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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    This interview with Bishop Robert Barron provokes many probing questions:

    America’s Loss of Faith

    There are many factors that have contributed to the decline in church attendance. The most important is the secularism that now dominates much of Western culture. Charles Taylor’s “buffered self,” which is to say, an ego isolated from any contact with the transcendent, is now taken for granted by many. Another reason for the decline is the remarkably bad catechesis and religious formation that have been offered by the mainstream denominations for the past 50 years or so. We believers haven’t communicated our traditions in an intellectually or aesthetically appealing way.

    So presenting an irrational, illogical message in an apple-polished, lipstick-on-a-pig way will somehow make it any better? So this repackaging of religion will somehow undo all the oppression and horrors done in the name of religion in general and Christianity in particular?

    He goes on and says even we Atheists should be concerned about the loss of faith:

    RB: The decline in religious practice should concern everyone in this country, for our political ideals of equality, freedom, and individual rights are grounded, whether we acknowledge it or not, in certain, very definite religious convictions.

    If God is removed from consideration, as he is in both classical political thought and modern totalitarianism, then human rights quickly evanesce or become the exclusive prerogative of the powerful.

    If faith in God and Christianity is the basis for equality, freedom, and individual rights, why weren’t these ideals affirmed and put into practice 2000 years ago rather than in the past 246 years with the writing of The Declaration of Independence? Why didn’t we have a free society in The Dark Ages if this is the case?

    Then there is his response to the recent Anti-Jewish hostage taking in the Synagogue in the DFW area of Texas

    RB: I deplore the situation you are quite accurately describing. St. John Paul II referred to the Jews as our “elder brothers in the faith.” It is deeply incoherent for a Christian to harbor any hatred for Jews, and therefore, we must stand in utter solidarity with those who are threatened. Moreover, religious liberty, which is guaranteed in our Constitution, is recognized in the Catholic tradition as the first and most fundamental of human rights. So, my message to my Jewish friends is, we love you, we stand with you, and we will fight to defend you.

    Are we to believe this even though Christianity explicitly condemns those who don’t believe in Jesus to eternal Hell? And are we to believe this in the wake of 2000 years of Church practice in making life a Hell on Earth for Jews and other non-believers? Does this Bishop even know what he’s talking about?

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