• Quincy posted an update 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Hi friends, really needing someone to help me publish my book…if anyone is interested. Let’s chat and make a deal.

    • I only know of one regular person here familiar with publishing, and I remember him saying he had some books on Amazon. Can you say more about themes or how you’d like to reach more people?
        • Hi, would like to contact him and thank yoiu for the reply. My book is titled ” Stop The Hate, Start The Healing” (ST ” my Journey From Religion”) It concerns why I left religion, why I believe others have and I believe it will connect with a great many people that are becoming non believers and starting to question their beliefs. I hope you can direct me to someone. I just can’t afford to have it published. If one is rich, famous ir writes a political book, it seems they will publish those quickly.
          • Also, this is actually my second book. Had a horrible publisher with the first one.