• Oh dear Reg. I think once again my sarcasm wasn’t brutal enough. I would say arguing with stupid people makes you even more stupid.

  • Yeah Reg…but for every 9,999 arguments with a stupid person you’ll slightly change the point of view of 1 person. I’d say a 0.01% success rate makes all those hours of arguing with stupid dip-shits worth it!

  • I’ve seen several shows that really take digs at Floriday (most notably Family Guy and Brooklyn Nine Nine) and on a few sites I’ve seen people encouraging you to either name a town in Florida and do a news search and see how much white-trash-crime goes on there. I have to guess that there is a lot of hyperbole but the kind of insults are along the…[Read more]

  • Anyone who questions a word they say is branded a “fascist” or a “racist” and is liable to have their career ended.

    Again your hyperbole is out of control. I don’t know anyone who calls someone who disagrees with terms a fascist. A loud tiny minority does it…so are we all guilty by association? A few got hit unfairly by such claims but they ar…[Read more]

  • Social justice warriors one and only aim are: to bring the world more social justice. Which is not a particularly bad thing consider rights and treatment of women, black people and LGTBQ+ are barely barely tolerable. Yes its all portrayed well on television and cinema and most of the media, yes there are bubbles of high tollerance and black or gay…[Read more]

  • Simon I cannot make sense out of what you just said. Nobody was talking about social justice warriors. It has absolutely and literally NOTHING to do with the cartoon or the conversation.

  • Was telling a friend a story about the film “the ring” where in the climax it pretty much scares the shit out of anyone who was told ghost stories as a kid. I saw it with friends in the cinema and everyone yelled out loud at the climax. My friend (there aren’t so many ghost story telling culture in Spain). He thought it was ridiculous that anyone…[Read more]

  • That doesn’t make sense. You put it in “quotes” but then talked about it like it was a real thing. So what did you actually mean?

  • Simon…post-modern neo-marxists don’t exists. There is not such thing. I don’t know how you can be criticizing people who logically could not exist even if they wanted to. You are critiquing a fantasy. It’s not even a strawman…it’s some ghostly figures. It would be like complaining about pork eating vegans. Did you not read the actual cartoon?…[Read more]

  • This is not limited to philosophy but it is extremely common in this field:

    How many people who talk with confidence about topics they’ve never read a book on (or at the very least a detailed summary)…but at best skimmed the intro of the wikipedia page or saw a short youtube video about it.

  • Yeah Simon…changing 10,000 years of people ignoring, dismissing or disbelieving (or not caring) sexual abuse victims (or vilifying them) is going to be an easy subtle nuanced strategy. I don’t give a shit how mysogenists spin the “believe” movement. I don’t think you will make any progress…[Read more]

  • The “alt-right” is not the same thing as “the right”. They tend to vote for parties that are grouped under the right side of the political spectrum but they are a fringe group of their own. And even they don’t remotely speak with one voice and it is exceedingly difficult to characterize them. That…is hardly the same as grouping 50% of the world…[Read more]

  • Asking people to “believe” survivors isn’t a tactic to give 100% support and credence to anyone who says they are a survivor. It is an attempt to get people to stop automatically doubting those who call out rape or sexual assault which has been the norm since forever and is still the de-facto response for an enormous number of people as well as…[Read more]

  • Simon there is no such thing as the “left”. The world isn’t divided into two groups that work even remotely enough in tandem to make any generalizations worth saying anything meaningful about.

  • Indeed. I had always thought yeast came from spores of a plant. I had no idea it’s everywhere (air, your hands, even in the flour. So I made a sour dough culture from no yeast but what was in the air, my clean hands and the flour itself. Couldn’t believe how active the yeast became in only one day. How did yours turn out?

  • Simon: everything about politics (and all power structures in every single walk of life) is cynical because it is an inherently cynical game. The structures of power, the mechanism of power literally demand a cynical approach to ruling. Even in the most benevolent and well intentioned governments are heavily tainted by it. Did you ever watch that…[Read more]

  • I’d be mighty mighty cautious when quoting a Quilette story on anything to do with gender, sexuality or sexual abuse. They have published famously sexist, transphobic, homophobic articles and countless articles skeptical of claims of sexual harassment and assault. While the metaphor of the article makes sense (digging holes) and the particular…[Read more]

  • Simon…

    I won’t say another word about this until you define these terms and provide examples to back up these claims.

  • Davis replied to the topic The case made for Christ in the forum Theism 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Indeed. While the Old Testament listed harsh rules, obsessed over sexual prohibition (or encouragement of war rape), God’s total fury and random vengeance and tales of political pettiness and wars and the New Testament gave a ever so slightly less scary version of the same thing until the last book with the Quran also being an extremely unpleasant…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic The case made for Christ in the forum Theism 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I keep saying all you have to do is create a billion online virtual youz and then set them to say a million prayers every day to God. I mean…he seems to ignore most people’s prayers all the time but with 15 figures of prayers coming in every day…he ought to notice that one right?

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