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    I’m leaving you forever

    You failed me and lied to me

    You promised you knew better

    It was all a bunch of mindless chattering

    You wasted years of our precious life

    Revolving in circles only adding to our already enormous strife

    Each and every one of you acted like you cared about me

    But your smiles and emphatic reassurances ended up being shallow and empty

    Because now I’m still here, alone without answers

    I’m tired of reaching out for “right” answers only to feel like I’m still backwards

    But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in these past 5 years of fighting

    It’s that I’m as gangster as they come and my son’s right behind me

    We don’t take shit from nobody

    And that includes you

    So you can take your credentials and get the fuck out

    I’m completely done with you. We’re through

    I’m not adding another dollar to your bank account

    You drained mine completely

    When you were hired to make things better

    You watched me drown into nothing

    But what you don’t know about me is what happens when I’m angry

    My tolerance is tested and I’m letting my wrath speak for me

    Nobody fucks with my baby

    You had your chance and you fucked up royally

    You call yourself a professional?

    You’re just another wound I now carry

    Because of you we are once again left with nothing

    I did all that you said. I did absolutely everything

    So fuck off and go away

    Schools. Therapists. Programs. Advocates. Institutional Agencies Public Aid

    You can kiss my ass and have a nice day

    I’m never trusting anyone again

    I’m done relying on anyone else

    My only source of guidance lies within

    I’m exhausted. I’m tired

    You failed me

    You’re fucking fired



    Very powerful. I hope writing it out helped 🙂



    Not really lol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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