• Ivy posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    How hard would it be to move to Canada?

    • It is very difficult. Every election millions of Americans say they will move to Canada. However Canada gives zero preferable treatment to Americans and they have to do they same applications as any other potential immigrant or even for short term job-permits. That is a $2000 application fee and you must satisfy a certain amount of the following criteria:
      -language skills [French and or English]
      -needed job skills [jobs that need being filled]
      -willingness to live in remote areas
      -university education
      -substantial savings in the bank
      -zero criminal record
      -job experience
      -be married
      – etc.

      Even fulfilling all of this criteria is no guarantee of being accepted. That is just the minimum to even be considered. The fee is non-refundable.

      Living in Canada without papers is a miserable existence. Renting an apartment without ID or a Social Insurance Number is extremely difficult (or you will be seriously overcharged with no ability to challenge your landlord if they take advantage of you). You will do shitty badly paid black market work. You’ll have no health insurance and if you go to a doctor you’ll have to pay and if you go to the hospital without ID or insurance you’ll get caught and deported. If the police ever stop you for any reason you’ll get caught and deported. Very very very few of the Americans who claim they’ll just move to Canada succeed.

      Your best bet is probably to move to an American state that is most Canadian like such as Massachusetts or Vermont.