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    not exactly shocked to find that even humanism is a dirty word among most christians. and secular. and freethinker. adherence to party line is everything. what hath this swamp wrought?

  • So we can study “development” at the individual level who’s growing up, at the species level genetically, or at the cultural level over hundreds or thousands of years of genetic and cultural evolution.

    I’m sure there are also other interesting perspectives, but I’d really like to mention new research on how dogs may have evolved with us,…[Read more]

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    Related to my previous post…

    I think it’s useful to know that Jaak sorted his primal list largely based on the order in which they probably evolved in brains, so it also reflects largely on which parts of the brain have the “deepest” physiology and evolved usage.


    More advanced…[Read more]

  • I mentioned this before but just in case it was missed, here is the final talk by Dan Dennett at a series of lectures given in Dublin last year. (Start at 7:00 if you want).

    List of speakers here with several talks that are relevant (or just interesting). 5 Nobel Laureates among them.

  • First, some terms and concepts, to highlight the underlying binary nature of how the nervous system and brain operate.

    • Our brain is a complex signal processor that evolved from simpler brains, that evolved from simple sensory and control circuits.
    • Brains receive sensory data (as input), and provide control signals as output. In neuroscience,…

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    Brace yourself! It’s coming!!

  • Everybody has “Issues.”…..But I think that people are just becoming snowflakes.

    Times have been relatively good. The empire is soft. No world wars or depression to reset expectations.

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    I think that’s part of every great artist having to put themselves out there for heavy criticism one way or the other. It just seems like more and more these days people are just way too overly sensitive to every little thing to the point that it’s just becoming ridiculous.

    Everybody has “Issues.”…..But I think that people are just becoming snowflakes.

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    …..OK… I just watch the video. I thought it was cute as hell, totally Taylor Swift style. I don’t understand what people are bitching about. Yes I know people have it rough and have suffered immensely. Lots of people have. But again… I don’t see how a video like that has people all bent out of shape.

  • Being easily offended is a pretty strong assumption

    If you care enough about something to make some kind of nasty comment about someone’s performance on social media about it it’s obviously hit your button somewhere. Enough to where you want the world to know what you think about it at least. Even if you’re not offended, you clearly feel the need…[Read more]

  • You are right…a well meaning Taylor Swift video is something that shouldn’t spark a huge controversy but you should be sure that Swift actually cares about the feedback and will remember it the next time she does LGTB activism

    I’m really not sure that Taylor Swift gives a shit either way. How many millions of dollars is she worth? She’s not los…[Read more]

  • If people are that easily offended

    Being easily offended is a pretty strong assumption based on a video in which most of the comments don’t even mention “offended” at all on a topic that most people here have never suffered any problems or discrimination or pain over. Some LGTB victims have had it REALLY bad, especially if they have been endlessly…[Read more]

  • Mmkay, I’ll watch the video and let you know….

    But honestly, regardless of who you are or how you identify yourself, the fact that you would get bent out of shape over a Taylor Swift video for any reason is just beyond me Lol….If people are that easily offended these days I don’t know what our world is coming to. I don’t take her serio…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure I fully understand why people would be offended by Taylor Swift’s actions

    First I’d recommend watching the video. Forget that its a terrible song. I think I counted just about every positive and negative stereotype I could think of after 90 seconds. Watching the lest was painful. I wasn’t particularly offended but my eyes rolled and…[Read more]

  • The Discovery Institute will takes its fight against atheism to a new YouTube channel. The comment section is worth a read just to see how impoverished religion leaves the human mind.

    The day that comment sections are banned into the bin of “terrible ideas” the world will become, over night, a much much much better place. A little of its lost…[Read more]

  • About this one:

    Here’s what a good LGBTQ ally looks like…

    I’m not sure I fully understand why people would be offended by Taylor Swift’s actions. It seems to me like drawing attention to the issues at hand, no matter how you do it is at least trying. Complaining that it wasn’t done in the right way or exactly how you would like it to be…seem…[Read more]

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    “Man has been evolved and created the gods. Evolved more and decided to destroy all of them.”

    Emil A. Zafirov

  • Non Catholics in Prague are not content with plans by Catholics to erect an idol of the mother of their God. It would be even taller than the Bladensburg Cross.

    In Ireland a Muslim woman speaks like a Catholic priest did fifty years ago. Moroccan atheists find a home on the Internet. In Greece blasphemy of any god will soon no longer be a crime.…[Read more]

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