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    How many of you believe most of history is wrong?

    • Since Hoerditus most serious historians have at least attempted to record history through as straight a lense as possible and in the last century that ability to step outside of the context in which the history is recorded (and its sources) and analyse it as objectively as we can, is getting a lot better. There are certainly some texts that are willfully manipulated and modern historians these days have become a lot better at identifying this and calling it out. Let’s just forget about history text books in Texan evangelical schools and in countries which are dictatorships. That history is almost certainly wrong.
      As for those in humanist environments (most of the Western world) I’d say most history books that are written in the 21st century by reputable historians is simply very very incomplete and history can be quite overfocused through some people’s world view. But to say most of it is wrong is, I think, overkill.
        • I never said all of written text is wron, i said most probably is, but I do agree with you, some has most likely been manipulated. Can you vision someone writying an event he witnessed and leaving certain facts out because they were too unbelieavable or horrific or frightening to write about. What were they actually seeing, thinking of feeling when they see something that is unexplanable and there is no proper word to describe such events? Then I think of al lthe religious texts and books destroyed by the conquing Catholic church. We will never knowwhat they saw or heard or any thing else. And need I mention all the secret texts and writings the vatican keeps under lock and key, things that were written thousands of years ago. What are they hiding? These are part of historical truths, why not allow the world to see them?