• PopeBeanie posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    • Bean man, what makes ya think mortality rate is 3 percent?
      I think it is a lot lower.
      • Yeah I agree, or maybe even lower if a larger number than currently estimated have been infected and we don’t know it yet. (You did read the last line that indicates a bit of wink wink right?)
        • I did read it but did not get the reference. I heard an epidemiologist from Yale opine that the percentage will be around .6 but he said some of his colleagues thought around 1 percent. And it just looks like a whole lot of young people are asymptomatic. So unless you are breaking it down by more vulnerable demographics i doubt it will be 3 ish…unless it mutates in a way that is more killer diller. But i also heard the epidemiologist say that most mutations make viruses less harmful to humans.

        • Good research there… covid-19 has been shown to have a low incidence of mutation getting through from one generation to the next. This is super-geeky, but you can take a look at if you want to see some results of that kind of research. They use it to trace back the ancestory of different “clades” that have infected people.
          • (Instead of “getting through”, the better term is “surviving”..)
            • If one were to utilize the wisdom of Solomon or is it Simon?
              then one would say the better term is THRIVING!
              • Ha, yeah, the anthropic view. I wonder if there’s a course on how to avoid that pitfall. Even scientists fall for it constantly imo because it’s so deeply ingrained in humans to think that way. I hope that whoever first programs AI doesn’t endow them with a primarily self-centered pov.
                • Another thing I’ve learned this whole time: People who think masks are tranny are perfectly glad to call the Justice Department and the Governent Alphabet Soup boys on your business if you politely ask them to wear a mask. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

                • Sorry, that’s _tyranny_ not _tranny_. No slur was meant or implied.

                • Haha, I assumed that and figured most people would.
                  Rarely hurts to clarify.
                  • Most of these people would be happy to usurp “God’s Will” by taking advantage of all the medical care they might need.