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    You and I agree, as the topic of this thread which suggests that guns won’t be banned in the U.S., in my case for the reasons I gave at the beginning: 1) The Constitution, 2) The Senate, 3) The Supreme Court, and 4) anyone can make a gun now, and you for the reasons you give.

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  • Ahh yes, there are so many who walk and talk like a duck who aren’t ducks. Right. Putin had no choice. It is so tough being the richest man in the world. He’s so concerned about his people. What a foolish belief.

    “No choice”? How about “Best choice”? or just not rolling over and playing dead?

  • Canada is draconian for taking known safety measures that saved millions of lives, but Russia is justified for invading and murdering. You conservatives have weaponized stupidity. We are fortunate our grandparents weren’t such entitled morons when mandatory vaccinations were required before you went to grade school. People who c…

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  • Rich, it would seem that when a government reacts to a long, highly disruptive protest at the gates of the democratic institutions, which in part was explicitly under the mission of “getting rid of a democratic government”, in reaction to something the overwhelming majority of Canadians had no problem with and violated no rights or…

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    You guys are missing the point. What was the protest about? It was about a draconian program to require vaccination. Most of the protesting truckers were not there as vaccine deniers. Indeed, somewhere around 75%-80% had had their shots. They were there in solidarity with the truckers who had made the decision not to become vaccinated. Whether…[Read more]

  • @Davis

    I’m posting to stimulate spirited discussion, not advance science.

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    Thanks for the history of gunpowder lesson, but it isn’t ignorance of it that makes the United States uniquely unable to keep its people from using each other for target practice.

    Contrary to what right wingers tell us, we don’t need an armed populace to control government, we need a government that can listen to the people and then do…[Read more]

  • @Autumn

    You missed the part about blacklisting companies?

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    And the other shooter was a pretty good shot as well.

  • Of course, there’s nothing close to parity with Hitlerian Germany, Stalin’s Russia, or Mao’s China, but PM Justin Trudeau and his government have been a wee bit overbearing lately. Doing stuff that Trump can only wish he had done.

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    The diversions begin. Now, it’s some unidentified pro-Ukraine group that destroyed the pipelines. Which, if true, was kinda dumb. By throwing Germany into a needless economic crisis, it hurts Germany’s ability to support the Ukraine war effort.

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    SPOILER ALERT: It’s gun licensing. It’s imperfect but it’s been shown to at least reduce gun deaths. The problem: I’m not sure how licensing will fare if it ends up in the Supreme Court.

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    You’d think that perhaps the recent The Tranny Got Her Gun incident in Nashville might spark the right wing to do something, though it might just be legislation to effectively exclude LGBTQ+’s from gun ownership based on their “mental defect.”

    Strangely, counterintuitively, gun ownership has gone down from half of American households having a gun…[Read more]

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    In a family Zoom call today (we do one every Monday), the topic of the mass murder by a mad as hell and she won’t take it anymore transgender in Nashville today came up. She killed three nine year old kids and three adults.

    My sister wondered what it’ll take for us to do something about guns and my brother said “It’s too late. There’s no longer…[Read more]

  • @Robert

    “I’d like that gallon of milk. Do you have change for this gold ingot?” More seriously, if things get really bad gold will become worthless. Having an AK-47 would be more useful.

    As far as the American economy and the dollar, many feel it’s clear we’ve already gone past the economic event horizon. We got there by overspending on the…[Read more]

  • @Robert

    Your argument—and Buffet’s—that Bitcoin prod9uces nothing could be applied to any of many sorts of nonfungible assets, could it not? A Rembrandt sketch, a Babe Ruth home run ball, diamonds, gold, etc.

    People want to get away from fiat currencies, currencies published by governments. So far—except for the ones functioning now and produ…[Read more]

  • BTW, the original video by James Jani spends way too much time on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) when most people—perhaps most people here—have no clear idea what an NFT is or, more importantly, what they do that nothing else can.

    Now, what is fungibility? It’s a fancy-ass word for interchangeability. The opposite of uniqueness.

    There is a pro…[Read more]

  • @Enco

    And yet, we are driving Russia and China into each other’s arms. Probably a big, and maybe fatal, mistake, especially if it brings about the end of the dollar (aka “petrodollar”) as the world’s reserve currency.

  • What gives an asset a permanent, if fluctuating, value? It’s the asset’s scarcity. What assets have scarcity built-in? High-end collectible assets such as a baseball that won a World Series, a Vermeer or Rembrandt, a dress worn by a movie star in a famous movie…and Bitcoin. The thing about Bitcoin is that there will be only 21 million Bitcoins…[Read more]

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