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    For about 10 years, I moderated a discussion group about race, ethnicity, and culture, on a different Atheist forum. It was one of the more popular forums, and I learned a lot about what we mean by “race”, as well as how people filter their ideas through preconceptions and political idealogy – from the right and the left.

    I hope that a forum on this website will also be interesting and useful. My own point of view is humanistic, based on science and history, and personal experience. My life’s most important and lasting relationships, friendships, and loves, have been interracial, and I feel enriched by those relationships. There are challenges and heartbreaks as well, as you would expect in any human interaction.

    For starters, here is a link to a NY Times article regarding genetics and race, the opportunities of science for learning about race, and a warning about holding on to old, well meaning, concepts regarding “race” as not having a genetic basis.

    • I feel that cultural mixing of any kind is very creative, as we can see in the arts and music scenes in various countries (especially, in the West, the USA, UK and possibly France).

      I don’t observe any racial differences in people but I find strong cultural variations according to where someone’s background is.

      • Simon, I agree with you. One of my pet theories is that civilizations that are at cultural crossroads, with mixing of people, customs, and ideas, are the societies that advance and flourish. Think, Greece, Rome, the silk road, the British empire, and the United States. Conversely, I think societies that are isolated or turn inward to exclusion of outside people and ideas, can stagnate or worse, implode. Think any genocidal country, the final days of Imperial China, Nazi Germany, N Korea for the past 3 generations. I’m sure there are exceptions both ways.