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Sunday School November 17th 2019

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    Humanists International publish a new Freedom of Thought report. Here is a closer look at the religiosity of millennials amidst the rise of the Nones. There is also some good work done here looking at the fight for Religious Freedom that is not defined by right wing Christians.

    The church in Iceland is in steep decline and is now only trusted by those who are institutionalized by it.

    The Catholic Church continues its crusade against the basic human rights of minorities such as this teenager in California. Its interest in exorcisms is enough to make your head spin but Protestant exorcists also tilt at their own demonic windmills.

    Saudi Arabia continues to be a beacon of very little light for Human Rights.

    A look at the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits workplace discrimination based on religion. I think there is a similar act is need for schools, starting with Ohio.

    Would this approach convince you that the god of the Christians is real? Maybe we should be listening to Kanye West instead?

    This weeks’ Woo: The truth about chiropractic treatment.

    Climate Crisis: Why is the military worried about it?

    What does it mean to be human asked the churchman and would an alien be concerned by his answers? I suppose that depends on how objective you think your reality is?

    You can use an old television set to prove the Big Bang.

    Life on the Space Station is about to get really weird and lonely.

    Dying is not a medical process but should assisted-dying be a moral one?

    Now take a break and go outside for a walk but keep an eye open for snakes.

    God has recently been spotted driving about in Kentucky.

    Long Read: Fixing the national Science Policy.

    This week I am reading this book: Einstein’s War.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Living on the International Space Station. George Carlin and his Buddy Christ.



    Have a great week everyone!!




    The most valuable words of wisdom I can offer those concerned with the eternal state of an atheist is to be faithful in lovingly sharing the gospel and to pray and then pray some more. And don’t be afraid to say something as simple as “God loves you.”

    Even though I have been dining on Zucchini noodles? I am sorry Lord, but carbs give me indigestion. So glad to know all is forgiven.





    Thanks, Reg!

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