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    Indeed that statistic about love and murder is no surprise. The most interesting writer on human behaviour I ever read is Desmond Morris. If you can get your hand on any of his books they are well worth the read. Naked Ape. Human Animal. Human Zoo. I especially recommend the last. While bits and pieces may be a little dated…he is like Dawkins…[Read more]

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    Love. It’s a chemical reaction in the brain. Developed mostly to ensure strong family bonds and mating bonds, which has been a strong adaptive feature in most mammals. As with all things in the human being, and all emotions we experience, they have spiraled completely out of control which can bring a lot of happiness, extremely strong mating bonds…[Read more]

  • Robert the title of this discussion is “financial independence / retire early.” It is not “wait 30 years for your crashed investment to hopefully rebound”.

  • Crashes and sellouts are merely interruptions to a lifetime investor.

    People never learn.

  • Jake hit the nail in the head. Stock pick advice makes sense only if you are invincible to crashes and bankruptcies. But no one is. Stocks are risky investments and it’s a matter of time until the next crash happens. And it will. And you’ll be a turkey.

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    Indeed “de-evolution” simply doesn’t make sense. It’s confusing progress with adaptability. No species systematically becomes less adaptive to their environment unless there is a useful trade-off and recently acquired traits are only lost when they are no longer useful or at least aren’t worth the benefit vs. cost. You cannot de-progress with…[Read more]

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    By contrast, cats are stone cold killers who do only WTF they feel like doing if you like it or don’t. My little kitty is on the alert for anything in her purview she might kill. She will actually chase a fruit fly around my apartment hoping for a chance to kill it.

    Yeah because when you come home from work, you don’t want your buddy to jump a…[Read more]

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    Primates are inherently violent. All species closest related to humans are, somewhat intelligent, social, somewhat emotional and capable if extremely barbaric violence. In isolation humans are not that bad (but can be).  Putting together a bunch of humans in one place is a recipe for horror with, of course, very breif exceptions when humans…[Read more]

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    Nice. And now that the well fed cat has a bird carcas in its mouth, it can go home and present it to its underlings (the humans) who may have the leftovers when the cat is done with it.

  • A hispanic support group is not a particularly unbusiness like idea. If it helps integrate hispanic workers into the working enviroment, encourages inclusivity and comraderie…then that’s very good for the working enviroment and productivity. Same with a rainbow flag. Reducing a toxic atmosphere in general is extremely good business sense…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately a small number of people do have a hormonal imballance. It’s something they cannot help. To shame them would be like shaming gingers for having ginger hair. If you like doing that kind of thing, then go for it.

    But trying to protect the feelings of someone who has no physical problem but overconsumes is ridiculous overreach. If we…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have an actual opinion about extending free speech to the internet, workplace and in organizations and sportsteams?

  • In a democratic open society, yes religion is a choice as an adult. You may be heavily influenced by family and friends but there is nothing stopping you from changing your religion, if you are willing to deal with the social costs. But that is the same for ALL sets of ideas. If you come from a family of communists and realize you are a hard core…[Read more]

  • To give you an idea how biased the british newspapers can be take a look at these headlines after the Lux. PM got fed up and pissed off with Boris.

    Guardian: Boris HUMILIATED!

    BBC, Independent, Sky, FT, London Times: Boris is a no show

    Telegraph, Sun, Star: Boris AMBUSHED!


    There is absolutely nothing similar to this level of bias in…[Read more]

  • Companies have censored content since the beginning of the US. Can you imagine The Gap doing nothing if an employee tapes a sign to the front door of a shop saying “The Gap is a bastard corporation”? Or if an employee went around telling all the female employees they had nice tits? I’m pretty sure the employee would be fired and you wouldn’t see…[Read more]

  • I’m not concerned with hate speech in public. That’s legal in the U.S. (mostly) and not in Canada/Europe/NZ/Australia. Those countries have made their decisions and have to live with the consequences. Hate speech is widely reported in the U.S. and so are hate crimes. You can interrupt a funeral and tell grievers that he deserved to die “because…[Read more]

  • The US has a fairly purist approach to free speech. The government cannot stop you saying something nor penalise you unless it breaks some other law (like causing a panic, lying to the police, wasting governments time with nonsense etc). You may pay a social cost, like people denouncing what you said, losing your job or even losing friends and…[Read more]

  • How does one abuse tobacco?

    I’d say during the first couple dates, you should NEG the cigarette. Give it a compliment that is actually a cricism like “wow usually only slim cigarettes would try wearing such a beautiful dress”. This is really helpful if you want to beat down it’s confidence and increase it’s anxiety. And then the next date toss…[Read more]

  • LOL I thinking they were both smoking hot and pot. I would be very surprised if most of them don’t smoke pot at home. I smelt pot all over the place in Vermont. Although I’ve also been told random drug tests are VERY common at work in the USA.

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