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    Besides the logical problems of the Abrahamic God as described, we can also watch him evolve from being a child of the greatest Canaanite god, Elyon, to becoming the monotheistic Jewish god of all gods. The good pastors always skip that bit.

    Deuteronomy 32:8–9; When the Most High (Elyon) apportioned the nations, when he divided humankind, he fixed the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the gods; the Lord’s (Yahweh) portion was his people, Jacob his allotted share.

    Elyon gave Israel to Yahweh. They began to worship Yahweh, and eventually El and Yahweh became one. And of course, when the Persians took over the place their Zoroastrianism sealed the fate of the Western world for centuries with….

    ….its monotheism, messianism, belief in free will and judgement after death, conception of heaven, hell, angels, and demons, among other concepts, may have influenced other religious and philosophical systems, including the Abrahamic religions



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    A little personal note about Scientism:

    No one mentioned it here before, but there was a story a couple of days ago:

    US cancer death rate drops by 30% since 1991

    Well, count me among the number today who dodged a polyp bullet!

    After several crazy-making days of shunning corn, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, raw fruits, seeds, and nuts, and after a day of only clear liquids and Cleanpix, I had a colonoscopy from a fine Doctor who got his medical education from Duke, his Residency at Vanderbilt, and his Fellowship at Brown, who devotes his practice to regular people like me.

    This Hell of a man lassoed and garrotted a seemingly benign polyp that could have turned into a raging monster inflicting perhaps the worst natural death imaginable.

    When it was all over and he showed me the photos, I asked if there is any possibility of a nanobot that could get inside and detect polyps tactily or using sonar without the starvation diet and he smiled and replied: “They come up with new things every day.”

    I then shook his hand, thanked him, and said: “Praise Reason and Science and Praise you for practicing it!”

    Science isn’t a Religion, Scientists aren’t Priests, and both aren’t objects of Worship, but they are praiseworthy for what they do for human life and flourishing.

    Ignorance means death, folks! Please get tested on a regular basis and whenever the symptoms arise:

    Cancer–The Mayo Clinic

    And fight to keep monster-slaying medical warriors free! Don’t make them say “Big Brother May I?” and bow and scrape for a Single-Payer Government stipend to practice their life-saving work!

    The world is a Hellscape and outliving that Hellscape may be the only peaceful route there is!

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