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  • Your take on how to handle dysphoria seems to be highly technocratic and destructive to the concept of the family.


  • It makes no sense to have no regulations. We don’t want 5 years olds driving cars, companies able to add highly carcinogenic ingredients to food and we would prefer that only one radio station broadcasts on each particular frequency.

    It makes no sense to overregulate, for example having a government installed camera in our car that monitors how…[Read more]

  • Enco, you are selectively picking countries which are underfunding their public health care system as examples of how it is bad and ignoring the many that are fully funded and work well. This is called cherry picking in case you aren’t familiar with this fallacy. Don’t cherry pick. Fully funded and healthy public systems work.

    We only have one…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Suppose there was only one mind in the forum Science 1 month ago

    As an atheist,

    This is not the stance of an Atheist. It is a principle some atheists (and only some) have. It is the stance of a rationalist, a good scientist (not all of them) and someone with intellectual integrity. Atheists lack belief in God. There are hundreds of millions of them who believe all sorts of nonsense, including an untold number…[Read more]

  • Uh oh…Unseen is in pendantic grumpy mood today. Watch out!!!

  • Everything is motivated by incentives, with economics being a massive incentive. Democracy doesn’t come about without something else driving it. The standard narrative that, oh no, British overlords bad, pioneering founders good…voila…democracy is childish. It came because the founders had everything to gain politically and economically by…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I don’t particularly find the British at the beginning of the American revolution overly bad in comparison to nearly all other revolutions that happened. You will note that Canada, Australia and New Zealand all peacefully became independent without violent turmoil, with a smooth transition to democracy. Also, America was hardly the…[Read more]

  • Off the top of my head I can think of a gazillion things that could go wrong

  • This is an obscene over generalisation. America has, at the VERY minimum 100,000,000 people on the right side of the spectrum (likely a LOT more). Any vast group as part of a dichotomy, cannot possibly be divided into a group that can be remotely characterised in the way you have. It is foolish to even attempt to do so. You have painted a…[Read more]

  • No Enco, it is common knowledge by now that microwaves would be dangerous without a radiation shield. Should I want to have a microwave without one, so I can fully see my food, despite the ludicrous risk, I cannot…because the evil slave owning fascist government tries to control us and won’t allow it. You are justifying what should be, in your…[Read more]

  • Enco, multiple fallacies in your reply including false equivalency and slippery slope. Comparing seat belt laws with taking away virtually all autonomy from a human, is derranged Enco. Resisting a law because of civil considerations because of some paranoia it will lead to unbearable fascist control is ridiculous.  You are incapable of ever…[Read more]

  • Having laws against high pointless risk stupidities with the accompanying extremely easy to do and barely inconvenient hassles, is not unreasonable. Zheesh, some people are so bloody “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want, fuck your big government” that they cannot even see beyond their zealous ideology. I mean, controlling the sale of highly corrosive…[Read more]

  • Did Enco just refer to seatbelt laws as paternalistic slavery? Seriously? Like…I mean…on purpose?

  • It was about a draconian program to require vaccination.

    Zheesh, next thing you know, government mandated use of seatbelts will be considered “draconian”. You have fallen so far off the deep end Unseen, I cannot take anything, and I mean ANYTHING you say seriously anymore. When you use words like “tyrannical” and “draconian” so casually, it’s…[Read more]

  • Rich, it would seem that when a government reacts to a long, highly disruptive protest at the gates of the democratic institutions, which in part was explicitly under the mission of “getting rid of a democratic government”, in reaction to something the overwhelming majority of Canadians had no problem with and violated no rights or laws, by taking…[Read more]

  • Unseen, you have officially fallen down the rabbit hole of the internet. You seem to simply swallow whatever certain people tell you without critically evaluating things for yourself. Your COVID conspiracy nuttery was sad, the blowing neo-naziism in Ukraine all out of proportion was scary, and the hyper generalisations of “wokism” was a red-flag,…[Read more]

  • LOL Simon that was a good one. I believe that America does indeed border the Atlantic ocean, and if memory serves me…it is in the Northern Portion of that Ocean? It would make sense that the US were in a North Atlantic Treaty indeed, especially considering that the whole thing was set up in the first place to ensure US geopolitical interests,…[Read more]

  • LOL on the one hand you get Americans saying that they “save the world” including “defending Europe” (somehow despite failing to help former Yugoslavia, Georgia and the Ukraine when Crimea is invaded) and then you have others complaining that the same amount spent on US corporate welfare is spent on Ukraine (which by the way, still contributes to…[Read more]

  • It’s called creating a moral hazard or just enabling shitty behavior, which means you get more of it!

     I wish sometimes you’d reflect your claims and statements back on your own ideology. You might remember a decade and a half ago, all sorts of banks going bust because of the moral hazards set up by an unregulated or underregulated economic sy…[Read more]

  • It would seem you are asserting that wokeism is merely a fringe activity or a false narrative…without any evidence of your own. But surely you know that lack of evidence for something isn’t evidence that it is false, either

    I’m just going to hope, Unseen, that this lapse in critical thinking skills, is just a temporary issue.


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