"Bug or feature?", and other Minor/Arcane Issues

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    Just fyi stuff here that most users won’t find interesting. I do not find them important enough to bother Umar with.

    • Clicking the top menu option “Site-wide activity” does not display “updates” (short, user-spontaneous posts); but they DO appear on the AZ Home page.
    • Sometimes the only place I can Favorite or Unfavorite a post is via the poster’s profile page. (I’m still trying to figure out the other “sometimes” where/when I’ve seen that option, because it seems to vary.)
    • My often-slow mobile internet connection causes many incomplete page loads, which in turn often cause some feature to not work. (When connection speed returns to normal, refreshing the page fixes it.)
    • .

    Minor feature requests; fill the “Keep a log of this edit” checkbox with however it waas when I last clicked in it during my most previous edit.

    (PS: This post will be edited as needed over time, without notice in its log.)



    BUG (imo):

    While logged in, I wrote a post, and after clicking on the Submit button, instead of posting it, the page I was on just refreshed and what I had written was just… gone, with no clue as to why!

    By rare coincidence and with no warning, my WordPress/AZ login had expired while I was writing, and didn’t handle it with sufficient grace, leaving my post in an abyss with no clue or recovery option.

    I found a workaround, but it only works if you do this immediately after realizing the Submit button has failed:

    • Open a new tab and go to any AZ page (or just create and go to a Duplicate tab).
    • In the new tab, log in normally, then close the tab.
    • Make sure you’re back in the tab that failed to post properly, and use your browser’s Back arrow button ONCE to get back to the page where you were writing the post.
    • Everything you wrote may still be there (but this might depend on the browser). If your text isn’t there, I think you’re just out of luck.
    • If your written text is there, you might still want to play it safe and first copy it all to the clipboard; now hit the Submit button.

    I live at home and never feel like I have to log out, but just realized that logging out when done with AZ would work around this problem! That’s because of the requirement to log in before posting.


    The “time out” seems to start the countdown from when you login rather than from when you last posted something. It does not seem to matter if you are actively posting each day, once a week or even if you are active at the time the countdown ends.

    The countdown should be resetting itself each time activity is detected – i.e. after a post is submitted. This would be similar to a DHCP lease in Active Directory.



    edited in one more paragraph to the tip. whoops! 🙂

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