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  • Seems like some of us learned lessons about how to deal with territorial expanding militaristic dictators and some have not. So yeah, I’m good with that and good with the message the West has sent to all dictatorships, especially the Chinese leadership, who are not nearly as stupid as Putin.

    The problem has been summed up as “…[Read more]

  • I aint kicked the can as a kid. Now i am a man. I aint no Neville, an appeasing devil. I aint got Outer Manchuria dysphoria. Great Northern war? Need i say more? A warm water port. A gentle retort. Peter missed out on the Atlantic Slave Trade. Like Zarex instead of Koolaid.

  • Write a letter to kick the can down the road, you say Neville? Well Poland, Finland, Estonia and Latvia are gearing up big time. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia have already been invaded by the self-acclaimed incarnation of “Peter the Great”, who invaded Sweden, BTW. What more could he do to make it clearer? Meddle in US election with a cyber war…[Read more]

  • I am not buying the Hitler precedent. Said it before and i am saying it again.

    It is a different geopolitical landscape. I also think China has been made more dangerous to the west. I know both takes are contrary to conventional wisdom.

    The way it should have been handled is with every effort towards peace and mutual accomodation.

    What…[Read more]

  • LOL on the one hand you get Americans saying that they “save the world” including “defending Europe” (somehow despite failing to help former Yugoslavia, Georgia and the Ukraine when Crimea is invaded) and then you have others complaining that the same amount spent on US corporate welfare is spent on Ukraine (which by the way, still contributes to…[Read more]

  • If Russia isn’t held back, it’s going to try and take over Europe.  The country has gone nuts.

  • However:

    This aid provides money for Ukraine, American partners in regions affected by the conflict, and US national security programs.

    Nearly $40 billion of that aid has already gone to humanitarian relief and military security assistance. Some aid falls under a lend-lease program President Joe Biden signed in May 2022, meaning Ukraine will…[Read more]

  • The U.S. has spent $115B on Ukraine. There are 337M Americans, meaning we have spent $341.25 for every American man, woman, and child. If you’re a family of three, they’ve spent about $1000 in your name. But don’t worry. You won’t get a bill in the mail. The government will just print the needed money.

    Are you OK with this?

  • From michael17: You read the mainstream explanations. Which one has your vote?

    I don’t know. Mine is not to explain matters lacking sufficient evidence or expertise to describe. No shooting sparks here. I note that unidentified blank is a common occurrence. My supposition is that if it is not contrived by humans, not natural phenomena and it is…[Read more]

  • Doesn’t matter how satirical, clever or logical you are-ya ain’t gonna make a dent in the world view of michael17. The truth of the mythology is assumed and anything contradicting it is processed in his brain in a way consistent with the preservation of the mythology. I am not sure anyone could change Enco’s ideology eithe…

    [Read more]

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