"Bug or feature?", and other Minor/Arcane Issues

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    Just fyi stuff here that most users won’t find interesting. I do not find them important enough to bother Umar with.

    • Clicking the top menu option “Site-wide activity” does not display “updates” (short, user-spontaneous posts); but they DO appear on the AZ Home page.
    • Sometimes the only place I can Favorite or Unfavorite a post is via the poster’s profile page. (I’m still trying to figure out the other “sometimes” where/when I’ve seen that option, because it seems to vary.)
    • My often-slow mobile internet connection causes many incomplete page loads, which in turn often cause some feature to not work. (When connection speed returns to normal, refreshing the page fixes it.)
    • .

    Minor feature requests; fill the “Keep a log of this edit” checkbox with however it waas when I last clicked in it during my most previous edit.

    (PS: This post will be edited as needed over time, without notice in its log.)



    Only after years here at AZ, I just realized a potentially-significant flaw in WordPress that can cause one to lose a post they’ve just written. (This might even also be a flaw in Ning at TA, but it’s hard to fully test this kind of scenario.)

    While logged in, I wrote a post that took a while, because sometimes I’m just a slow writer! When I clicked on the Submit button, instead of posting what I just wrote, I was taken to a login screen. Obviously, by rare coincidence, my WordPress login had expired while I was writing, and WP didn’t handle my post with sufficient grace.

    So I logged in again without delay, and most importantly, I got lucky by clicking the browser Back arrow button a few pages to where I was writing the post. Everything I wrote was still there, as if I had not yet tried to submit it. I copied all the text to my clipboard, just in case, but in this case, I didn’t need to. Just hitting the Submit button successfully posted my work.

    Backtracking like that to a page in history has also saved me most times after I’ve accidentally left the page I was writing in. There’s some dumb hot key in Windows I haven’t figured out yet that I accidentally hit that takes me away from what I was writing. I think that I’ve even saved myself from accidentally closing the whole tab with Ctrl-W, just by finding the “Re-open closed tab” option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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