• I remember reading an article about Florence Shinn. From what I remember he writings were equal parts interesting life advice and total supernatural nonsense (especially the: the world wants you to succeed and you can do anything if you just believe in it). She was a pioneer in life advice (that can be a good thing) but also one of the people who…[Read more]

  • You can point out a lot of silly stupid things that new atheists like Dawkins, Harris and Boghosian have said (not their critique of religion but outside of that)…but it’s hard to think of examples of this when it comes to Hitchens. He was a snarky dick a lot of the time but that’s a personality trait, not a failing. Hitchens was actually pretty…[Read more]

  • I read the Old Testament, which to be honest is a fairly fascinating read. There are a few adventure stories, a kind of strange historical chronicle, the schizophrenic insanity of a murderous God doing cruel barbaric things to entire cities, lists of really disturbing laws and in a couple books a singular obsession with the sexual lives of others.…[Read more]

  • No unseen. As stem fields are slowly (hardly there yet) becoming less hostile to women entering stem fields, the enrolment of women in STEM university courses are over all reaching parity with men (in some fields surpassing them). Sexual harassment and discrimination against women in STEM fields is still rampant to the point that it is seriously…[Read more]

  • Uhhh…Unseen I wasn’t disagreeing with you in any way nor challenging you nor trying to twist your words. While you have in the past made gender generalisations that I believe are informed by stereotypes I didn’t claim you had in this case. I was talking about something that was similarly related. Please don’t jump to conclusions that you are…[Read more]

  • In fact Unseen, one of the few generalisations about men and women per differences in attraction that actually stands up to empirical testing is how far more likely men are to be attracted or even turned on by facsimiles of people (a mannequin or cartoon or even an animal character such as a highly sexualised cat character in a comic). Sexuality…[Read more]

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    Wow that guy went from making cheesy top 10 videos to something a little more substantive. I enjoyed watching the recent series “Star Trek Picard” which deals with the problem of artificial intelligence in the last half of the series. It dealt,  to some extent with a self-fulfilling prophecy. The belief that it was inevitable that AI would one…[Read more]

  • Sigh

  • Sorry Ivy but answer the question as I posed it…you did not.

  • Thanks Unseen for answering the question. That’s an interesting explanation.

    Ivy, I wish you had have actually answered the question as I had posed it. For example: is being correct contingent on knowing something? Can you truly be correct if it is only out of luck? It is a little similar to the stopped clock effect (where a stopped clock is…[Read more]

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    It’s been a few years since we visited this question. Perhaps a few people’s “minds” have changed on the issue. I’ll frame the question slightly differently from last time.

    Someone is counting books on her bookshelf (from a distance) and counts 15 books. Little did she know one of the objects she thought was a book was a brick. Was she correct…[Read more]

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    By the way, back to the original post. I also read his book on the historicity of Jesus and his case was indeed quite compelling. I was left with the feeling that there is a reasonable chance a trouble maker named Jesus was crucified but there are no sources that claim he had x and y qualities (especially magical ones). The story evolved years…[Read more]

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    Indeed! A massive loss to the rational/sceptic community!
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      Yes. Second time voting, haven’t voted since 2008. Can’t wait until this goddamn crap is over with.

      Trump is utterly distained and hated by the overwhelming majority of people in Canada, Western-Europe and New Zealand. His very name raises people’s blood pressure and causes lots of rolling eyes.  Remember he has seriously disrupted world trad…[Read more]

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      It is quite extreme to claim that voting doesn’t have real life consequences. If 1,000 reasonable minded people all think that way and a ballot measure to not impose ridiculous abortion measures, legalise medical marijuana, extend medicare for thousands of people who cannot afford it…all fails by 900 votes, say, in California, then that would be…[Read more]

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      Votes count in the aggregate. The popular vote does mean something (even if it doesn’t win the electoral college) as it gives an added amount of legitimacy to a president. If people in states like California don’t vote because they are certain their state will go Democrat, that is still a lot of votes that aren’t given that skew the overall…[Read more]

    • Ivy your claim likely comes from a heavily American-centric view of Atheism and doesn’t represent the rest of the world very well. This is especially the case in East Asia where literally a Billion people do not encounter nor confront the idea of “God” (or only extremely sparingly) and do not take a position on God one way or another. They don’t…[Read more]

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