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I am a fun loving and free spirited “godless heathen”…

I do an atheist book drive where I focus on introducing our literature into library systems throughout Southern California.  I am starting a farm and I like to organize atheist events.  I know all the cool kids in the club and take pride in being open and available to my physical community (participating in civic, charitable, political and municipal : events, forums, meetings and causes.   I also remain being highly involved in the atheist community (a founding member of, as well as holding the positions of the national membership coordinator, and the assistant state chapter leader of California, of the now dead “National Atheist Party”.

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I am here to make friends, share info, and gain knowledge, as well as occasionally just have a good laugh.

Also, I’m looking for a girlfriend, are you interested?

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I tried it out for three years as an adult, I did NOT like what I learned about it.