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    imho fwiw it still has less awareness than a salamander. If it even has a soul, then it belongs to God, who’s got everything figured our already, anyway. Don’t let people who claim to know what God wants mess with your well being or mental health. Stay strong.

  • Silly People, 2 * cold = hot/2. And tomorrow = 1/7 week bigger.

  • Epigenetics
    Important epigenetic basics (in addition to Strega’s):

    Epigenetic study covers the much bigger picture of what mere genes in DNA are capable of. Genes are the raw instructions in the cookbook, while epigenetics is what the cooks do with the raw instructions and materials. And it all starts from egg & sperm, when a single germ cell’s…[Read more]

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    @Belle Don’t give up on professional help in you have access to. Short of speculating, all anyone can do via keyboard is ask you for details.

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    WWBD? I’m not particularly upset by the latest crazy-man tragedy, I guess because I’m more concerned with human tragedy in a larger context. There are sooo many other tragedies we can actually do something about at institutional levels in our fledgeling civilization(s), and we’ve actually aready been very successful. Just touching base with news…[Read more]

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    more methane = more warming = more melt = more methane released

    This is also true of undersea “methane clathrate”, around the world. There is a question of how much of it should be mined (before it melts), e.g. off the coast of Japan.

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    @Belle I’ve mentioned this before, but the biggest reason I identify myself as an atheist is to push back against all the peer pressure foisted onto others to conform to the local belief system. Most terrible of all are the theocracies who put religion into law and prescribe official punishments, so in that respect I feel like a lucky atheist in…[Read more]

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    you must 1st join ptsd group, @jakelafort

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    OK, I’m a dog, and my master and I just arrived at the dog park. Yay! I dream about this, a lot!

    So I run out there for the meets and greets, and it’s exciting. Dog pesonalities vary from super-friendly to super-hostile… you just have to figure out who is which, or which is whom, or something like that. (Please forgive my english and typing…[Read more]

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    *redundancy*, damnit

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    Definition: Extralinguisticality is expectedness as a consequence of being extralingistical just short of redundency.

    There, I said it.

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    I think it’s more likely he’ll lose power before he can start any war. His military knows it’d be suicide to follow through on his threats. I’ll bet he’s wishing he had friends outside of NK by now. I’m actually more worried about Trump’s popularity if he wins this crazy standoff.

  • Beta testers and laymen, please sign the following statement to be eligible for your No Muss, No Fuss Early Bird Discount!

    I, [birth name + SSN], understand that in Consciousness Upload Services, Inc. terminology, MOVE always means COPY THE ORIGINAL, THEN DELETE THE ORIGINAL.

    (We reserve the right to code-tweek your new Consciousness Host(s)…[Read more]

  • Like triplets, only just now separated. (Hey, I’m a doctor, not a magician.)

  • It didn’t cost much to play it safe, even if life on cold, sunless planets is (imo) highly unlikely. Heat, light, and weathered land masses pouring and mixing myriad dissolved elements, minerals, salts, heat, etc. likely sped up the natural recombinations of substances necessary for complexity and its replication.

    What if Mohammad’s visions in…[Read more]

  • Perhaps there were three consciousnesses in one body to start with, colluding to separate. See, three seperately fertilized blastocysts merged into one blastocyst during a passing gravity wave pattern created by three colliding black holes.

    Scientists (like Deepak Gould, Stephen J. Hawking and Stephan Chopra) have called this phenomenon…[Read more]

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    responding thoughtfully, i just blew 1/2 hr pecking on this tiny ass screen before browser crashed

    damn these newfangled ways!

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