Tips for Group Creation and Management

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    AZ Groups have the potential to be more useful and robust than the legacy TA Groups. A few features in particular, available to AZ Group Admins:

    • Admins can add other admins to improve group viability and robustness
    • Sticky Topics stay at the top of the topic list
    • Edits/Merges – Posts can be kept up to date, and/or moved to a different topic if it improves topic organization
    • The above features combine to allow group topics to be curated, and serve as reference sources and indexes, not just for AZ members but for people using popular search engines outside of AZ

    Additional suggestions for group admins:

    • Link out to a related group, and ask its admin to link to your group
    • Create and maintain a sticky topic index that links out to “best of” related topics and content elsewhere on AZ (or outside of AZ)
    • Occasionally consider merging with a related group to improve viability of both groups
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