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  • They may or may not be outliers.  I can understand people making a fuss about things.  But it depends how they do it.  These outliers love trouble.  Sometimes it just turns off the people they’re presumably hoping to convert.

    Simon it seems to me that you are being as ridiculously over-outraged over the very over-outrage you are criticising.

  • Hey Kristina  – “This post has now been featured” 🙂 🙂

    Plus what Strega said.

  • If somebody is screaming into somebody’s face, metaphorically or otherwise, purely because they disagree – nobody is going to take seriously what they have to say

    No Simon. I would say that decades of inaction (nobody caring to change harmful oppressive cultural norms) and then people getting loud bringing about actually change would show that you…[Read more]

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  • And yet, it seems to indicate a wider culture of self-righteous rudeness and incivility as a response to disagreement.

    It’s a pity you continue to feel this way.

  • Bloody Hell, Kristina!  What a wonderful surprise!  I’ve missed your thoughtful posts – nobody ever posted quite like you.  It no longer surprises me how much I’ve enjoyed reading your input on this thread. Still delighted, but not as surprised.

    Welcome home. I’m so happy to hear from you 🙂

  • @kristinaf Hi and welcome to AZ.

    I read your long post twice. I found it incredibly well informed and thoughtful. It’s good to be here at AZ where people don’t care about whether you are non binary or not, your sexual orientation or your skin color. Here, we are all black font on white screen (unless you’ve got some super clever formatting skill…[Read more]

  • @IvyWhy is that considered woo?

    These types of diets come from the fetid halls of Quackademia. There is no science behind them. It would seem they are created to get people to buy supplements. They make extravagant claims and offer no validated evidence to support those claims. Many of them are dangerous to your health.

    @SimonWe evolved t…[Read more]

  • Simon…the media and social media (and especially conservative forums) like to point out the truly tiny number of moments of cancel culture that are extreme or even outrageous and then paint social justice activism with that brush. That is ridiculously unfair, hyper generalising and a reaction by those who don’t want to deal with the broader…[Read more]

  • Either I incorporate the criticism and expand my world view, or I stick to my guns knowing I’ve been vetting my positions and I’m willing to take negative response for it.

    Which is how it should be. I wrestled with the Toronto disruption to the pride event. I highly disagreed with a couple of their points but not for a second did I think that the…[Read more]

  • What they didn’t do is act like silly, authoritarian brats, whom nobody can listen to o’r respect.

    Uhhhh…that is EXACTLY how they were characterised by people who resisted their activism. But don’t let me stop you projecting your idealised version of history onto them nor your hypergeneralising.

  • one of those being the toxic bitch-fest currently known as the Left

    Simon…despite everything Kristina said you are still hyper and grossly overgeneralising about the “left” and cancel culture. Kristina didn’t talk about cancel culture per se nor generalised about any group of people but talked about her own frustrations in communicating the same…[Read more]

  • Simon, if you generalise about an ideology by the craziest people then you learn nothing. Imagine if we thought of conservationism entirely through the actions of far-right idiots or for those who supported “leave” only through the actions of Nigel Firages stupidity. That would be completely unfair to most moderates who had non-crazy reasons for…[Read more]

  • Yes Simon then be careful with your words. Say “woke activists who go to far are modern witch hunters” and try not to over generalise. This whole “fear of cancel culture” as though its some rampant out of control problem is a product of conservative reactionaries. They’ve been doing it forever and will keep on doing it. It takes our attention away…[Read more]

  • Woke people are the new witch-burners – unfortunately.

    This is a ridiculous over exaggeration. Sometimes what they are opposing is entirely reasonable. It’s easy as a straight white male to see racism, homophobia and sexism as a problem that is mostly resolved requiring soft activism but that is blatantly untrue. They are still rampant and a…[Read more]

  • I think it shows the paucity of religious morality.

    Indeed. There is no Christian society out there that doesn’t pick and choose from their “source of moral authority” book they call the bible. As they slowly reject one old rule after another to keep their rules compatible and palatable with modern secular society…their Christian morality…[Read more]

  • In fact, this shows up how fragile empathic concern can be.

    I think it shows the paucity of religious morality. It is weak when moral standards are derived from or based upon ancient supernatural beliefs rather than from an understanding of our evolved and shared humanity.

    Religious morality is built upon a work of fiction. Secular standards are…[Read more]

  • In fact, I think the Christian ideal of judging behavior rather than people is a good one….

    Simon, it is my experience that while atheists are trying to see the reasons behind peoples’ actions Christians are bending down to gather stones.

  • The Greeks were slave owners, misogynists and war happy. They were by no means angels. However even being able to devise and implement a concept like “sortition” is revolutionary. And that was accompanied by a golden age of novel ideas and written and discussed in a novel way along with proto-scientific ideas. This also happened in an inc…[Read more]

  • Hard to imagine a different outcome unless secularism alters our trajectory enough to avoid the existential dangers.

    I don’t really know. The Greeks were constantly experimenting with new political and social ideas (sometimes out of necessity sometimes for pure interest). That included increasing rights for the average citizen and constant ideas…[Read more]

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