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    The point is that there is not a single revelation or statement in the Bible that the people of the day with such limited understanding couldn’t have thought of.  I mean they thought the earth was flat and suspended by 4 pillars so that went in the bible, several places of course. Disease is caused by demons. Why do people believe that crap in…[Read more]

  • Would it be a fair comment to say that the war was almost entirely about slavery?

    I think it was about slavery without a doubt. As western territories were gaining statehood; a cold civil war was being waged in Congress way before the shooting started. Would slavery be allowed in the west?  You could say that…[Read more]

  • I will agree we did not really evolve “rights” but social norms..and then we simply formalize them into law because it’s the moral thing to do. So no, god is not needed.

  • I believe confederate statues and flags should go. Many were not even installed until the 1960’s civil rights conflicts and they celebrate treason and are offensive to so many.

    I disagree with the author who asserts that Robert E. Lee was a poor strategist. There was no way the South would win a long defensive war of attrition. The Confederacy…[Read more]

  • He is dead wrong. Human rights evolved like everything else that is social in primates.

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    Well the thing that makes nuclear war different than conventional war is that the leaders are now on the battlefield too. I figure that they figure that they have the most to loose really. In two hours they are the king of nothing, if they manage to survive.

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    This is the word of Gandalf. “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.”

    • That’s awesome! I know one of the characters in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah quotes Snoopy the dog. I have to look it up.

  • RE:What can history teach us about the denial of truth…

    Well Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the industrial military complex and Henry Wallace warned about how hate and fear have the power to unite us. Trump slowly isolates us from the world, hires generals to govern us, and privatizes our institutions so that policy debate becomes…[Read more]

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    So Belle, If you were on a jury and I was the defendant who raped a girl because god told “now it’s time” and I just knew what to do, you would find me innocent right? And if a Hindu family reconnects somewhere in India, a very emotional and spiritual experience for them…was it your god or their monkey god that did it?

    And while god was talking…[Read more]

  • The Christian plan is appealing to those who need and crave forgiveness (and they even get to scapegoat their way into heaven.) It’s not their fault… Satan is to blame, and hey all ya gotta do is profess you believe !!!

    I stopped discussing belief with my social contacts, fellow musicians, etc. I limit that type of conversation even if they…

    [Read more]

  • You somehow fail to see the difference between a battle happening and someone telling you that a god made the battle happen.

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    So many people will believe anything that others believe. Confirmation bias is a huge factor. I wouldn’t say I am antisocial, but I am selective about my social contacts. I just have a low tolerance for irrationality. There are so many who would love to drag you down with them. Usually they are their own worse enemies.

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    Lets write a fictional book and then quote from that book to prove it’s true !!!

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    The only military option is to take out all (estimated at between 10 to 30) of their warheads, missiles, production and leadership in a preemptive strike. I doubt we even know where they all are. If we didn’t hit them 5 years ago, why would we hit them now? Perhaps we have better intelligence? I doubt it.

    If we did attack them, we can expect at…[Read more]

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    The nuns in my school were sadomasochists.

  • Ahh, so Ken Ham must not want to disclose the actual number of Ark Park tickets he was selling…

    But they did add a gay night? I did hear the giraffe couple was actually two dudes. It did get tedious checking the nads of all those animals, there was bound to be a mistake.

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    My biggest issue with the holy books and the religions that claim a revelation of some sort is that nothing in the revelation is ever included that could not have been written by the people of the day. God could have told us about bacteria and infections/illness. He could have told us the earth orbits the sun or given us a combustion engine, the s…[Read more]

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    Kyrani Wrote: So there is intimate involvement on every level. There is no way that the Universe and everything in it would exist and function without God. So God does care, even for the grains of sands on the beach right upto humans and other high level beings on other planets.

    I am not satisfied with your answer, blaming cancer on “foul…[Read more]

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    It’s a huge leap from Deism to Theism. That there could have been a sentient creator is a conceptually feasible idea. That this creator then gave a shit about a tiny blue dot in its massive creation is highly questionable. That human beings are then imagined not only to be the reason for the creation, but also i…

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    Still burning….how are you faring, JBO?

    • Thank you for asking.
      Still at our son’s place with our kitties. Its been stressful but the everyone here has stepped up to the plate & have been very helpful. The Red Croos, the city, & all businesses have offers for all evacuees from food to laundry to pet care, etc. Our son gets grocery chits every 5 days to feed us, & $45 per day from the…[Read more]

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