• I would imagine very carefully programmed AI with very strict code of what not to do at any costs is okay as long as ithe goal is to complete a very specific task. Also it should be extremely difficult to tamper with the programming (preferably most of it hard coded) and make adaptions costly, elaborate and difficult to implement.

    I think the…[Read more]

  • It’s also at the heart of one thing wanting to attack another thing just for the sake of domination.

    Could you expanding this a little more please?

  • Davis replied to the topic Cats vs. Dogs in the forum Small Talk 1 week, 4 days ago

    My first pet was a cat. If it wanted to snuggle or be pet, she’d jump on my lap and usually purr. If I went to pet her, she’d swing her claws at me with a “get out  of my fucking face jerk” attitude. The first time she went missing was for three days. Finally found her coming out of a squirrel den. If you called her she would never come. If you…[Read more]

  • Satanism exists, and evil exists.

    Yes, Satanism exists though very few of them believe that Satan exists.

    Evil exists

    This is surprising. Evil. What is it? Is it a dark force that spreads bad deeds and manipulate others who would otherwise do good? Is it an invisible black gas that nourishes off of sadness and spreads to other people every time an…[Read more]

  • Good luck to them, and I’m glad they’ve made progress in their mission. But it’s unfortunate that their horrible name works against them.

    Simon they choose to be Satanists on purpose. They’ve created the ultimate religion that the religious cannot tolerate. This works in several ways: it makes a mockery of religious rituals, it challenges Chris…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic 2020 in the forum Group logo of PoliticsPolitics 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Canada has had limited donations laws for a decade now. A centre-left government introduced very limited donations from both businesses (a few thousand dollars at most) and invidivudals (a few hundred). In return after each election the parties were given around $1 per vote for financing. The next government (centre-right) partially repealed this…[Read more]

  • People often say that they find satisfying meaning in something greater than themselves.

    And yet other people find meaning in a tiny snail shell or they find meaning in never thinking about meaning. Meaning is whatever a human being considers meaningful (a lovely tautology) and there is nothing to stop me applying meaning to anything with the…[Read more]

  • Natural selection is relative.

    What does that even mean? How does that somehow resolve the big conflict of your “thriving” meme between the various definitions of “thriving”? If by thriving all you mean is achieving your goals, you have really warped the meaning of this term far from how most people would consider thriving. If thriving means…[Read more]

  • A state of physical and psychological health and strength.

    That is not thriving, that is living another day, probably a lot more. If you canvass history, how many healthy people of sound mind did unspeakable things. Your definition here is so BROAD it would apply both to those who achieve constructive goals, and those who waste their lives away…[Read more]

  • ”Without meaning, life is meaningless”

    Have you found some cosmic source of information which suddenly says “humans are entitled to meaning”? MUST that meaning be inherent? Is it possible that most “meaning” in life is dictated by manipulative religions/ideologies/insanity? Perhaps the greatest meaning of all is what an individual objectively wor…[Read more]

  • I am sure they also want to thrive.

    Simon, your “thriving” meme has sort of morphed into a false dichotomy of either:

    1. People are compelled by nature to thrive

    2. People are not compelled by nature to thrive.

    Things aren’t remotely this black and white. There are thousands of consideration that go into human decisions and life choices and…[Read more]

  • Davis posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    You get a theology degree.

  • Should Director David Lynch have looked for a severely deformed person to play the role of the “elephant man”

    LOL. I can only imagine once Earth makes contact with aliens, the outrage they will feel when humans use “animation and special effects or humans in costumes” as opposed to actual alien actors. I would imagine the alien “community” wou…[Read more]

  • Kara, I have no problem with a hetero guy playing a gay role and I personally don’t know anyone else who does either. I only hear this kind of anger from an online part of the LGTB+ “community”. I often am amazed by how eagerly they present their arguments as representative of the “community as a whole”. I agree that it would be wonderful if LGTB+…[Read more]

  • All I’m saying is, we know there are multiple kinds of existence (e.g. physical, abstract, in thought or imagination).

    Actually no. There are different ways of describing existence, but it is one existence. While no one can be 100%  certain, I’ve never remotely read a good argument that justifies the claim that there are multiple existences th…[Read more]

  • We know at least that a God is the creator of the universe. That is a necessary part of the definition of a monotheistic god.

    but we don’t know that. We know that some people claim an incredible entity exists and that they assign this entity some amazing qualities, apparantly including the very creation of everything (somehow). But we don’t know…[Read more]

  • Perhaps one’s own existence is lost in ontological arguments. Perhaps I don’t exist as I think I do, or that somehow I’m an individual entity that had its own existence. Perhaps we are part of a larger existence or perhaps someones dream or simulation or a glich or any other explanation. While it’s true that with the end of the universe history of…[Read more]

  • On the other, if morality is evolutionary in nature (i.e. in logic), which it is, then evolution is situated within the fabric of the physical universe. Therefore, there is a link from one to the other.

    I can’t really figure this out. Fabric of the universe…what exactly do you mean by that? Especially “situated within the fabric of the physical…[Read more]

  • My point is, God would not have to have a “real” existence in the sense that we ourselves understand “real”

    There are a lot of problems here. The biggest one being: assigning God qualities without any justification. You can give “God” or “the Easter Bunny” or “Tree spirits” whatever qualities you want. That’s why humans have been so creativ…[Read more]

  • Both definite positions, for or against, are wishful thinking, because neither can be proved.

    Yikes. That’s not a good way for any approach on knowledge and the existence of things. The default approach is skepticism. If all the evidence points to your dog having eaten your shoes, you aren’t going to buy some story your wife tells about aliens…[Read more]

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