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    There is nothing about the United States that makes the current direction of US politics a permanent one. The overwhelming majority of the facets of American life is identical to other western countries. It’s the irrational and sometimes cold/cruel peculiarities that always stick out. Perhaps the future will see a kinder approach to s…[Read more]

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    The point of that comment had little to do with trashing the USA but instead to lampoon “cultural relativism”. Relativists claim that other worldly practices are beyond the sphere of our moral judgement as they live in their own subjective context and we have no right to apply our own moral compass onto them.

    In cases like this, hard…[Read more]

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    I suppose an American can make that assessment. But the rest of us…we cannot judge American culture. It has emerged from a different and beautiful culture where the people and how they express themselves is to be heard and seen…not judged. It is arrogant to think that people from social-assistance countries should have the right to look…[Read more]

  • I see. So you discount what this author claimed based on extensive research…with your opposite claim based on a single personal experience. That’s difficult to take seriously. However I also highly doubt you lived in an environment where society broke down, the government gave no welfare or subsidies or handouts, law and order disappeared and…[Read more]

  • I disagree with him that people necessarily turn nasty during times of austerity

    And you base that Simon on detailed research in the change of social dynamics during scarcity and political oppression of which modern and older societies? Could you give some examples of such societies (year, description of living standards,…[Read more]

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    Hi. I’m trying to embed a facebook video….but with no successs. Anyone know how?

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  • English speaking countries politics have fundamentally changed from a battle of ideas to a battle of watery-ideologies/personalities. In England newspapers used to dedicate long sections of newspapers to analyse new legislation and to cover at length important cabinet decisions.

    Canadian newspapers used to print entire speeches made by the Prime…[Read more]

  • Few people will deny here that a person is justified to help save the life of their twin over that of a stranger. We are talking about saving a life…a fairly rare occurrence. I have a defibrillator with one charge and will give it to my twin. There are few juries out there (assuming there even was a court case) who would fault the person.

    But…[Read more]

  • Damm-It, I was so brain-washed.  I loved the films, especially the Severus Snape character.

    The Harry Potter films are utterly epic. Every two years or so we watch all 8 films over one weekend. There are so many humanist themes running through the work (despite the supernatural afterlife of wizards and a world where the laws of…[Read more]

  • If I had to choose between a stranger who is a children’s teacher or a life long drug addicted screw-up cousin … it wouldn’t be an easy choice. I don’t think the “always” makes sense once you go beyond “peoples lives”. For example, if I had to lend €10,000 euros to my brother or closest friend…I highly doubt I would choose my br…[Read more]

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    However… when he finds himself doing the wrong he does not want to do and not doing the right that he wants to do, he will be unable to cry out for assistance. “Bullshit! What is the meaning of ‘naturally good acts”? If I need help with a decision, there are lots of people I can talk to about it, or read. I deliver meals to infi…

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    On needing “God” to be good

    This is one of his stupidest arguements. For so many reasons. First, in a cultural/religious sense. There are thousands of Gods and very few could remotely be called “Good”. If we needed god to be good we would have greated a lot more Good ones…no?

    The second idiotic part, is the idea that ath…[Read more]

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    I’ve named two metaphors which as far as I know are unique to Christianity – the living waters, and the mustard seed.

    A concept can be expressed through an infinite amount of metaphors. Perhaps Jesus was the first to express the concept of the pressure to flourish with a mustard seed…but the only unique part of it was the…[Read more]

    1. Indeed @Robert . The concept of a lack of something as still somehow a kind of that something…isn’t hard to understand in just about any life example except with religion. Because…you know…religion…so they say…apparently.

    1. I have a blue napkin

    2. I have a red napkin

    3. I have no napkin

    1. Wait there a minute. Take it easy. What…[Read more]

  • How do you apply The Golden Rule if you’re a masochist?

    Well…you reincarnate yourself as a human…wait until you are 33…set yourself up for a thrashing fest and crucifixion festival…and then offer the same experience to anyone else who asks for it. i guess the consent part is important. You don’t want to reincarnate so…[Read more]

  • I’ve used the metaphor of the living waters and the mustard seed from Jesus, and the rock and the water from Daoism; “love God, and love your neighbour as yourself” from Jesus, “He is not a believer who eats his fill while his neighbour remains hungry by his side.” from the Prophet Mohammed.  I’m sure there are a lot of other…

    [Read more]

  • in doing moral philosophy, my source materials are pretty much evolution and psychology, with some religious knowledge in there as well.

    This discourse has all become so painful its like rust-paper sanding my brain. Simon…you’ve defined philosophy now in like ten different ways over the last few days and none of them…[Read more]

  • As for your philosophy of life @Simon …the moment you mention “wisdom through the ages” I am extremely skeptical. Folk wisdom and advice is usually not philosophy. There is no DNA of morality. Morality is a human construct which relies less on human instinct and way more on the setting. Morality depending on a DNA molecule doesn’t make sense. Do…[Read more]

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