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    • It is the height of dishonesty to claim that science and Christianity are mutually exclusive. It is likewise the height of dishonesty, and there is no shortage of dishonesty of course among atheists, for them to claim intellectual supremacy, and that BECAUSE of their (claimed) universal supremacy, all of their arrogant pronouncements are correct, and you STUPID people are wrong.
      Hubris, arrogance, condescension, and hatred are not science. They are anti-science and unintelligent.

      • First of all, thanks for the insults (lol). When someone has no real argument or simply do not know how to debate, they default to insults.

        Secondly, I made no claims here about anything. I simply joined the thread but will respond to your point.

        Science and religion can be compatible, depending on the believer’s Christian denomination (and there are a few thousand). For those groups more progressive and do not see the Bible as a literal science text book, it can certainly be compatible. The Catholic religion, for example, accepts evolution as reality. No problems. But if a denomination takes everything in the Bible as literal history, especially Genesis, then yes they are not compatible. So the answer is, it depends.

        • I was talking about atheists in general, not you specifically. I thought I made that clear. Atheists are thoroughly hateful, condescending, and vulgar. Not exactly the qualities one would expect from those pretending to be so very rational and enlightened.

          • Ever heard of the Westboro Baptist Church? And I have personally had conversations that start with “you have no morals”, or “you will be going straight to hell”. There is certainly enough arrogance and bad manners on both sides to go around.

            • Teaching Moment:

              1. Westboro Baptist Church is a small group of insane individuals who should be locked up. They are so small in percentage as to be insignificant.

              2. Atheists are consistently hateful, consistently condescending, consistently arrogant and pretentious. They take their cue from haters like Richard Dawkins, a professor.

            • Teaching moment-
              1. VP Mike Pence is in that same category. He just lies about it publically.
              2. I agree that Dawkins can be a jerk. However, there are many evangelicals that fit those adjectives as well. And many radical Muslims that would love to literally kill you and me.