Making block quotes and the @ symbol work in your post

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    How to Create Block Quotes
    (like the one you’re reading here in this gray block)

    The above gray box holds text in the style of a “block quote”.

    To reply to a post and quote from all or some of it:

    • Click on the gray QUOTE button to quote the whole post, OR first select the text you want to quote, click on the gray QUOTE button.
    • Before you start typing your response, remember to 1) add an empty line then 2) click on the blue-colored editor’s  [quote] button to CLOSE the block quote, otherwise whatever you type next will reside inside the block quote instead of below it.

    There are three ways to add more quote blocks to your reply:

    1. To add a quote to your response that includes text from any other post that’s on the same page as the response, you can do this by highlighting the text you want to quote, then clicking on theat post’s QUOTE button. This will append the quote to the reply that you were writing! (You may have to scroll down to the post that you were writing and close the quote box. Make sure to NOT change pages or refresh the page before continuing or finishing your writing.)
    2. You can add a quote from your clipboard: 1) Click on the blue-colored editor’s [quote] button, 2) Paste the text, 3) Click again on the blue-colored editor’s  [quote] button to close the block.
    3. To add a quote from a post that’s in different page, use option 2 above, but first you need to open the other page from which you need to copy the text. You will now have two tabs to work with instead of one… so be diligent here to not lose any work!

    Possible timesaver, relevant to options 2 and 3 above: Near the top of the page, you may see a numbered list of other pages that additionally exist in the current topic. The easiest way to open another, different page in the same topic may be to just right-click (or long-click on a Mac) on the page number, and open that page in a different tab. Just remember to be careful while switching tabs, so as to not lose the work you’ve already invested in the original tab/page/reply.


    @@@==– Making the @ Symbol Work –==@@@
    (Note that use of a member’s actual @ name may not always be desirable. If you do NOT need to notify them immediately, but you still want to mention or refer to them in the post, then perhaps you should put a space or a hyphen right after the @ symbol so it doesn’t trigger an automatic email notification to that member.)

    To get AZ to email an immediate alert to a specific atheistZone member, use an @ symbol right next to the member’s name, like this in your post:


    where UserName is the user’s member address. Case (capitalization) is unimportant, but the member’s actual @ address might vary from the member’s name displayed under the avatar to the left of his/her post.

    To see the member’s actual @ address, find a post that he/she wrote, and move your mouse over the member’s avatar. If a name doesn’t automatically appear for you (e.g. at the end of an URL in the lower left of the browser, for me), clicking on the avatar will take you to the member’s profile page.

    But before you click, you might want to make a copy of anything you’ve just written, even though sometimes the writing reappears by itself when the <– Back button is clicked.

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    I’m glad I made both of my names the same then.

    If one gets mentioned a lot AND manages to read almost everything new anyway, the e-mails are pointless and can be shut off by clicking on your name in the upper right and going to settings->email. (However, I don’t get any of the other emails I left enabled, either.)



    A) click on the Quote button to quote the whole post, OR B) select the text you want to quote, and click on the Quote button.

    …and don’t forget to 1) add a blank line after the quote and 2) click on the Quote button to turn quoting off before writing your response.

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