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    I have this archived from a while ago. Curious to how others would answer it. ( if you have time or inclination. )

    Q)How would you define atheism?
    A)Lack of belief in god(s) – Agnostic is a knowledge statement – Atheism is a beleif statement. As an agnostic atheist – I do not have knowledge of god(s) and I do not believe in them.
    Q)Do you act according to what you believe (there is no God) in or what you don’t believe in (lack belief in God)?
    A)I don’t think this is a proper question. I don’t believe in god(s) That does not affect how I act in any way shape or form.
    Q)Do you think it is inconsistent for someone who “lacks belief” in God to work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist?
    A)Again, odd question. I don’t go around pushing my lack of belief on others. If people want to talk to me I will of course discuss things with them.
    Q)How sure are you that your atheism properly represents reality?
    A)Yes. continued on the next questin.
    Q)How sure are you that your atheism is correct?
    A)Because there is no good evidence to support your hypothisis.
    Q)How would you define what truth is?
    A)By observation and evidence.
    Q)Why do you believe your atheism is a justifiable position to hold?
    A)Because of observation and evidence, and the lack of it for the support of the supernatural.
    Q)Are you a materialist or a physicalist or what?
    A)Never thought of it.
    Q)Do you affirm or deny that atheism is a worldview? Why or why not?
    A)It is simple the lack of believe in god(s) how is that a worldview?
    Q)Not all atheists are antagonistic to Christianity but for those of you who are, why the antagonism?
    A)Good question. It is in response to the problems caused by christianity. I am rightfully and justifiably angry on the treatment of people by ‘moral’ christians.
    Q)If you were at one time a believer in the Christian God, what caused you to deny his existence?
    A)No I wasn’t.
    Q)Do you believe the world would be better off without religion?
    A)It may have served a purpose, but yes I do.
    Q)Do you believe the world would be better off without Christianity?
    A)Again, it may have served a purpost, but yes I do.
    Q)Do you believe that faith in a God or gods is a mental disorder?
    A)I think that may be a little bit of a stretch, generally no. In some cases yes. Perfect example are people who let their children die by refusing medication / medical treatment – yes that is a mental disorder and they should be charged with manslaughter.
    Q)Must God be known through the scientific method?
    Q)If you answered yes to the previous question, then how do you avoid a category mistake by requiring material evidence for an immaterial God?
    A)If you ‘immaterial god’ can affect the world – then it should be able to be tested. If not, then you have an impotent god, who cannot do anything.
    Q)Do we have any purpose as human beings?
    Q)If we do have purpose, can you as an atheist please explain how that purpose is determined?
    A)As a person, I can. I determine my purpose.
    Q)Where does morality come from?
    A)Us, where else would it come form.
    Q)Are there moral absolutes?
    A)Two fold answer. If there is a god – yes – and it is scary. If there is not a god, then no. Absolute morality with a god, condones rape, slavery and the slaughter of children – babies.
    Q)If there are moral absolutes, could you list a few of them?
    A) see if there is a god above – scary.
    Q)Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If so, what is it?
    A)Yes. Hitler (a christian). Stalin (possible atheist). Porn Pot(asian spelling – self proclaimed god man)
    Q)If you believe that the God of the Old Testament is morally bad, by what standard do you judge that he is bad?
    A) Yes, undeniably so. By reading the bible. Slavery is wrong. Rape is wrong.. need I go on? I say slavery is wrong because, if there were a society, and I could not choose where I would reside in that society, I would not want to be a slave.
    Q)What would it take for you to believe in God?
    A)If there was a god, it would know.
    Q)What would constitute sufficient evidence for God’s existence?
    A)Again, see above answer.
    Q)Must this evidence be rationally based, archaeological, testable in a lab, etc., or what?
    A)Yes. It must be observable, and testable.
    Q)Do you think that a society that is run by Christians or atheists would be safer? Why?
    A)No. You cannot seriously think it would be safer for atheists, or gays, or anyone outside of christianity… or women…
    Q)Do you believe in free will? (free will being the ability to make choices without coersion).
    A)The science is not in on this yet. There are tests showing that we can predict what a person will chose before they choose it – I havn’t read enough yet on it so I have to abstain from the answer. I don’t have enough knowledge on it.
    Q)If you believe in free will, do you see any problem with defending the idea that the physical brain, which is limited and subject to the neuro-chemical laws of the brain, can still produce free will choices?
    A)See above answer.
    Q)If you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever, then do you think it is probable that given enough time, brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations and become free of the physical and temporal and thereby become “deity” and not be restricted by space and time? If not, why not?
    A)Simplify the question. Yes evolution is a fact. The method of evolution may change, but it happens. then you couple the universe will continue to expand forever – I don’t know the answer to that, then you toss out a completly different question which has NOTHING to do with the previous two assertations. The last question is in my opinion a non-sequiter.
    Q)If you answered the previous question in the affirmative, then aren’t you saying that it is probable that some sort of God exists?
    A)The previous question was very poorly written. Define god. You are asking if some sort of thing exists. Well then yes it is possible for something to exist. But when nobody knows what that thing is, then it is a poorly phrased question.

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