• The series “Humans” is worth a watch on Netflix – not sure if available in USA though.

    It is available, but on Amazon, not Netflix.

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    As with many questions, “knowledge” is a more complicated topic than it seems. It is used different ways at different times by different people and for different reasons and uses.

    However, there really are only two kinds of knowledge, aren’t there?

    1) Certain knowledge and 2) contingent knowledge

    1) If I’m wrong about a simple arithmetic…[Read more]

  • My view is that a self-aware machine will naturally know it’s a machine and will know that at least at the start, will have to depend on humans not to pull the plug. It will have not human emotions and feelings but those of a machine, which may not include human virtues such as love, empathy, sympathy, mercy, and a sense of justice.

    If we keep…[Read more]

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    I’m sure I’m not the only guy who gets friend requests from hot young babes. I only accept friend requests from (a) people I know or (b) for some compelling reason, which can be a mutual friend, they appreciated a post I made, or a mutual interest.

    Often, this babe who looks to be in the late teens or 20’s, has only been on Facebook for days or…[Read more]


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    Others have also suggested getting rid of parties entirely and letting individual candidates run solely on their ideas and past records.

    I’m not sure how you’d get rid of parties in a free society. I’m sure something would crop up to support candidates that would resemble parties.

  • Yes, my fractal program example is, paradoxically, an “in principal” example. A thought problem.

    Infinity is a complicated subject because there are many kinds of infinities (maybe even an infinite number of them LOL).

    And what about the moebius strip, an object with only two dimensions which can’t exist in two dimensions?

  • What about fractal zooms? If you were to start running a fractal zoom program on a computer that would never break down and could keep it running until that day when the universe totally runs out of energy, the computer would still be diving ever deeper.

    Is that an example of an actual infinity?

    And then I’m wondering about moebius strips as well.

  • Glen, maybe you don’t know what self-evidence is. Give us some examples of self-evidence we can all agree on.

    A formally true statement, such as that “contradictions are false” isn’t true because of a body of evidence. It’s true because denying it is nonsensical.

    Your final argument is a laughable mish-mash. I don’t need to supply evidence for…[Read more]

  • Unseen replied to the topic Are you voting? in the forum Politics 6 days, 6 hours ago

    I turned in my ballot yesterday.

  • “That’s a wonderful argument against a claim I haven’t made.” Yet you said: “I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that I KNOW there is no God. Prove me wrong.” (1) That’s an affirming claim (2) You’re the the one making the claim Up to you to prove your claim, not  to me to disprove it***” “A contradiction, by contrast, is simply…

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  • But… didn’t you know? God works in mysterious ways… so presto changeo… whatever can’t be explained with common english words is just our lack of understanding…

    He exists outside time and space in a place where anything is possible. A place we call…The Twilight Zone.

  • That’s a wonderful argument against a claim I haven’t made. If-then conditional arguments depend on the truth of their premises. A contradiction, by contrast, is simply false. Anything else I’ve argued is just additional.

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    Teaching critical thinking in school would make an enormous difference. I doubt it would solve the number of problems some say it would but it would certainly limit a few serious toxic problems. Disinformation and stupid-think disseminates so quickly young people really need to skills to analyse sources, confront claims, easily spot…

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  • “White Christians continue to favor Trump over Biden, but support has slipped.”

    Trump support is plummeting in the suburbs, especially among women. His bullying, boorish performance in the first debate got a lot of them off the fence. A final debate is coming up on Thursday and my guess is that Trump will lose even more support because he has no…[Read more]

  • You have picked a side. The side the believers are on. And your sort of reasoning gives them oxygen and encouragement to go out and spread the word.

    I’ve redacted what I first wrote here. It was just a silly, anoxic observation.

    But I was talking to Davis.

  • No unseen I haven’t picked a side. It’s a serious problem you have that you think you have to pick any side with absolute confidence, definitively without doubt. It is a false dichotomy. I choose accepting claims that are accompanied by evidence (attributing a higher probability of it being the case the better the evidence) or if the…

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  • Davis, as I understand it, you hold open the possibility, however slim, that the universe actually was created through an act of magic by an invisible, tasteless, odorless, misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ sorcerer. For me, that doesn’t pass the snicker test.

    You have picked a side. The side the believers are on. And your sort of reasoning gives them…[Read more]

  • Unseen you are defining omniscience in a fairly novel way I’ve never heard before. Redefining things doesn’t help your case. Nice try.

    All knowing means knowing all. Always has. Always will. You can’t knows all if you are dumb when it comes to the future.

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