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    Have you watched The Mandalorian?
    In season 2, a running joke has baby Grogu eating a frog’s eggs.
    These ‘frog’ people are portraied as an intelegent species, and an endangered species.
    This atrocity by a suposed inocent baby, futre Jedi, is portraied as a joke.
    We joke about eating babys because it is a rediculous charge against us.
    But Grogu is actuly seen swolowing eggs several times.
    I eat chicken eggs, but chickens are not intelegent nor endangered.
    Is eating babys condoned in the Star Wars universe?
    How can the human writers condone, even joke about this.
    Because the ‘frog’ people are not human?
    If a stormtrooper ate the eggs, I’d expect it.




    Well, Grogu and the frogs he eats are fictional characters of the fictional Star Wars Universe, so I guess Grogu can eat all the frogs he wants.

    Just like Looney Tunes characters can all be anthropomorphized and yet try to kill and eat each other too.

    Just like Marvel Comics fictional characters are all sapient humans, mutants, aliens, robots, cyborgs, synthezoids, or mythical gods and can be locked in life-and-death struggles for the Earth or the whole Natural Universe.

    And Star Wars and Marvel are now part of Disney’s Universe, where anthropomorphized fictional characters have human conflicts and try hurting and killing and even eating each other too. (In the long-cancelled Song of the South, B’rer Bear and B’rer Fox were always trying to catch, cook, and eat B’rer Rabbit and used stereotypes and dialect that characatures and degrades human beings.)

    And Disney is subject to all the cultural and economic pressures of every other brand of fictional characters. If you don’t like something it may change any minute.

    The real deal of the human condition is what becomes me the the most and it is heavy and hard enough.

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    I eat babies all the time. (Before they’re actually babies.) IIRC, Japanese eating chicken and eggs call it Mother and Son, or something like that.

    Another side note, I only recently learned that cheeseburgers are not kosher. Although this belief might depend on which flavor (err, I mean interpretation) of Judaism one adopts, it’s a violation of a rule about (I’m paraphrasing) “don’t eat mom plus babies”.

    I had to get another opinion from ChatGPT:

    This law is based on a verse that appears three times in the Torah: “You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” (Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26, Deuteronomy 14:21). The rabbinic interpretation of this commandment has been extended to prohibit the mixing of meat and milk in any form, including eating such a mixture or even cooking it.

    I don’t know why I thought George Lucas was Jewish, but he’s not. According to ChatGPT.

    I hope all the side notes are not too much of a distraction. You can ask people to stay on topic. 🙂

    (I’ve not watched The Mandalorian.)

    Correction, courtesy ChatGPT:

    Yes, in Japanese cuisine, there’s a dish called “Oyakodon” (親子丼), which translates to “parent-and-child donburi.” The name is a poetic reflection of the main ingredients: chicken (the parent) and eggs (the child) served over a bowl of rice. The term “donburi” refers to a type of Japanese dish where ingredients are served over rice in a large bowl.

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love ChatGPT. I also love correcting it and getting “Yes you are correct” feedback from it. We’re an invincible team of anti-misinformationists.



    Hi! Why do you have to make it sound like cannablism?



    Hi! Why do you have to make it sound like cannablism?

    Cus it is. 

    The frog people are intelligent, tool using, language using.   (And endangered)

    If Gray aliens were eating our babies, would you question the evilness of it? Would you think it funny just because it’s fictional, and a gray alien youngster doing it? Would baby Yoda eating human babies be funny to you?

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