• Canada doesn’t have an NHS. They have 13 provincial and territorial systems (with notable differences). Canada has a fraction of the population that the US has. Even if they had private medicine there would still be ads for Canadians to go to American hospitals to try some treatments because a smaller country couldn’t possibly offer them all.…[Read more]

  • Better to Suavez qui peut, avoid spreading misery, enjoy what’s possible, and assure those who are born that I did try to warn others before them.

    That was the most incoherent rant you’ve made yet. Debt is irrelevant. Centralised medicine is CHEAPER that private medicine. The taxes levied are cheaper than the money put towards private in…[Read more]

  • While the mind is a legitimate area of study, the “experts” are novices at best and scratch deep enough, many of those “experts” think that they themselves need help.

    Wow. So you are a knowledge denier. It must be really wonderful to be able to dismiss anything you don’t like and generate excuses to explain away shit that conflicts with your wo…[Read more]

  • Encoginator, I don’t personally know this, psychologists and sociologist know this through comprehensive studies. For example when HR specialists are given resumés with non-ethnic sounding gender neutral names, the most qualified person is selected. If it is clearly a woman’s name or an ethnic sounding name, they are less likely to be selected.…[Read more]

  • I’m not saying in your particular case that racism is the problem. What I am saying is that when cashiers can or choose to be selective about when they card people, and they disproportionately do so towards marginalised people…then that IS bigotry in action. It happens subconsciously every day. There are tons of studies which show these…[Read more]

  • No, you have not come with a valid argument.

    Ugh Jesus Christ give me a bloody break. Anti-health care crusaders are some of the most stubborn and wilfully ignorant people to debate with.

  • The cashier is racist if they disproportionately ask for ID from marginalised people and irregularly or little from non-marginalised people. And that does happen. It’s easy to not notice and a lot of people don’t notice.

  • Unseen I had said the article is only half serious. Having said that, it is half serious so you might not want to just discard everything in it just because you don’t like it.

  • Yeah I’m certainly very fortunate to still have my parents both alive. It will certainly eclipse losing my best friend “snoopy” when I was younger.

  • If anything because of America’s staggering size and ability to negotiate reasonable prices…centralised medicine would be insanely efficient in America. If you implemented it…over time you could probably do it better than the rest of the world who has done it for over 50 years now. Canada does it extremely well (yes, I know they don’t offer…[Read more]

  • Vox has a hilarious article about cats here.

    I know it’s only half serious but after owning both cats and dogs this article pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. Of course I have known insanely attentive and affectionate cats but I also owned a total lazy bitchy selfish mean unemotional manipulative cat too. Her untimely death was sad…[Read more]

  • If I were stuck in America then, of course only if possible, I would relocate somewhere in New England, in a liberal state such as Vermont where they have a progressive environment, low crime, better social programs or in Massachusetts where they have one of the strongest medicare systems and a far more generous attitude towards people who have…[Read more]

  • Indeed Robert. Societies that take care of people, foster independence through assistance until it is not necessary, ensure everyone has the basic necessities of life and even take care of a small fraction of people who just won’t take care of themselves no matter what…hugely benefit from it. In the EU the more generous and comprehensive social…[Read more]

  • Basically when I see the level of people not being covered by their insurance (out of technicalities), getting billed for shit they shouldn’t, bankrupting families, private companies making a killing (out of doing virtually nothing except administering paper work and not paying a portion of the bills they should cover), some doctors making obscene…[Read more]

  • Encoginator, we’ve told you before that the problem with the NHS isn’t the system itself…it is conservative governments (filled with people with a mentality like yours) who is not properly funding the system (to fund tax cuts for the rich). This is demonstrably the case as the conservative government made notable tax cuts and didn’t increase NHS…[Read more]

  • I was actually thinking of some case in the future where we relied on diamonds for some form of technology and needed an abundance which would make diamond mining so essential. In fact scientists believe there are even diamond planets. I suppose we could even make our entire wardrobes out of diamonds couldn’t we? What would the new status symbol…[Read more]

  • I think  it’s particularly interesting just how difficult it would be to “mine” those diamonds. Considering the amount of pressure it takes for those diamonds to form so quickly we would need some space ship made out of a near indestructible material just to get down there (and survive air compression on the way) AND the ability to reach…[Read more]

  • Encoginator you are talking about a totally incomplete non-universal health care patchwork as though that is universal health care. Which it isn’t. America doesn’t have anything remotely approaching universal health care so you can’t point to shitty half-assed attempt to it and go, hey that doesn’t work so universal health care won’t work. It…[Read more]

  • What are you talking about? When I lived in the UK I couldn’t even afford to take the train most of the time it was so expensive. And 1/3 of all the trains I took were delayed or even cancelled. It is the worst rail system in Europe and the most expensive and flawed I’ve ever seen in a developd country (and there are many contenders including…[Read more]

  • In fact the UK is a pretty shinning example of what happens when you fully privatise something that should be public (or at best semi-privatised in a smart way) being the rail system. It has been nothing short of a full out catastrophic disaster the privatisation of British Rail. That same ideology (private is always better) is the same one used…[Read more]

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