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    The cudgeling of spiritual has me dispirited. Not really….it is a junk word because it furthers obscurantism and obfuscation. It allows the speaker or writer to rely on a peculiar or idiosyncratic interpretation. Meanwhile the listener/reader is left scratching genitals. It is an end-around on apologetics for theism. Nuff said…gotta go…[Read more]

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    Is there a more ambiguous amorphous word? Ya gotta say what ya mean or you convey nothing unless it can be gleaned from context. I despise the word and yet i need my time in the woods, i am often filled with sense of awe, am nearly certain our universe is stranger than the mythologies we invent if it is even comprehensible.

  • Ivy, in comparing quality of life in secular v. theocracy we can ONLY assess the objective manifestations of the nation/culture as opposed to how an individual fares.  Peculiar experiences and or idiosyncracies will vary and cause some to prosper in one and not the other. So if a person is beset by horrible luck..always meeting the wrong person…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the relink Reg.

  • Ivy,  while those same factors i mentioned,  money, politics and human conceit have a role in science as in religion, i argue vigorously that religion is not  corrupted in the same way that science is corrupted.  I suppose in their absence there might be fewer instances of sexual misconduct, evangelist who will save your soul for a tenner and a s…[Read more]

  • Yeah Ivy,

    Science is conducted by humans. Consequently it is lacking in purity.  Politics, money, human conceit have a role in its reduced form.

    I am one of those anti-theists you see as being as bad as theists.  I am not sure how you can look at history and fail to appreciate religion as a substantial cause of atrocities,  discrimination, ha…[Read more]

  • Ivy,  close minded and fair minded are not the same. If you were listening to people of the third century pontificate about a flat earth you might think there is value in terms of anthropology but you too (sorry for the assumption) would be close minded as to their assertions accurately describing reality.  And all such nonsense receives a s…[Read more]

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    got 1 wrong…the stinkin sabbath question…was hurt with that intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, physically, individually, spiritually…none of ought to take any pride in a good score on that quiz…it is basic bob….and bob is your uncle

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    Am wondering about the genesis of life as sentient super-intelligent AI and whether the biological and physical laws of the universe that may obviate free will are no longer applicable. If so what are the ramifications? Smoke em if you got em.

  • I am compelled to add to my panegyric.

    It is so refreshing to have a man in high office who TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.  He refers to African nations as shithole countries. He makes up cute little names for his opposition like Lion Ted. It is a surprisingly effective way to diminish his opponents cuz it can come off as being playful. After all adults…[Read more]

  • I was originally opposed to him. However, he has proven himself and i am eager to vote for him next term.  I truly think he can make America great again-back to a time when people knew their place. In that way social order is secure. Women are there to be exploited otherwise they would not dress provocatively. I know the grab em by the pussy…[Read more]

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    I have a different perspective.  People go there to die.  And in spite of the grim reality i have on balance observed workers who go above and beyond in establishing relationships with patients and thereby making end days more bearable. The places i have observed the workers are underpaid and overworked.

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    Unseen, i reject your WHY question as irrelevant and meaningless since it is equally applicable and unanswerable when applied to any and all natural phenomena. Your reaction to consciousness is aesthetic. Instead of consciousness it  might have been echo location, playing dead, venom, flying, ritualized mating dances, mimicry etc. The…[Read more]

  • Unseen are you questioning whether we humans are conscious?

    I am taking it for granted. And since we know we share so many genes and physiology and behavior with other animals it would be a surprise if we were the only conscious animal.

    Is that arguing from analogy? I suppose it is. I also think it is highly probative of the probabilities.…[Read more]

  • Unseen, we cant extrapolate from the organic to inorganic.

    I am just observing the natural world. Whenever we see intelligent animals;  human animals, primates, birds etc we see variation in personality and idiosyncratic behavior. My assumption is that such animals are all conscious. In the same way when i was a kid and heard how humans are…[Read more]

  • Unseen and Pope, very little doubt the vid of the Octo-whiz is a spoof.

    Unseen, i agree that without experience consciousness is absent.  I have read and seen enough on octopuses to be pretty sure they are uncanny problem solvers. Solving problems indicates intelligence. Intelligence is a sign of consciousness. There i said it!

    We ought to be…[Read more]

  • I think there is a basic question whether organically based life on our pale blue dot is capable of consciousness without a central nervous system.

    I think octopus are conscious. Octopuses solve complex problems. There are so many documented examples of their problem solving that it is a leap to assume that they are unaware and lacking in the…[Read more]

  • At some point an attorney who is defending a serial rapist/murderer may admit the allegations of prosecutor and offer defense of no free will/anatomy is destiny psychopathy victim to negate mens rea.

    We have had evolution on trial and not just in the famous Scopes trial.

    Imagine expert witnesses in neuroscience, physics, and philosophy? How…[Read more]

  • Unseen, your why question is nonsensical. It is premature.  Your intransigence is frustrating.

    Consciousness is biological. Its depth and degree are dependent on the architecture of the brain. It is not surprising that the how of consciousness is not understood. The complexity of the brain is mind boggling.

    Unless and until the how of…[Read more]

  • No, i don’t know or can’t be certain of the rich internal subjective world of others. But it is a safer wager than the wager you are making about consciousness being an unnecessary add-on.  I am a human. I have it. Other humans are closely related and it is unlikely that i am unique. We observe sameness, consanguinity and connection among our…[Read more]

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