• I honestly believe the measure of a healthy democracy is not just how easy it is to get rid of a bad government or how tolerable life is for the homeless but how easy it is to manage monopolies and tax them.

    Yes sir.

    Any undue concentration of power is antithetical to the interests of the many.

  • Enco, you shuck and jive to stay alive but you are substance deprived.

    My point about Bezos and Musk is twofold. We have regulations and anti-trust laws and have arrived at massive corporate power that creates a shocking gap in wealth. Presumably in a pure libertarian capitalist nation the state of affairs would be magnified. Is reduced taxation…[Read more]

  • Hey Enco., Burn Dawg Sanders was quoted as saying two guys (Bezos and Musk) have greater wealth than the bottom 40 percent of Americans. If so it is roughly two guys v. 131 million and two guys wins. Are you good with that result? Law of the jungle? Big cats eat dik diks, right? You want pure libertarian Atlas shit himself dynamics, right? We had…[Read more]

  • There is a sugar pie?

    What else am i missing out on?

  • Kristina,

    i am only crackin and smackin my lips from the maple syrup i am trackin being heuristic as i tapped that maple tree that was there for all to see with a flag of vermont that was meant to be too jingoistic so i hung it from the highest tree so very high only an eagle could see.

  • Don’t tread on sugar.

    Love, love, love me sugar. Why do you suppose lovers are so wont to call each other Sugar. Sugar is pure. Sugar is real and sugar sure gives a boost.

    Apropos of nothing i once had a client threaten to kill me. Next day there was sugar cane on my car. I thought that bastard is gonna try something. Then i found out my gf…[Read more]

  • Enco, I think you have mischaracterized the purported misconception in re to the doctrine or notion of free marketplace of ideas. You wrote, “A free marketplace does not equal uncritical acceptance of everything anybody offers.” I have not come across anybody who would define it that way. On the contrary the formulation and understanding is nearly…[Read more]

  • Reg, i was gonna say sumpin bout islamaphobia. The ponies diverted my attention. But You nailed it. I say that cuz you said what i would have said. Ya can’t conflate individuals with the institution. I was reminded of the exchange between Ben something or other (famous actor) and Sam Harris on Maher’s show. Also was reminded of another neologism…[Read more]

  • Yeah Robert i guess pho is like sourdough. It gets better and better as we get closer to our demise.

    When butter meets jam worlds are colliding. Worlds that ought never be aware of one another. Make me emperor and i will impose dietary laws based on my sensibilities. This is no topic to take lightly. There are a grouping of man made mixes of…[Read more]

  • Unseen, i am with you on not toasting bagels. But if they’re stale i do toast em. I will add another don’t. Don’t mix jam and butter. Just don’t do it. It is an abomination. There is no topping that can compare to c c on a bagel. A good bakery has better c c than Philly or some store brand. Thoughts to nosh on…

  • That looks good Reg. It is not a traditional NY style bakery but so what? If they have holly and you have not tried it then give it a whirl.

    NY really does have good bagels but maybe California has surpassed em.

  • Does a good bakery ever go out of business?

    Store breads are usually mediocre or suck. Good bread is like gold. There is some nutritional alchemy for you.

  • Simon says we got the drive to thrive.

    Beliefs or the lack will not hinder that drive. Ain’t enough to simply be alive. We aint livin. We is alive!
    Slap me five for my gibber jabber jive.

  • Enco., i am with you on woo and on all forms of pontificating, lying, self-serving tripe. We ought not tolerate it. But the majority of humans are no better than monkeys in discriminating between what is valid/real and what is not. The free marketplace of ideas is failing us. It always has. But now we have large numbers of humans who get their bad…[Read more]

  • Unseen, that is true. But a sharp decline will cause people to evaluate all of their assets.

  • Unseen, that sounds good but i think you have to ask what happens when the market crashes. I doubt bitcoin will react with the market as a whole. It will either perform much better or much worse. My guess is worse but i should stick to what i know which is race horses.

  • My friend tried to buy bitcoin when it was just beginning. Would have made a bundle but could not get transaction done and got frustrated and said fuck it.

    I don’t profess any expertise in this area but bitcoin strikes me as tulips without the tulips. It is nothing but it is being treated like it is everything. When the crash comes and surer…[Read more]

  • Back to the topic of monarchies in the present.

    Again it is not the most significant issue but in an ideal world we would have no vestige of monarchy in today’s government. Even as figureheads monarchies are an affirmation of a system of government that caused so much suffering and enforced social norms of unspeakable inequality. In fact in…[Read more]

  • Enco, consider the world as it is versus the world as we perceive it.

    Whether it is a chiropractor or a respected orthopedic surgeon the medical opinion will be set aside if it is not consistent with the diagnostic tests. Adjusters examine medical reports, medical notes and radiology reports carefully. In the ordinary course of events after a…[Read more]

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