• Quincy posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Been watching the series about Ancient Astronauts and I find it very intriguing and fascinating. My take is about 90% is close to being correct yet there have been a few things a bit far fetched even for me. Would love some imput about this show from others.

    • Smacks of scientology and History Channel nonsense. You know it’s pathetic if nobody even bothers to debunk it.

      • I am open for a good conversation about this subject. I believe most of it but not all of it. Why do you not think this is possible? Theories are meant to be proven or disbunked and there is more proof of these theories than there is of any god existing.

        • Give the ancients their due. If you think you have a new idea, go back and see how the Greeks did it. So you are saying that in the past few thousand years (lets say 4500 years) aliens have visited the Earth multiple times. The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, so that means aliens have visited us 4.5 B/ 4.5K x how many episodes in a season..lets say 12 and we get 120 Million times that aliens visited earth.

          • I never said they visited billions of times but I do believe they have and still are. We may or may not ever know the truth since religions, especially the vatican, has hidden so much from the public view. I would venture to say they know much more then they want to tell us. And recenly, even they admitted it is very possible we have been visited and there is life on other planets.
            Are you familiar with the passages in the book of Enoch and even in the bible when it is discussed about a time when there was no moon?