• I think the possibility of hurting or upsetting other people is significant enough to make an easily avoidable pointless activity one I wouldn’t do.

    You’re talking about upsetting people (i.e., causing harm) for intangible rather than tangible reasons. Sometimes this seems acceptable, sometimes it doe…

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  • The problem is, the suffering of the bereaved and what causes it is variable. It may seem like a simple issue to resolve when we consider that no one is likely offended that people don’t have picnics on their loved one’s grave sites, whereas at least some (many?) people are offended when people do have picnics on their loved one…

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  • _Robert_ replied to the topic Group logo of HumanismInteresting question: in the forum Humanism 1 day, 3 hours ago

    All due respect to the dead, of course, but they just aren’t good, fun conversation over great food.

    The dead in their silence are much more pleasant than many of the people around here. The plague has taught me again that I am happier without them and I that I should be more selective with my associations. I learned this once before when trying t…[Read more]

  • LOL, The God Hypothesis Versus Atheist Science Denial
    Michael Egnor

    Big Bang, “Fine Tuning”, and DNA align with the scriptures? Oh really. I guess this brain cutter has never read a single argument against his position (e,g. DNA is not a code) and brings nothing to back his position up. Its always great when apologists quote other apologists as…[Read more]

  • _Robert_ replied to the topic Group logo of HumanismInteresting question: in the forum Humanism 2 days, 15 hours ago

    Older gaveyards (or old sections) are beautiful and have interesting headstones and statuary and I think it is cool to picnic there, especially at night.

    A picnic in a modern section is in poor taste and might needlessly upset some people, but in the big picture it is pretty minor.

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  • Pretty good movie even though Heston is in it. I can’t ever seem to forget he is acting. I don’t know, did he get buried clinging to his musket?

  • The US is all set up for special interests and loop holes. For years I just paid maximum taxes and received almost nothing in return. About ten years ago I decided enough of that and started learning and working the system just like the big dogs. Huge difference to the bottom line.

    Nothing in the US is easy, fair or universal. The system favors…[Read more]

  • Thanks Reg. Happy rabbit egg day. So the Pope thinks “the devil” is “taking advantage” of the pandemic, LOL. Literally the mentality of a 5 year old and yet an inspirational leader to billions. Long way to go.

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    William Lane Craig’s debates lack integrity, quoting his opponent out of context, never actually addressing questions directly and his voice alone is akin to fingernails against a blackboard.
    • Yeah, I agree with Davis. The word “spirituality” is meaningless to me. I am sure Simon, you can find better words to describe well-being, so why bother the the word at all. The origins involve the ancient understanding that we breath something invisible and when that stops we die.  The Latin spiritus means “breath”. And then there is the “smoke”…[Read more]

    • I guess you don’t tip a delivery drone.

      When trying to sample authentic pizza across Italy for my bitcoin, I had high hopes. I am forever jaded from living in New York but tasting Neapolitan pizza gives me a good baseline. Once one becomes a so-called ‘connoisseur’ of a specific dish, it is exciting to explore how it becomes regionalized (and of…[Read more]

    • I was a bit shocked at how good the gelato really is when I travelled to Italy. They say the same thing about a certain stout beer in Ireland.


    • My sweetheart’s parents are from Milan, Italy….we lookin into getting her a Euro passport. At least we have decent insurance at the moment.

    • How’d it go Pope? Got my Pfizer #1 about 8 hours ago and still no sign of Bill Gates yet. This was at a medical facility, yet there were some brill Sapiens walking around with their barely installed masks doing beard impressions.

    • Just read that a guy tried and failed to parachute from the 14th floor of a building in Panama City Beach. I often stay on the 14th floor of the block beside it!

      Probably still thinking he was pretty clever as he passed the 9th floor but by the 5th or 4th he knew it was gonna be all over.

    • …my VA clinic called me to set up my first ModeRNA dose on Wednesday! Only about six more weeks of having to worry about taking anti-ICU-bound, life-saving measures. I know, it may still be contagious even if I’m safe from it, so I’ll still wear the simple masks that keep any droplets from coughs, sneezes, or angry sho…

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    • I  think it is a childlike view; the libertarian dream that inefficient regulations be removed and the “efficient” courts will somehow liberate us from the greed of corporate boardrooms. What could possibly go wrong with leaded gasoline, selling booze and e-cigs to children or dumping toxins in the marsh just outside of town (like my own employer…[Read more]

    • If you partied, killed grandma and then got vaccinated..some guilt could result in a life lesson perhaps. Reading some of the sad posts on reddit over the last few months, there is going to be plenty of guilt to go around. And now with people acting like this thing is over…. the updated US death estimates for this pandemic are >600,000.…[Read more]

    • The wealthy have no more choice in The Federal Reserve or how it is run than any of us.  And at the rate our Government is spending, they will be asking the Fed to run the money presses non-stop in perpetuity.  Any tightening by the Fed will mean higher taxation for all.  (Borrowing does not count; that’s just kicking the can down the road, to b…

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    • Econ, I am not as worried the super wealthy are gonna let their vast fortunes in US dollars inflate away. When the Fed finally tightens up to protect their dollars, there will be pain for organizations that can’t generate cash flow and for our 401Ks.

      We already have the worse form of socialism, BTW. Corporate socialism, that is. Yeah, the poor…[Read more]

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