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    Yeah, that is probably a wise decision. Some people don’t take sexual rejection well. They just assumed I would have sex with them whenever they decided it was time. When I declined for whatever reasons they got hurt or upset. One started saying I must be gay so I agreed, yeah  that must be it. The other, who was a good friend became vindictive…[Read more]

  • Really fast free open source browser filters out adverts. I started using it a few weeks ago. No issues.


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    You know it is possible to turn down a blow job, unseen. OK who am I kidding.

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    Love is a wicked game

    I sure enjoy shaking the tables and chairs in a dark club…..


  • except for the two women in outer space who remained calm when contacted by an alien.

    I can cut President Rump some slack on this. I mean its not like it was the first time three women did a spacewalk. To move ahead we have to actually start not caring about gender at all.

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    Davis, that is the best description of ‘love’ I have yet to come across. For me love was a drug until I matured and it became truly empathic. When I look back all I can say is “what the fuck was I thinking?”


  • The things said that offend you may be nothing compared to the things that are said that you don’t know about, LOL. I gave up trying to be liked or even respected and was fine with just trying to be fair and high performming. The dreaded days when you have to fire or let people go in a layoff or the demotion of employees who aren’t getting it…[Read more]

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    You don’t think romantic love can also encompass true friendship, especially after years and years?

  • @Jodi Lee

    I know how hard it is to be a manger. You can’t win most of the time. Do you feel like you are caught between two different worlds? That’s how I felt most of the time. This grinding machine just looking at results and charts on one side…and the other side you have real people with bad backs, sick kids, anxiety issues, mean streaks,…[Read more]

  • A little story…

    As a manger of highly intelligent engineers …I was walking the hallways and I would peek into the offices of the people on my team. I noticed an older engineer looking a bit like he had just had a good cry. I went in his office and asked if something was wrong. He said he felt useless because his specialty was becoming less…[Read more]

  • Oh it bothers many of the older folks (men and women) terribly. As young leader in my company I understood this sentiment and made certain I treated the older but very valuable employees (many were simply “Passed over” for political reasons) with dignity. I have seen many bosses do the opposite and make these experienced folks miserable. And those…[Read more]

  • ….they do not accept “Anti-Vaxers” as patients. They turn them away for the safety of their patients. I like that.

  • I like that alpha males are not automatically bullies, Pope B. At least in Chimp world. You think we can get Erdogan to watch that video?

  • I am financial independent and I retired 7 years early because a small portion of my monthly paycheck was automatically invested into index funds on the bet that a typical company will make money for their owners (me). My coworkers who did not do the same are kicking themselves and will have to work till they drop dead, taking orders from a…[Read more]

  • And you fail to see the risk of not responsibly investing in the market. The market is simply an expression of the future viability of our public corporations to make a profit. Did the 9/11 attack kill corporate America? Hell no. Even if it takes years for the stock/ bond “values” to recover, you are buying shares at bargain basement prices during…[Read more]

  • People never learn.

    Exactly. That’s why so many live paycheck to paycheck. The don’t even know that their pensions, bank accounts, mortgages, insurance policies and employers are all invested the stock and bond markets anyway….otherwise inflation would erode those funds.

    You can always get out for the really big dips just by paying attention, I…[Read more]

  • It is a good strategy for people with decades of working life ahead of them. The matching of your 401k contributions and the compounding effect of reinvestment, plus the deferred tax benefit is hard to argue against. Unless you are expecting doomsday in your lifetime. In that case you should also be buying silver, ammo, and survival food. Call it…[Read more]


    Jake I agree totally. Getting in you car in the morning is gambling too. NOT investing in index funds is gambling too. You are betting against the wealthy.

    Look at these numbers for Americans (boomers are such geniuses) nearing retirement age:

    Age         Tot NW       W/O home equity
    55 – 64:   $164,498    $66,547
    src: h…[Read more]

  • An index in the opposite of picking stocks. I invested in total market funds. Crashes and sellouts are merely interruptions to a lifetime investor. Slowly over the decades I became a “millionaire plus” just on my 401k stock plan alone. Takes patience and you have to keep investing even when the value is dropping. This is a big part of why the rich…[Read more]

  • An online community devoted to financial freedom and high net-worth early in life. Basically the deal is to simply invest in stock/bond index funds…..more than the usual consumerist schmucks who are in debt up to their ears.

    I once had a girlfriend that had $50K debt on a 8% card and $75K in a 0.2% bank account. Took me a year to get her to pay…[Read more]

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