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Sunday School November 26th 2023

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Something I noticed in the frog-swallowing story in Quillette. You might want make room for some crow along with the frog:

    But as I ponder the possibility of Israel’s destruction; as I witness the collaboration in the legacy media with the lies of Hamas; as I hear threats against Jews, not just in the Middle East, not just in Europe, but in America as well; as I remember Squirrel Hill; as I remember purchasing a handgun to defend my shul, I can see my mother’s point of view more clearly. Hers was a view informed by history and by own her own life experiences. And nearly any rational weighing out of the evidence would support her conclusion—that the Jews will get screwed in the end.

    Soooo…Are gun owners still a bunch of racist, redneck, paranoiac, psychopathic rubes who just as likely to shoot themselves or loved ones as criminal aggressors? Or is gun ownership a rational response to a world of irrational slavers and murderers who are long since proven to be unrestrained by two oceans?

    Eat hearty!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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