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    And the men who “end up” in those same jobs still tend to be paid more than the women who do.

    Indeed Reg. Your guy, @Simon, is only half right. Not only do they get fewer high level jobs (even the unmarried career dedicators) but also make less in those jobs than non-women do.

    None of this is to say that men don’t deserve the salaries they get. W…[Read more]

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    Both of you have spectacularly avoided the question. Ivy…I’m really fascinated by your claim that gender wage disparity isnt ALL about gender. I’m curious what possible factor outside of gender would explain gender discrimination.

    Robert I don’t know what your answer is. Your response is entirely made up of your own personal experience in one…[Read more]

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    Let’s keep this as non-contentious as possible: Take all women who are older than 45 and working in their career and men who are older than 45 and working in their career. Let’s also assume that most of the numerous studies that show no significant difference when comparing the productivity of men and women in comparable positions as just maybe…[Read more]

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    A lesbian vampire hits on a straight vampire girl and after some drinks and a little dancing they go to her place and have a one night stand. The next morning the “straight” girl says: “Wow, you’ve opened up a whole new world for me. That was amazing. I like you a lot and hope we can meet up again” to which the lesbian vampire responded quite…[Read more]

  • re: portal

    Native American tribes have lived within a cultural continuum for centuries. That means ideas spread, over long periods of time, across a great distance. There are also language continuums amongst some native peoples which covers millions of square kilometers…so if their language influences one other over time, then their ideas most…[Read more]

  • Unseen, why did you choose the word reincarnation? Reincarnation has so much cultural baggage along with it, this can only create a lot of confusion.

  • If you had an infinite domino rally that started on Earth and spread out in 1000 lines in 1000 directions for each on an infinite run, I don’t know how one could logically conclude that there must be an infinite diversity of domino shapes or colours or patterns or domino tilting mechanisms. There’s simply no reason the dominoes cannot all be…[Read more]

  • @Simon

    It seems the lengthy text I typed out explaining how fine-tuning is a fallacy didn’t really get through. Fine tuning is an extension of the cave-fallacy. If you find a cave that is habitable, it is not logical to conclude that the cave was created by someone. Caves pop up all the time by completely unrelated geological forces that have ab…[Read more]

  • If a nomadic people desperate for a new home came across a cave, lets say it has some evidence of people having lived there before…there is a good chance they would believe that this cave had been created for the very purpose of living. Either created by the previous residents, or by the magic tree spirit or by sacred mother goose etc. This is a…[Read more]

  • Fine tuning isn’t an actual thing Simon. It’s a claim made by uneducated mostly creationists desperate to prove their ancient book explains the creation of our planet rather than say, 200 years of painstaking investigation. The multiverse-theory is simply a way to respond to those who claim the universe is fine-tuned. There are many ways to…[Read more]

  • Overwealming consensus amongst economists on the debt crisis is that it IS a crisis, not because it will implode (or explode). That is unlikely unless things get wildly out of control. Its a crisis for a totally different reason, in the same way that Climate disaster is a crisis. Because we are transferring the problem to our children and future…[Read more]

  • It seems as though republican congresmen are too morally bankrupt to stand up to this douchebag so no. The far more interesting question is how morally bankrupt American voters are and their disinterest in decency and respect? Will they vote him in again? Even after 4 years of doing virtually nothing but make his friends money, piss off every ally…[Read more]

  • Canada has 5 parties that regularly win seats. While the American electoral college is grossly undemocratic (for presidential elections) the Canadian and British system (Westminter) is the most unfair system in the free world. The Green Party with between 5-10% of the national vote wins 1 out of 338 seats (0.25%). Meanwhile one of the major…[Read more]

  • Simon. Please pay attention this time. If human rights barely existed in the 5th century, the 9th century the 13th century and only started emerging with the SECULARIZATION of Europe…then how can Christianity take credit for it? That’s so fucking ridiculous, especially considering the lengths the church has gone to in order to stop it. It’s like…[Read more]

  • Christian morality is not 100% terrible. There are plenty of good bits there too.

    You can say the very same thing about the Roman empire. What I’m interested in is the so called success of Christian morality as a stepping stone between the Roman Empire and the modern west. Humanism grew out of the enlightenment. And the enlightenment was a…[Read more]

  • That is the problem with Catholic morality

    There is no meaningful morality without the consideration for the suffering of others. Indifference makes your morality empty and nothing but words. What is most shocking about all of these accounts, is not just the cover-ups, which were terrible, but when Church leaders were informed about it, most…[Read more]

  • He’s a hypnotist/social-pressureist. People have been doing it for years. Some of his victims actually experience change (in their minds) and believe something miraculous happened. It’s not that hard to motivate people into believing incredible things based on a good show and huge smiles and confidence. Others simply go along with whatever the…[Read more]

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    I would actually recommend the CBC news over BBC. CBC has actual commentary and fact checking and isn’t in the slightest afraid to be critical of international or American topics. A few reporters lived in Washington for dozens of years.


    Yes. Sweden is going through major cultural transitions. Immigrants cannot get citizenship until…[Read more]

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    Because of the ultra leftist bent, if a Swede questions the status quo they are immediately labeled a fascist-racist and are out of the union and jobless.

    There is a major difference between “respecting the status quo” and someone who turns a work office into an unpleasant toxic enviroment introducing sex, religion, politics, race etc. into the…[Read more]

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    That vile Christian hate preacher has now also been banned from preaching his faith in Ireland.

    Inciting people to commit crimes is a crime in all of Europe/Canada/Aust/NZ. Inciting murder can get you locked up and for good reason.

    A country is absolutely insane to allow a person who incites murder to come into their country for any reason.…[Read more]

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