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     scientifically that such strong social connections in fact enhance survival in some species

    And of course the opposite. Sexual harassment and abuse, an extremely toxic and malicious by-product of human sexual behavior, no doubt does mostly the opposite. May pass on genes but for most cases in human history, in a less than ideal or beneficial way…[Read more]

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    It seems obvious that there is an evolutionary bias toward sexual relations that can pass along genes, anything else is frivolous in a sense

    Humans evolved to be sexual WELL outside of their fertile zones. So yeah, you could call it “frivolous” in that sense but it has numerous other benefits than simple procreation. Passing on the genes isn’t…[Read more]

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    Jake has responded best. A lot more investigation has to be done. While I have no doubt more people would be more open to different sexual experiences if it weren’t for cultural conditioning (most especially the horror of the Abrahamic religions that still haunts the world quite viciously in many places). Alcohol and prison does change things but…[Read more]

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    When tragedy strikes a family of dogs…do you think the other dogs offer their “thoughts and prayers”?

  • We’re slowly reaching the point of no return and yet there are still major players in the world who won’t make what are actually, pretty modest changes, to ensure their great grandchildren won’t have an Earth set on fire. That’s all you have to know.

    There are multiple countries who have enough nuclear bombs to make the Earth completely…[Read more]

  • We don’t remotely know enough to make any theories that aren’t just fanciful speculation.

    Are we in a universe that is nothing but overlapping existences representing the infinite possible results of a vortex of probabilities that can only collapse if a conscious being observes or tests it? Maybe. I guess that means nothing was collapsed nor…[Read more]

  • My post seems to have been edited. Not sure why. I don’t consider cocaine a drug that naturally leads to disaster (though it could for some people). But I had instead said “crocodile” which is a drug that doesn’t just lead to disaster…but one where you are already in a clusterfuck of disaster if you start taking it. Even an oppresive country…[Read more]

  • Yea…legalise relatively harmless drugs. But those which are one way streets to disaster like heroin and cocaine should certainly be decriminalised but not legalised. The penatly for possession should be mandatory drug treatment paid for by the state and drug pushers in their jobs because of addiction or poverty or other societal problems should…[Read more]

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    Do you find yourself intentionally being a little late because you know the others will be late as well?

    In many cases yes. It’s mutually reinforcing behaviour. There are major exceptions of course. While it’s not common to be “early” to show up more than 10 minutes late for a business meeting can create problems, so is the case when it’s cold…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t mistake having a different concept of arriving on time with being chilled out. In the Mediterranean arriving a little late is a way of life. That doesn’t mean we are necessarily taking our sweet time.  It just means a lack of raising your blood pressure to unhealthy levels for the sake of being somewhere at an exact moment. In other…[Read more]

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    No Trump was going along with the plan and then one day he just went: okay now we are going to do this cause I want to achieve a new result with Turkey cause we have some unrelated problem and this will solve it so we will do that and things will be fine and thats what I gotta do. (Yeah but Mr. President if we do that then it will be…

    [Read more]

    • Davis, i agree that Trump acts out of impulse. I like the metaphor that Sam Harris used of Trump and air escaping a balloon causing the balloon to fly wily nilly.

      But in the most recent debacle he wanted to get dirt on his perceived rival. He set in a motion a plot to execute his will under the leadership of his private attorney. I would…

      [Read more]

  • I said yes you could, but then I’d need to really know a whole lot more than this very brief discussion. I think the only two significant questions that are relevant to otherwise intelligent friends who believe in stupid bullshit is the following:

    If you don’t want your friendship monopolized by religious conversation but he insists or the…[Read more]

  • I had a kidney biopsy with insufficient anaesthetic and it still wasn’t as painful as a badly inserted catheter. It is an ugly experience if your urethra resists invading plastic tubes. Worse…it hurts a lot more if they have to repeat it within a day or two. Even worse…it burns like hell when you pee at home for a week. There simply cannot be…[Read more]

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    Would this be as stunning not in black and white?

    Puppy dalmatian heart nose?

    Over priced black forest cake

    Colorful polluting salt farms

    Can a stud with a cosmic smile really be a nice guy?

    Can anything be beautiful yet not complicated?

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    Something that really truly cannot be understood until you experience or even do it (even only partially) yourself. The conclusions I’ve made about it are the following.

    1. Ghosting is really dispicable cruel human behaviour

    2. Some of the nicest kindest caring people are capable of doing it.

    3. Many people who ghost someone do feel…[Read more]

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    That is not love. That is obsession. I like to think love is more simple and mature. If that makes sense…

    Well, indirectly Desmond Morris makes the argument that these problems were uncommon in primative human relations but instead a result of the conflicts that arise from humans aggregating. In any case though, it’s say love in the modern human c…[Read more]

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    Indeed that statistic about love and murder is no surprise. The most interesting writer on human behaviour I ever read is Desmond Morris. If you can get your hand on any of his books they are well worth the read. Naked Ape. Human Animal. Human Zoo. I especially recommend the last. While bits and pieces may be a little dated…he is like Dawkins…[Read more]

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    Love. It’s a chemical reaction in the brain. Developed mostly to ensure strong family bonds and mating bonds, which has been a strong adaptive feature in most mammals. As with all things in the human being, and all emotions we experience, they have spiraled completely out of control which can bring a lot of happiness, extremely strong mating bonds…[Read more]

  • Robert the title of this discussion is “financial independence / retire early.” It is not “wait 30 years for your crashed investment to hopefully rebound”.

  • Crashes and sellouts are merely interruptions to a lifetime investor.

    People never learn.

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