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    What’s your best work-out music?

    I don’t care what you think of me after saying this, but I think Sexy and I know it is great for getting in a good mood when running and keeping the pace up. Firstly, I think it’s funny as hell and secondly, it just makes me smile. It must help the brain release feel-good substances somehow 😀

    At the top off your head, what work-out music gets you pumped up?



    It depends on the type of execise I think. If its some sort of cardio, where the aim is to get your heart rate up, I don’t think you could go past hard style dance and other similar genres. Anything with a super fast, bassy, beat really.

    For things like digging in the garden (it counts as exercise, don’t laugh!) I found dubstep and chillstep were good.

    And I think for weights I would go for some sort of metal but I’m not sure which genre precisely. Dubstep would probably also work.



    I agree with the metal for weightlifting.

    Yeah, @matt gardening is hard work! It may all look like a walk in the park (haha, get it?) but it sure takes stamina. At least if you’re trimming trees and digging. Never tried dubstep with gardening. Any particular song you can reccommend for when I’m out there watering the beds?



    I know you were asking about work out music….here’s an example of a few songs I used to play every day before I went into the jail I used to work at. It was usually 4am when I left the house. I would do this to jump rope and calisthetics and it not only woke me up, it helped me mentally prepare for the environment I was about to enter – a dangerous one.

    As far as work out music, I like anything Latin! LOL!!!

    Here’s what I’ve been getting down to lately:

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