• Jody Lee posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    WV is fucked. No one is taking anything seriously and our numbers just keep climbing. We have illiterate rednecks arguing over their “heritage”, flying their obnoxious Trump flags and refusing to wear masks or even admit that the virus is real. Schoolnis scheduled to resume in September!!
    Someone get me out of here. I need a homesteading commune with those of sound mind and the desire to be self-sustaining. Anyone? Save me. 😵

    • With so many Americans being so intransigent is it any wonder that religion thrives? At least you have mountains and forests there.

      It would not surprise me if you have hit on a new development. Betcha there will be self sustaining groups in very near future. But they wont work unless it is a real coterie of similar thinking and high character persons. If Trump stays in power it may become a widespread movement.

        • Jody you’re welcome to crash at my place! Seattle is going in the wrong direction too but at least most people are doing what they are supposed to here…masks are REQUIRED in public