• Hi Popie, thanks for posting this. I agree that Michael may have some unorthodox perspectives, but he does not insult or mock anyone and never has, in all the years we’ve known him. I respect him for that.

    Sure, I agree he seems like a nice guy. Big deal. Heck I’d bet the Heaven’s Gate people were nice as well. However, the net e…[Read more]

  • As usual he’s got nothing.

    Yeah Jake, 100 generations (starting with no 1) have been kicking the “christian armageddon can” down the road, each believing theirs was the last one, LOL. Each one has their horns and dragons. If your outlook on life is so pathetic that hoping for “the end” makes you feel better; then I would imagine connecting dots…[Read more]

  • I am taking a firm stance against the pathogen hypothesis. Same species. So no species jump. Neanderthal fossils have been found in many locations in Europe and Asia. It is hard to imagine the population was sufficient to enable contamination from one group of Neanderthals to the next in a manner that resulted in extinction.…

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  • RE: New archaeology dives into the mysterious demise of the Neanderthals.

    One possibility is that a Homo Sapiens born pathogen jumped species and became novel in Neanderthals and wiped them out. After all, many of us have a bit of Neanderthal in the family, so to speak.

  • It is very sad that the typical American aged 65 – 69 has a net worth of $57,180 excluding their home equity. That is just about one year’s median salary. These results after the longest bullish economy in history.  Hand the company reigns to them?  A company that is run by a voting bloc of typical Americans has no chance against a company in the…[Read more]

  • @ Robert “When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Since you didn’t offer up any solution to the problem of the ongoing enriching of the capitalists at the expense of you and me, perhaps it’s time to try something other than a hammer. As for your video, stupid people, like the poor, will always be with us…

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  • I really like what he wants to do. The practicality part seems doubtful and unproven. Case in point, if we take the place that I worked at here in Trump country, sometimes it feels like every one of the factory workers is a MAGAt. It’s not exactly an enlightened workforce, kinda

    Let these people run the factory? Your manuals would be useless.…[Read more]

  • Unseen,

    Great businesses don’t start out as the few versus the many. They start out as the few. One or two people with a great idea. Are they are supposed to hire workers and let them vote on how to run their business? Why in the world would they wanna do that? Often what does happen, is that once the visionary is gone or gets overpowered, the…[Read more]

  • Boiled okra? Painful man! But try air frying it with some spices and even a few coconut flakes if you want. I call it bhindi as I only ever have it as an Indian dish. We cook so much of it and my job is to spend 45 minutes slicing it up!

    Okra grows like a weed in dog days of summer down here. Bhindi sounds delicious.…[Read more]

  • You don’t do it well because it won’t work well. If you end up in a paradigm where the capitalist’s primary motivation is monetization of labour or ROI, and where most people need employment to be able to afford the basics of life, you end up with a situation where governments perpetually have to appease an investor/ job creator class to make…

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  • Robert, you wrote…if you do allow for true demand-driven capitalist competition and really tax and disperse according to need you could flatten the wealth inequality. I understand the concept of demand-driven capitalist competition. But i am not certain what you mean by disperse according to need. Would you elaborate?

    I am in f…[Read more]

  • News that Putler is “mobilizing” another 300K for the meat grinder and banning potentials from leaving is finally gonna wake-up the Russian population from their little dream-like state that all is normal. I guess they used up all their pro soldiers and prisoners. He’s even buying back arms and ammo from his buddy, cheeky Kim.

  • If you are just gonna flatten the pay scale according to need, disregarding skill and gravity of a position, I would just become very needy and have fun all day. It is a nonsensical idea that will never materialize. And of course, all attempts to implement such nonsense end up as an oligarchical economy overseen by a dictator.

    If you do allow for…[Read more]

  • Right. It takes years of sacrifice and hard work to empty a trash bucket. 99 percent of people just can’t do it. All those years of unpaid struggle, loans, and 12-hour internships and giving up a big chunk of the prime-time of their life. If they screw up with that broom handle someone is gonna die. I like to play pretend too.

    There is just no…[Read more]

  • I had a career as a professional design engineer, and I would certainly leave any country that paid me of a janitorial wage or less.

    There is no such thing as a janitorial wage. While I do understand what you mean, the fact that ‘janitorial’ factors into it is bizarre. There is nothing that suggests you, ind…

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  • @ Robert Prof. Wolff’s Marxism isn’t classic Marxism with an end plan of nobody owning anything and living on communes and everyone having the exact same toothbrush. No, that is nowadays the plan called The Great Reset promoted by The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos headed by a guy named Klaus Schwab who looks exactly like a cer…

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  • Anyways, EOCs don’t require a Marxist government/society… “each according to their need”. To do that, you would have to flatten the natural hierarchy so that a janitor with 6 kids earns 6 times what an engineer with 1 kid needs. Why be a stressed-out engineer when you can just sweep up and take out the trash?…

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  • @ Robert But don’t you agree that with the participation or ownership of workers—people who live in The Real World where the prices of fuel and food are critical—will make more beneficial, rational, and humanitarisn decisions? Here are some of the benefits of employee owned companies (EOCs). Motivating workers is much less of a pro…

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  • @robert People vote with their money based on what they know, but the sources of information they listen to and base their purchases on don’t work on their behalf, instead working constantly to further enrich the rich. They have done so with ever increasing success. Now, you know I could probably produce dozens of charts and m…

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  • Inflation is more money chasing fewer goods and the latest bout of inflation started after the “stimulus” checks poured money into the economy and people laid out of work to live off of the checks, causing shortages of good. This was before Putin’s war, which then afterwards exacerbated shortages of fuel…

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