• Sorry you didn’t get that the ‘closet space’ was a joke. Perhaps you needed a women to point that out to you because nearly every white male is portrayed on TV series and in ads as a hapless Homer Simpson of a mess just waiting for a wise, omniscient woman to teach him an important lesson. If more women studied for useful degrees such as…[Read more]

  • The beautiful first lady of the United States know a lot about powerful douchebags, doesn’t she? My girlfriend has a master’s degree in nursing earned after a stint as a medic in the US Army. She is a tall, thin blonde who has been subjugated to two cases of verbal, threatening male behavior. It is terrible, I agree. She dealt with it through…[Read more]

  • The conclusion, assuming that there is some truth to some of the allegations..

    This is a problem for me. I am not ready to give up the presumption of innocence. Why are you assuming anything? Are you being a protector of women? That is sexist you know.

    …there is nothing stopping a person with a great mind from being a horndog as well.

    In the…[Read more]

  • You’re basing what an entire gender is attracted to on what strippers look like? Are you even listening to yourself?

    There is a preponderance of evidence. Most males are acutely aware of who and what women are attracted to. I disregard “gender studies” as  worthwhile; some of the founders having proposed a 10/90 male to female ra…[Read more]

  • Both men and women are responsible for birth control

    Not what I said. Men have no right to a woman’s body and no right to save a fetus.

    The myth that women are generally attracted to muscle bound, rich, assholey alpha males is a really bad one.

    Right. Male strippers are 90lb weaklings or fat bald guys with beer bellies. That’s what turns women on.…[Read more]

  • The prime directive of all life is to propagate. Western women control the passing of genetics via mate selection and abortion. The patriarchy is largely focused on trying to get in on some of that. All of that testosterone and masculine behavior is to gain enough power to impress and it works. Men are Darwin’s peacocks and their plume is muscle…[Read more]

  • _Robert_ replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 2 weeks ago

    I agree, equal opportunity. So who dominates the HR field? Could it be KAREN !!!!

    I kinda feel sorry for all the nice Karens out there. And a whole generation of guys named Dick.

  • _Robert_ replied to the topic Is gender studies a fraud? in the forum Small Talk 2 weeks ago

    It comes down to a single question in my mind:

    Should society strive for equal opportunity or for equal outcome (skewed opportunity based on groupings)?

  • It’s not just the power structure – it’s also about caring for people’s needs, appropriately. I also think that female or feminine qualities need to be valued for themselves, on their own terms. There are strengths in the apparently vulnerable feminine ways of doing things.

    Personal relationships involve power struggl…[Read more]

  • My views may be skewed as I worked in engineering and eventually as a manager of engineering teams. A female engineer was the coveted unicorn, a Hispanic female engineer was a golden unicorn. I had one under my charge. She may have gotten a good 1/2 hr of work done a day, but she sure was adept at talking about work during her average 32 of the 40…[Read more]

  • @Simon,

    I guess Western women aren’t privileged enough to comprise half the roofers, sewage workers or get cut down by machine guns. Instead they choose to make a living just shaking their asses in a multitude of ways by the millions. The women I know demand that their husbands make way more than they do. How is that supposed to work? Where is…[Read more]

  • ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is a great song by ‘the cure’ that illustrates how society tries to shape distinguishing gender attitudes and behaviors. Generations of parents wanted their kids to be ‘normal’ heterosexuals that fulfill traditional gender roles to avoid religious-based stigmatism. Western religions moralized the statistical norms of human…[Read more]

  • _Robert_ replied to the topic Cats: Threat or Menace? in the forum Science 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Look how fast this cat is… fox decides it is not worth it..

  • I was talking to my sweetheart and we were trying to imagine what us homo sapiens would be like if the Neanderthals had survived along side of us. In what ways would we be different. Would we cross breed regularly to this day? Would we all be more robustly built? Would we share religions and technology with them. Would we be waring and taking each…[Read more]

  • Well you may feel better living where you live, but these ass clowns are so very fired up around here. I simply can’t bear to even look at my facebook page any more. I don’t think tRump  polls well either. I hope you are correct. If you happen to follow the yahoo commentary on some stories it’s unbelievable.

  • I can’t believe Biden is our only best hope, for fuck’s sake. I am eligible for Italian citizenship, Jure Sanguinis. Gonna look into that.

  • You had your turn being Euro-fascist bootlickers. Maybe it’s our turn now. You gonna come over here and save us? You don’t even need a mask, the virus is a hoax. Bring lots of ammo, you are gonna need it. Some weekends the woods behind my house sounds like a world war with all the bubbas shooting beer bottles back there.

    I was reading how the…[Read more]

  • You there for this nice peaceful demonstration, unseen?

  • Trump is running on this…and fear of defunding the police, lol. This shit pisses working people off. He’s gonna win again. These kids don’t even vote.

  • RE:A new understanding of Herd Immunity.

    Surprisingly the article on ‘herd immunity’ doesn’t detail the effects of diminishing immunity over time such as what happens with colds and flu. I saw recent alarming data that shows C-19 immunity falling off rather sharply so that reinfection is possible within months. Immunity gained by vaccination is…[Read more]

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