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Profile formerly named NYK. Using this account for the first time since 2015-ish.

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To be in a place where there isn’t any in-your-face religious bigotry.

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Grew weary of the fact that despite all of my prayers, half of the world still starves daily. That led to some deep soul searching and some insane research. I attended 6 different churches within 2 years to learn as much as I could and there were still no answers. And when you look at religion in an unbiased, reality-conscious way, you tend to lose some faith, usually followed by losing a little more… Then you revert to something like agnosticism or even atheism, our state at birth. You don’t become an atheist, you go back to it. However it is very common to be skeptical and open to evidence without having to specifically be atheist, as in believing there are no gods. I find myself floating amongst both of these definitions. And I would love to still have a place to vent and speak with a community of open-minded individuals. And for the record, I could be convinced of pretty much anything by a proper amount of real, concrete evidence. I won’t say I know anything for sure, I’ve just studied the evidence for and against creationism and Evolution by Natural Selection and one shines while the other falls flat when solid reason is applied.