• That’s another shortcoming of Religion, Philosophy, and Political Theory: Not enough life-hacks.

    Yeah. Political theory only led up to many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy everyday. But that pales in comparison with political theory’s terrible lack of life hacks: like how to keep a bag of rice properly closed or the best method for keeping y…[Read more]

  • I think Saturn is really the perfect proof of the flying spaghetti monster. Not only is Saturn in the shape of a meatball but it is surrounded by millions of strands of pasta in the shape of rings (the holy spirit of the infinite grace of the FSM). I mean what…do meatball shaped planets and pasta rings just naturally form all by themselves?

  • And, yes, Davis, if Philosophy is to be any better than Theology, it needs to come correct with something better than “Critical Theory” which is re-heated, re-packaged Marxism, a worldview whose stock in trade is corpses, and in particular “Critical Race Theory,” which is nothing but old-fashioned racism re-heated and re-packaged after sitting…

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  • False binaries and zero-sum games such as what you’ve cited are part of the reason why Theology, Philosophy, and Political Theory haven’t advanced like Science and Technology.

    Are you seriously lumping theology and philosophy into the same category? Ugh.

  • Not my view: theirs.

    Yeah Unseen. I didn’t think for a second that you agreed with them. I was just addressing their text (not the fact that you were relaying their text). Admitting to inequalities in society is difficult for those who don’t suffer from (or even see) those inequalities. I have a few gay friends who live in a fantasy LGTBQ+ bubble…[Read more]

  • “Critical Race Theory” does not simply acknowledge the existence of racial discrimination in the U.S., but holds that everything that happens in the U.S., especially everything wrong, is explainable in terms of “race.”

    That’s a nauseating over-generalisation. That’s like saying economic theory posits that everything that’s wrong with the economy c…[Read more]

  • Yes, the history of the U.S. on “race” and slavery was bad and the present still has problems, but nothing not shared or exceeded by the rest of the world and nothing we haven’t fought successfully to overcome and nothing we can’t continue to solve in the future.

    What are you talking about? The west of the West gave up slavery before America…[Read more]

  • That was a painful video to watch. Critical race theory is racist because it’s race based? That would be like saying a study which tries to determine to what extent women are unfairly discriminated against in job hiring practices is “sexist” because it focuses on women. The study is simply a tool to gather information about a situation which is…[Read more]

  • Are these angels green with big heads?

  • Euro-progressives? What the fuck? Eco…you don’t seem to really understand what progressivism is. The right to be forgotten law is not controversial in Europe. It was signed by 27 countries including those with very right wing governments. It is an incredibly logical and sensible law and people’s data should be protected from possible…[Read more]

  • At the end of the few months, you get the virtuous to bully the immoral to go through first, and if it doesn’t provide you a path to Disney, you just hope for dear life all the shit you’ve accumulated helps you bribe someone on this side of the door or the other.

    And that is exactly the result that God would want if he were real (which he isn’t).

  • A choice would be…clearly telling your child they can accept your help and love or take the more difficult path in life (but still offer whatever support you can along the way).

    However hiding your existence from the agents you created, leaving a set of ancient conflicting rules and then either giving your children eternal bliss or horror based…[Read more]

  • Before colonialism the Abrahamic faiths had only partial reach into Africa (mostly Saharan and parts of East Africa), only partly in Asia (mostly West and Southern tip of South East Asia), barely in Oceania and completely non-existent in the Americas. And outside of Europe…almost all of it was through Islam with little pockets of Christianity…[Read more]

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    Not ideal.
    • The photographs taken last week speak volumes about our inability to improve as a species.

      You always have the hope, of course, that humanity can (and with some lasting stability) overcome many of our serious flaws, but I certainly wouldn’t bet a lot of money on it. I frequently wonder what kind of life there is on other planets. Did intelligent…[Read more]

    • WTF Enco? You just accused our rational and unemotional responses as being a “meltdown” by starting your own post with an emotional theatrical outburst? You have a very strange concept of meltdowns as well as “rights”.

    • Enco you have a really bizarre idea of what rights are and they bear little relation to how rights actually work. The idea that rights must only bequeath privilege to people and require no compromise to them is truly bizarre and not remotely how rights were conceived nor work in practice.

      The bill of rights place all sorts of limits on people (in…[Read more]

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      I don’t think the distances between stars really matter considering the even larger scales of time (for example the time it took for humanity to go from putting the scientific method into rigorous practice to landing a person on moon). That amount of time (let’s say 500 years) would be a microsecond of time if the universe was 24 hours. If life…[Read more]

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      My parents baptised me solely because it meant soooo much for their best friends to be my God parents. They chose the least religious protestant church in the Black Forrest and had the service done. Last te they ever set foot in a church appart from other people’s weddings and the first time they had since they were children. I doubt they’d…[Read more]

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      A Belgian friend of mine asked to be “de-baptised” which means she will be struck from the records as ever being a member of the Catholic church. Luckily in Belgium the whole process has been made extremely user friendly. You just have to send off a form letter to the church you were baptised in, with a copy of an identity card and a signature. It…[Read more]

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