America isn't ready for war on four fronts. How about one?

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    The United States has got itself into a real pickle, and we are in greater peril now than we ever were during The Cold War.

    U.S. Military strategy has been based on being prepared for a two-front war, but after depleting our weapons reserves in support of our proxy Ukraine and now by endeavoring to support Israel, many military experts believe the U.S. would be at pains to fight just one war, assuming the use of atomic weapons were ruled out.

    That’s right: Our lack of preparedness increases the likelihood of a nuclear solution in a wartime situation.

    To make matters worse, we face three potential major conflicts, not just one. 1) Ukraine/Russia, 2) Israel/Gaza, and 3) China/Taiwan.

    But things could get worse in the Middle Eastern situation as Hesbollah and Iran could get drawn in. Iran could turn into yet another war.

    If China wants to make a move on Taiwan, this sure looks like a good time to do it.

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