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    You lit the fire like no one else could

    You know no matter how much they say I wouldn’t do it, you know I would

    Decades of gray gone by

    Now the world is red and I don’t understand why

    Rage like a thousand daggers stabbing you

    And no matter what anyone says I’ll see you through

    Like the God I had who carried me

    You need one too, and you can do it, you’ll see

    There is no such thing as me turning my back on you

    An you can bet I’ll always do what I said I’d do

    I made you a promise, no matter what it takes

    No matter how many tears or how my heart breaks

    You have never seen the full wrath inside of me

    And I will unleash it on anyone who thinks they can hurt you

    They will get the full force of 10,000 blows

    I’ll be 10 steps ahead and they’ll never know

    I am your secret weapon, now and always

    You were always in my heart and I can’t explain how that killed me inside

    So I will die a thousand times over before anyone hurts you. Your fight is my fight

    We are almost to the finish line

    Like footprints in the sand I’ll carry you

    Don’t be such a fucking stubborn bitch or I’ll have to bury you

    Little sisters shouldn’t be left behind

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