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    If you are a manager for a large US corporation you would know there is an assigned pay range for each job classification and the place in that range a worker falls is based on performance and years of service per company policy. If you have a minority that performs well you have hit the proverbial gold mine as a manger.

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    The entire human race is captivated by them, men and women both. Songs and poems and untold gifts of gold laid at their feet. Entire industries revolve around their beauty. Tastes vary…but there is that 1% of woman who really do stop traffic. You hear a lot of how women age like wine, that plus-size girls are pretty too or that everyone is…[Read more]

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    Just get a drink from the mini-bar down in the Dominican Republic and complete knowledge will be yours!

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    They say opposites attract. I hope you meet someone who is good-looking, intelligent, and cultured.

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    What is your funniest joke? It can be anything…. Here’s one my son told me that for a kid I thought was hysterical lol… Why didn’t the seagull cross the bay?…. (drumroll,..,,) Because it would become a BAY GULL (Bagel)… Get it? Hahahaha!!!

    The way I heard this joke is “if a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?” So ma…

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  • I have been through many hurricanes, some that blew part of the roof from my house.  It does feel a lot like one of those disaster movies. No power, no phones, no water. One time the block formed an armed militia with watch shifts against looters. That wasn’t really necessary in retrospect because you would need a boat to get in. After a few…[Read more]

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    Going crazy growing herbs this spring…making vinegars, dried herbs and just sprinkling fresh chopped on various dishes !

    Now that I am a farmer, I guess I better start praying…Damm…I could almost like this tune





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    I was watching a rerun of some sort of John Lennon tribute. Sir Paul was looking up and talking to John as did several other musicians. I thought it was a bit ironic considering the lyrics to John’s song “Imagine”.

  • The emergence of life as we know it may be a common, uncommon or unique event….we do not know. Ask a trilobite how “fine-tuned” the “universe” is. We are engrossed in yet another mass extinction as we speak.

    Fine tuning my ass. Any such creator god or alien would certainly be a “hack” that just threw a match on the fire and then took off.


  • RE:Bill Maher walks into a bar.

    I grew up in the 60’s and used to joke how parents didn’t care that much. They laughed holding their martinis as we rode our bikes through the DDT fog behind the truck and smoked in the car with closed windows. My father punched me in the eye when I came home crying that I was bullied. He denied me wearing glasses…[Read more]

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    Had a rush of suicides and sudden deaths locally. Just about everyone says “he/she is in a better place”.  I just wanna ask where exactly do you suppose that is? The beloved dead are “looking down” on us. I wanna tell them the earth is spinning you morons, there is no ‘down’. Even people who accept evolution believe in “heaven”. Unless single…[Read more]

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    I’d get the left side drunk and the right side stoned and then see what I know

  • Yes, that is the problem with many Republicans. Very short term thinking. I remember a coworker who like me did not sire any kids. He went on and on complaining about having to pay taxes for schools for other people’s kids. In the meantime I was volunteering my technical services for science fairs and such as part of my company’s efforts to get…[Read more]

  • The only president that got impeached in my lifetime was Clinton. I thought he was great, LOL. Trump is not the problem. He is a symptom. All the anti-Trump rhetoric is off target. He did not elect himself no matter how bad the voting system may be.

    So lets get in the car and drive away from the coast, out of the city and head for a small town…[Read more]

  • Do the left of center understand the two party system yet???… Will they continue to split their votes? The presidency is mostly irrelevant anyways when the looming recession exposes how badly US companies and the US public in general are so highly leveraged. So sensitive to interest rates. I yanked millions out of the market just to generate a…[Read more]

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    Thank you for that awesome summary. I aced poly sci, but it was very America-centric, as are most Americans, blissfully ignorant and non-caring of what works well in the rest of the world.

    You aced poly sci and so you are qualified to speak for all of us blissfully ignorant Americans on Memorial Day are you?  Thanks so much!  I am somehow r…[Read more]

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    Yes, Darwin will win on average and some of the dead are now used as waypoints. “Green Boots” is a well known marker.

    K2 is known as the savage mountain and kills many skilled climbers.

  • The commentary on the  Ark of Ham story is perfect. Even Gord O’Mitey chimed in, LOL. Bravo. This is what a reasonable believer had to say…

    I do believe science, I don’t believe in the young Earth theory (6000 yo) and there is no basis for it. I do not want creationism taught in our public schools as it violates church/state separation and I…

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    Such a strange business mountain climbing has become. Sherpas setting up camps and ropes so that international climbers can try to summit despite traffic jams at choke points. And when they fatally fail; Sherpas are often paid to lug the frozen corpses off that mountain. Strange business indeed.

  • The “Tell No One” video is not easy to watch….

    That priest blamed the devil…and is only worried about himself.

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