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  • I like it. It is not surprising to see academics leading the way.

    It is not clear to me whether islamic intellectuals have any influence over the theocratic institution.

  • I was quite surprised recently to discover a friend was going to see Cat Stevens in concert. This is a man who believes anyone who renounces islam deserves to die. This is a man who called for the death of Salman Rushdie. Not once but twice (that we know of).

    His current equivocation on his statements of shame and horror is only matched by the…[Read more]

  • Bizarre video. Demonstrates some seriously flawed (and scary) logic.

  • I don’t think this can be excused at all. It is a part of an ongoing campaign by the church to limit the damage from the recent commission into their crimes.

    The confessional in my view should not be compared to the privilege afforded the conversations between say a lawyer and their client or a psychologist and their patient. I question whether…[Read more]

  • David Boots replied to the topic AI atheist Bot in the forum Science 1 month, 1 week ago

    Not crazy at all. Even if a bot didnt convert anyone it might be used by evangelists to identify potential converts.

    I sort of like the idea that it could be used to disseminate information. As we all know the mere provision of the agreed facts of a religion is often persuasive in revealing the lies behind the dogma.


  • Interesting project. Ambitious!
    But i do have some problems with certain aspects. The golden rule is problematic. You can see how it might fail in at least two situations. The first being that it relies on a benchmarked normality. A person might be quite happy inflicting pain on someone else and might not care that pain…

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  • David Boots started the topic AI atheist Bot in the forum Science 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Is it possible to produce an AI bot that can deconvert a theist?

  • Theocracy having long since moved beyond any evolutionary advantage to humans the fundamental question is then on what basis does religion survive?

    The answer is simple: theocrats seek power, privilige and pesos. In doing so they populate and indoctrinate. If you want to know why churches still prosper just look at how much money is in this…[Read more]

  • In the UK, there are no abortion debates in politics – it’s considered a medical issue. Those countries that shout the loudest over the abortion matter are mostly theocracies or what we would consider to be backwards states.

    In a lot of places it is not a political issue. Once again, as Strega points out, scratch the surface and you…[Read more]

  • Simply pathetic and disgusting. The US is a scary country when your not safe from the people who are meant to protect you.

    I blame the tv shop ‘Cops’ which normalises the most bizarre ‘comply or die’ cowboy policing. Somewhere along the way the police became judge jury and executioners with an almost pathological need to escalate confrontations.


  • I think the question of motive has to be examined. How is it that any modern society can accept any justification for these terrible acts of religious violence? Whether it be poverty or injustice or some other motive surely this is not an acceptable motivation for killing people?

    Why should we suspend normal judgement for extreme religious…[Read more]

  • What is it that suggests being poor causes you to be a terrorist?

  • Stega I think the idea that helping people rather than using force to change them is an attractive idea.

    But western countries have given billions of dollars to various countries in aid. Some of those countries have extreme theocratic views. It is not clear to me how this has helped reduce religious violence.

  • What would you offer to the young men that would be a better option for them than joining the jihad movement and getting food and water for you and your family?

    I think the notion that terrorism is a result of social and economic circumstances is probably unfounded. Bin Laden was wealthy. Lots of westerners fighting for isis come…[Read more]

  • Very good point. It is easy to observe and complain and difficult to change.

    If it were up to me I would focus on the economics of islam, the unchecked population growth and of course the indoctrination at a young age.

  • Is the religious violence in islam any different from other religions?

    The catholic church paid a bounty during the inquisition. Hitler invoked god to persecute the jewish. Israel commits and committed acts of atrocities against palestinians.

    But not all religions are the same. muslim dogma reveres the koran as the actual words of god as…[Read more]

  • David Boots replied to the topic Did you forget the Taliban? in the forum Theism 2 months ago

    You might find this article interesting, by a “progressive” American Muslim written in 2015.

    Well there you go. Perhaps there is hope after all.

    I had not heard of Asra Q. Nomani before but she must have some courage. She says ‘I wont stop writing’.

    Why not email her with a supportive message – her email is a…[Read more]

  • David Boots replied to the topic Did you forget the Taliban? in the forum Theism 2 months ago

    Any extreme culture that endorses violence is not good for society as whole. It is not that long ago that catholic/protestant terrorism in Ireland dominated the news daily.

    Does islam present a special case? Arguably it does and for two reasons. The first being that the koran represents the last and unalterable word of god. The second is that the…[Read more]

  • Anyone forget the mujahideen? Remember that happy bunch of islamists who imposed terror on a region for over one hundred years?

    They turned into the taliban. With the rise of ISIS and Trumpistan we all forget about the taliban. Here is a little graphic reminder of what an extreme theocratic culture produces.

    Graphic Warning – do not watch this…[Read more]

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