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    Genetically inheritable adaptation only works when death is programmed into each species, i.e. when old makes way for the new. I didn’t know or remember about the short lives of octopi, but there must be some selective advantage to their having frequent generations… from what I just read, I surmise that their selection pressures are the need to…[Read more]

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    Some illusions (e.g., natural camouflage of moths and lizards, for example) operate quite well on very low forms of life that we might think of as having primitive brains but maybe not true minds, but work not so well on higher orders of intelligence.

    True, as evolutionary pressures have favored the development of camouflage with or…[Read more]

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    I’m also increasingly suspicious of the relevance of the term “illusion”. Illusion only exists in thought processes, in brains. Continuing in theme from my previous post, illusions have no relevance in scientific discourse… unless we’re talking specifically in terms of empirical data when trying to measure consciousness, which (btw) is also…[Read more]

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    Could a counter-question be just as relevant, such as “how real is life”? The only scientific viewpoints I’ve seen on this are just… viewpoints, and philosophical questions that lack empirical data. Regarding standard definitions of life and death, and even the definition of “reality”, I see more opinions than science. Come to think of it, there…[Read more]

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    Should taxpayers be forced to provide these and should producers of these good be forced by law to provide them to all?

    Yes, to a more reasonable extent than the the current USA’s system. Other countries are quite happy with their more socialized approach to health care. There will always be deeper, philosophical…[Read more]

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    And Islamofascists in the Middle East and the Cartels in South and Central America are the biggest profiteers of Drug Prohibition, just as organized crime in the U.S. was the biggest profiteer of Alcohol Prohibition.

    I’m quoting only one example from your post that illustrates how wildly off-topic you can go in order to…[Read more]

  • Even the simplest single celled organisms strive to live and reproduce. Germanium,  silicon, transistors and pocket calculators don’t really do that, do they?

    But what is meant by “strive”? How are single celled organisms significantly different from atoms that strive to balance protons in its nucleus vs electrons in its sh…[Read more]

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    That just looks to me like really long, lame list of rebuttals (and so-called “facts”) that are hardly even worth mentioning.

    If I had to pick the lamest one, it might be the last one on that list called BIBLE LITERALISM. So the Discovery Institute’s motive for any work they do is to make Creationism look like science, and they do a really good…[Read more]

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    I’d like to hear how the next ones turn out. I got too angry and depressed today about how humans can be so cruel or allow cruelty to exist. Meanwhile, I think that telling stories and acting them out is one of the most connecting and redeeming qualities of humans.

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    The TX gov that blamed covid spread on immigrants… just tested positive for covid. Frorm WaPo:

    On the Texas House floor in Austin on Wednesday, state Rep. Keith Bell (R) prayed for Abbott in the chamber’s daily prayer, which lawmakers recite every day in the House.

    “We ask for you to be with our governor today, that God, you would give him hea…[Read more]

  • The whole problem with the American healthcare system pretty much boils down to middlemen and the profit motive.

    I’d add that Americans are not concerned enough about the burden on small and large businesses to foot the bill for health coverage. It’s a very strange kludge to pay for a nation’s universal public health. Even pure…[Read more]

  • You are the gumshoe Pope whose parameters lack scope.

    Oh no! I specifically mentioned that I was not looking for these things (except for the Amazon book list), but I’m accidentally noticing references to PoC in everyday language. I do not call myself a gumshoe, but if you’re impressed with that label, it’s fine. You got “Pope”…[Read more]

  • While looking for a professional mental health event unrelated to PoC, I accidentally ran into this item:

    people of color support group

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    Forgive me for assuming the possibilities, but two things come to mind when I hear that kind of story. One is that old age often brings with it various forms of mental deterioration where one loses a sense of recent memories and relies more on past memories in daily conversation. The other is a fear and obsession of one’s own impending death.

    In…[Read more]

  • Is it any wonder how non-scientists can be skeptical of science? Modern physics seems like interpretation of art, where different people can freely assume different meanings and different relationships among parts of the painting. The Higgs Boson became the God Particle. When a significant percentage of scientists lean toward the “many worlds“…[Read more]

  • The long timescales that geologists assign to the erosion of deep canyons are erroneous. Deep canyons can and do form very rapidly. This includes the Grand Canyon of Arizona—not long after the Noachian flood.

    I expected their reliance on pseudo-gelology to make their case, but “Noachian flood”? That is a hilarious attempt to sound like they’re s…[Read more]

  • I had 3.1 devices plugged into 2.0 ports and don’t feel like I overpaid for the 3.1, as it came in handy later when I installed a USB 3 card in a computer slot to speed up transfers. Another bonus with the new card was that it also charges some devices faster. But if it’s just (say) a webcam you’re plugging in, you’ll rarely see any difference.…[Read more]

  • While looking up current usage of the word “constructionism” (for a topic unrelated to this one), I ran across a kind of interactive graph presented by Google that I’ve not seen before, showing a measurement of specific language usage in publications over history since 1800. So I entered the term “People of Color” and got this:

    graph of usage of POC as a phrase, since 1800

    LOL Jake, this…[Read more]

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