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    What would Aztec philosophers teach about happiness? Their culture evolved in complete isolation from Christian and Western thought, much as Buddhist and Tao developed independently in Asia. There are limited traces of Aztec thought, such as this article about Aztec ideas on happiness, from Aeon.

    “What the Aztec philosophers really wanted to know was: how is one supposed to live, given that pain and transience are inescapable features of our condition?

    The answer is that we should strive to lead a rooted, or worthwhile life. The word the Aztecs used is neltiliztli. It literally means ‘rootedness’, but also ‘truth’ and ‘goodness’ more broadly.” Much more discussion in linked article. Aztec culture was much more sophisticated than most portrayals reveal.


    • Thanks! There is so much to learn about ourselves by learning about those who preceeded us. Maybe you ARE Aztec! If so, you have a rich and intetesting history. Someday, I would love to see the places from MesoAmerica and Inca culture that are still standing. They would fill me with wonder.