• Michael17,

    Another consideration: If there are Objects, and they are Unidentified and Flying, then yes, there are Unidentified Flying Objects. Unidentified is the operative term here. That means they are not necessarily extraterrestrial nor Lizard People nor inhabitants of The Hollow Earth.

    Assuming they are not frauds (big, big “if,”)…[Read more]

  • Michael17,

    I went to the TikTok…but it didn’t start. If I go to the TikTik, will it won’t quit? 😎

    Here’s an Occam’s Razor explanation for the Military’s alleged claim that UFOs have interfered at nuclear missile facilities:

    One assuming that the U.S. Military actually made the claim, (and assuming “U.S. Military” is the name of the one…[Read more]

  • Some 40-odd years ago, writer and comedian Lewis Grizzard told audiences of his heart operation.  He had a transplant of an aortic valve, from a little pig named Jerome.  (His audience went: “Awwwwww!”) 🐷🐖

    Lewis said it didn’t hurt or anything and it worked all right…but every time he passed a plate of barbecue, his eyes filled with tears! &…[Read more]

  • Reg,

    The LBJ story would be a mix of several logical fallacies.  One, the mere fact of LBJ saying his opponent had intimate relations with a pig and expecting acceptance of the claim would be an Argument From Authority Fallacy.

    Two, it is an Ad Hominem Fallacy, since whether his opponent had sex with pigs says nothing about the validity of his…[Read more]

  • Fellow Unbelievers,

    One thing to remember that makes argumentation easier is that all logical fallacies have one common denominator:  The premises do not make the conclusion true.

    All the different forms of fallacies differ only in how the premises don’t make the conclusion true.

    One person merely posturing as an authority does not make their…[Read more]

  • Reg,

    That is par for the course, so to speak, that Lee Strobel would call critical thinking and logic “an elective,” but I’m not comfortable calling it mandatory either, since critical thinking and logic operates only by conscious choice.

    Perhaps it would be more accurate to call critical thinking and logic conditional musts i.e. If you want to…[Read more]

  • Reg,

    The video of Lady Gaga and Metallica isn’t there.  I guess in “The Village” of YouTube, they got swallowed by the bubble and they indeed  are a number.

    Where did they go?  That would be telling.

    Be seeing you.😎 #6

  • Reg,

    It looks like a great and promising Sunday School.  Though I must confess I’ve got backlogged on reading the last one due to other activities.

    The topics reminded me of those activities.  Through the wonderful invention of Indernet video streaming, I binged-watched all of Lee Strobel’s videos on making the case for Faith, God, and C…[Read more]

  • Unseen,

    Without mentioning the distraction I unintentionally started (my apologies for that,) if Taiwan had it’s own means to defend itself in an age of fighter planes, killer satellites, and ICBMs, it wouldn’t require American lives.  And since Taiwan is a prosperous Asian Tiger Nation with a relatively free market, providing it the means of…[Read more]

  • Davis,

    If it’s any assurance, if I were Theodor Hertzl back in the day, I would have told my fellow Zionists:

    Look, guys.  Right about the time we started this movement, there came out this new thing called an offshore platform.  It’s like the firmament of Genesis, only it’s man-made and juts out of the sea on stilts made out of steel!

    What s…[Read more]

  • PopeBeanie,

    You did a great job of piecing it back together.

    Rest assured, it wasn’t my intention to derail Unseen’s thread on Taiwan.  It’s just that Taiwan is a tiny nation against a behemoth Red China and what came to mind was Israel vs. the Islamic world, and I thought Israel’s plight. would be a source of help for Taiwan’s crisis.

  • Unseen,

    Here’s something else to consider: Red China is building entire cities capable of housing and emplying tens of millions per city, rivaling or even dwarfing U.S. Metropolises like N.Y.C., Chicago, and L.A….And yet in a nation of 1.5 billion people, no one lives in these cities.  They are massive ghost cities!

    Clearly, there is a…[Read more]

  • Unseen,

    Fret not, we haven’t forgotten either you or Taiwan.  I just thought Israel could be part of a solution to Taiwan’s woes and it just went off from there.

    Taiwan and the rest of the world has just recently seen what happened when Red China finished shutting down Hong Kong.   That in itself is motivation to put on a mean game face with Em…[Read more]

  • Davis,

    The Zionist movement which brought about modern-day Israel, founded by Theodor Hertzl, was a Secular movement and Hertzl and the majority of his cohorts were Secular Jews.  There is a whole, neutral, non-hostile entry on Zionism in The Encyclopedia of Unbelief Edited by Gordon Stein, available on

    Orthodox Jews actually do not…[Read more]

  • Unseen,

    Modi’s India is imperfect and has anti-Muslim racial overtones (in the modern sense in which a “race” can have nothing to do with genetics). So, we should look elsewhere in Asia for an ally to counterbalance China? Who?

    Well, Islam and being Muslim are religious categories, not ethnic or “racial,” but we’ll save the tired canard for anoth…[Read more]

  • Jake,

    Enco, i am not sure what you are asserting. But i trust it is more of the same elevation of your beloved principles and to hell with actual consequences. By the way the word is imprimatur not imprimateur.

    The story from France was on my mind, so some of the spelling slipped into conversation.

    But if there is a censorship of social media bill…

    [Read more]

  • Unseen,

    China under Emperor Xi, the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army is definitely a force to be reconed with, but how much we have in common with present-day India is another matter entirely.

    While Hinduism doesn’t presently seek to spread it’s particular flavor of irrationality either by evangelism or warfare, it’s…[Read more]

  • Reg,

    You’re right.  I posted in the wrong date of the Sunday School.  I’m just glad the message is out.

    I posted this on another forum and someone told me that more children were sexually abused in schools and in sports coaching than in the Church.

    I said that was a Red Herring/Tu Quoque/Whataboutism Fallacy and that abuse is wrong wherever i…[Read more]

  • Reg,

    This news source that is closer to the Roman Catholic Church (and more credible than Al-Jazeera) reveals that the problem is even worse than previously supposed:

    330,000 children abused in French Catholic Church over 70 years, landmark report…[Read more]

  • Jake,

    Let’s see…A mania for control, a desire to purge and cleanse society of the “impure” and the “unclean,” and now saying that the latest 15 minutes of electronic huckle-buck matters more than flesh-and-blood-and-mind human lives?  And emulating someone (albeit fictional) who had those traits??

    You are checking off some bad boxes there.…[Read more]

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