Will in Einstein’s Universe. What all scientific experts wish non-experts knew. Inside the Global Fight for Press Freedom.

    Sunday Book Club: The Big Myth.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: This is the stage we are almost at with A.I.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!!!



    Regarding the image of a baboon Jesus on the trunk of a tree, did you know that many dogs carry around an image of the Holy Savior under their tail? Yeah…



    Regarding the idea of Sikhs not being required to wear a helmet, I’d think a dastar (turban) built over a helmet would be a top seller. Still, helmets are so unpopular among Sikhs that they are not required to wear a helmet in the Indian Army even during combat.

    Also, I guess there must be no Sikhs doing space walks anytime soon, eh? LOL

    And we can rule out Sikhs as well as far as sabotaging the Nord Stream Pipeline.

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    Regarding the birthrate article, I myself have to believe that even though religious people have more children, once those kids grow up and smell the coffee, many will become agnostics or atheists, even if they do so quietly and thus will join the rest of us in having fewer kids.

    Does anyone here really believe that simply because religious fools have more babies, that those babies will necessarily turn into religious fools also having babies,l what with all the evidence science presents them with?


    Regarding the son of dog picture, a GF of mine adopted a shelter  god dog because his butt looked very similar to this classic picture. She called him Harold (as in Jesus Harold Christ).  She often remarked that at least he did not spew his shit and it did no harm to pick it up 🙂


    I have immediately liked any Sikh that I have met. I am down with their ideas on sharing. They remind me of atheists!

    Surgeons in NYC know they will be getting a few donor organs when it rains heavily and most of the donors with be bikers.  It is gallows humor for them, I guess.



    Related to weather predictors and reporters being targeted as causing heat waves… a week or two ago I got on a bus and was the only passenger. It’s unusual, but not rare. The driver took a moment to get out of her seat and ask me if she could ask a question, I said of course. She asked me what I thought about contrails. I took a few minutes to answer politely, and said “I’m honestly sure that they’re just water vapor.”

    She thought for a second, and said “But have you noticed how many more there are, now?”. Yikes! That was going to take me longer to formulate an answer that might be plausible to her. But I was too late, another passenger came on, which ended the conversation. I felt sorry for her, while worrying seriously about how so many humans fall for this shit.

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