• Some of it is genuinely narcissistic, patriarchal. Men getting away with control and domination. But sadly some of it comes from genuine (though misplaced) kindness. The belief that women and children are incapable of making smart life decisions, need to be steered in the right direction by capable men and see their job as leading a family of…[Read more]

  • Great to see more about Pluto. Perhaps before Earth sets on fire a few people will be able to escape and settle somewhere…and eventually get around to visiting Pluto. One day. Who knows.

  • Yeah unseen and American law, depending on the state, mandates that maternity leave is paid to a certain extent. So yeah…already there you have the law forcing companies to help women shoulder the responsibility.

    If America had any sense of justice they would follow some European countries and mandate both mothers and fathers have equal m/p…[Read more]

  • What gives a business a duty to help an employee raise children?

    The law…actually. A good one. Or should women forever be burdened with both the expectation to take care of the child AND put their career on hold as well as a fair salary?

  • Unseen you look at things through the eyes of someone trying to justify something unfair instead of seeing obvious valid solutions. Perhaps do as they do in Scandanavia and give equal paterinity and maternity leave? Or should it be both expected for the mother to take care of the child AND to penalise her with her salary AND her slowing…[Read more]

  • Unseen…those aren’t good reasons those are excuses, stereotypes and falsehoods. People who benefit from unfair double standards are always making excuses to justify why others get fewer opportunities than they do. They do it when black people have a hard time getting work and they do it per women all the time. There are documented cases of…[Read more]

  • When Americans stood up to British oppression, it was valiant. It was the founding of a nation.

    When the working class stood up for their rights in the early 20th century it was people taking control of their own destiny

    When women fight for fewer barriers in the work place and less domestic violence and rape…they are pathetic beings with a…[Read more]

  • Unseen you know nothing about gender studies except a video you watched about it. It’s ridiculous the conviction you show about what an entire field should do when you are 99.9% ignorant of it. Zheesh

  • Right Simon which is why I said it may take a little while longer for a career to get going…but eventually arts degree graduates have a higher success rate at finding employment.

  • Simon the only contempt towards gender studies degrees comes from alt-right reactionaries. I never came across disrespect at multiple universities I studied in nor amongst intellectual I know in several countries. The disrespect it towards post-modern blow-hards. Not to an entire field of study. Why would anyone reasonably dismiss a valid field of…[Read more]

  • And gender studies like many other liberal arts degrees is akin to having a “piece of paper” for paper sake.

    Graduates of humanities degree have as good or even higher job rate success than those in the sciences or engineering. It may take a little longer to get their career going but there is an enormous diversity of well paying jobs gra…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 1 week ago

    I am not ready to give up the presumption of innocence.

    Only when it comes to rape. I doubt you show much skepticism to claims of murder, theft, embezzlement, wife abuse. But people like you are immediately skeptical of rape and are less likely to believe accusers as they would of other crimes because only until recently it was never seen as the…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 1 week ago

    So you think that dealing with barriers to getting jobs, a 1 in 3 likelihood of being sexually assaulted, barriers to being taken seriously in managerial positions, facing endless sexual harassment in the military and a dirth of misogeny on a weekly basis…is about the equivalent of men having to give up a little big of their closet space and…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 1 week ago

    I see Robert. So you think women were consulted per their enforced gender roles?

    And I’m sorry but women are still being held back. You’re under the illusion equality has arrived and the barriers are gone. They are not. I’d say about 20% of progress has been made. And if progressive educated folks like you and unseen still find it reasonable to…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 1 week, 1 day ago

    You’re basing what an entire gender is attracted to on what strippers look like? Are you even listening to yourself?

  • Both men and women are responsible for birth control. How many guys do you know who are itching to have four children or be stuck paying child-support to various women bringing up their children? The myth that women are generally attracted to muscle bound, rich, assholey alpha males is a really bad one. It has terrible implications, not to mention…[Read more]

  • Europe was successful because of the enlightenment and secularization, not because of geographical quirks. I mean you’ll find remarkably similar geographical and climactic patterns in China as you do in Europe. Equally so the geography and climate of Northern Africa is very similar to that of Southern Europe and yet their development was…[Read more]

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