• However things that are not baryonic  can do so an move and accelerate at fantastic rates as always observed of UFO’s.


  • How do those diagrams you gave explain that?

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    Michael it’s really hard to figure out exactly how you are answering Unseen’s question:

    How can an infinitely branching system of universes be possible under determinism?

    I gather that Unseen is looking for the underlying mechanism of how multiple universes branch out.

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    Michael while that diagram is interesting (no doubt) I don’t see how it remotely answers Unseens question. They seem to have little (if anything) to do with one another. Can you explain how those diagrams answer his question?

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    We’ve been under very strict lock down in Spain for two weeks now. You can only leave home (once a day) to go to the supermarket or pharmacy or to help someone who cannot (with a whole other set of strict rules regarding those cases). The police regularly stop people to ask where they are going and show proof of what they are doing (where you…[Read more]

  • Don’t get me wrong. I have little patience for nutcase evangelical Christians. But the vibe pretty much goes against the whole idea that its a friendly atheist. It’s mostly just pointing out crazy provocative stupid shit the super stupid do and say. And that…isn’t going to do much to theists visiting perhaps under the guise that they’re entering…[Read more]

  • Friendly atheist isn’t bad but at the same time it doesn’t have the friendliest vibe especially towards Christians curious about what atheism is all about. All the headlines this week have been what stupid evangelicals spoke out of their batshit insane mouths. There’s not much substance there. Nothing that really provokes thoughtfulness, truly…[Read more]

  • Going insane over religious offense is by far it’s most pronounced in followers of the abrahamic religions. For that matter so is religious violence, thought control and oppression…they are also most fully realised by them. Tell ten Christians, ten Muslims and Ten Jewish people their beliefs are stupid and you would piss on their holy book and…[Read more]

  • No their plan always goes like this:

    • Expand network and buy planes
    • Gudgingly raise staff salary though never in step with inflation
    • Dish out dividends and give big bonuses to management
    • Put all your loose money into expansion
    • Find a crisis
    • Lay off a lot of staff, lower their wages and collectively bargain shitty working terms (while…

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    The best thing to do is create a virus that installs a pray the gay away program on every computer in the world. That way God will hear the combined cyber-prayers of billions of computers and hopefully wipe out the sinful LGTBQ+ agenda that he created to test our faith in the bearded man in the sky who only reveals himself through ancient…

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  • I think black holes are where all the dinosaurs wen’t when the bible was being written.

  • And when John slayed the Queen it was certainly the will of God. She had brought the wrath of the evil deeds of man kind upon us. Each breath of fire from the dragon was like a meteorite that God had sent down to pulverize the sodomites and perverts in the city of sin. John’s act was both the revelation of God’s prophecy but at the same time a…[Read more]

  • Michael. I don’t mind your posts so much. You sincerely believe the things you say and you aren’t here to provoke us, troll us or be snarky per your religion. That’s a very good thing. The problem is…it’s hard to know how to respond to many of your posts. Some of them are phrased in what can only be called “crazy guy language”, like a mixture of…[Read more]

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    All of Spain is now in shutdown. You cannot go outside except to buy groceries or go to the pharmacy facing a 3000€ fine otherwise. No travel between any towns or cities. All trains and planes grounded. Supermarket runs out of bread, water and milk by 9.30 and my local pharmacy only handles medicine through a slot in the door. Still very little p…[Read more]

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    Indeed. My city in Spain is under limited quarentine (very likely to be full blown in the next couple of days). But you wouldn’t notice out in the street. There is calm was even with schools shut down, people told to work from home and theatres and cinemas closed down. Flights will probably stop in a few days. There’s less bread in the supermarket…[Read more]

  • Yeah the article on academic freedom is an extremely mixed bag there. On the one hand I couldn’t agree anymore…letting a professor go because of public outcry is a stupid bullshit thing to do. The timing was pretty terrible. Having said that…just about EVERYTHING in that rationalwiki is a fair summary of his work. He skirts white supremacy and…[Read more]

  • I gave multiple quotes and sources specifically to you and you dismissed them as entirely reasonable despite their over racist, sexist and homophobic nature. If you want to cover your eyes and plug your ears and go la la la it’s not my fault. I’m not wasting my time posting it again so you can dismiss it because of your boner for this guy. Search…[Read more]

  • Feminism has only partially liberated men and women from toxic-gender roles, extreme double standards, rape-culture (especially rape denial) and biases against women. Many people think the hard part is over. It’s bullshit. The extent of rape denial is only now coming out of the closet, there still isn’t a single openly gay player in NHL, NFL, NBA…[Read more]

  • Child free life is spectacular. My friends’ children are a mixture of cute little things I can enjoy for a moderate period of time…as well as extremely obnoxious spoiled attention whoring selfish loud screaming monsters. The method my friends usually use to raise their kids is one of incredible freedom, few limits, no repercussions,  think…[Read more]

  • I’m not posting all this information about Peterson again. You can look it up in the forums

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