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    Cesar Deicide

    Living in a island in the tropics help see first hand the effects of global warming, not as obvious as in the artic or antartic, but there are.

    For example, we have a three year drought. We had a 6 month long rainy season, starting in may with “Las lluvias de mayo” and continuing on June to November with the cyclonic season. The last storm that passed through the island was in 2010 and mostly hit haiti. With no rain or storms, our dams have been starting to dry up to the point the government decided to reduce the amount of water provided to agriculture. For reference, this is one of our biggest dams last year; the water is supposed to reach the hole up there and you need a boat to cross the river.

    This year has not been that bad, but less rain has fallen. If sudden measures are not taken, it won’t be long until we no longer have water.



    Here in the pacific northwest the climate is becoming much more Mediterranean. We are going to be one of the few regions that actually benefit from climate change, with the exception of an extended allergy season. this is one of the reasons I’m going to stay put. If we can manage our water well, we will not suffer as bad as most of the US. We are the future southern California 😉 This also means we will have excellent conditions for agriculture and become the new “breadbasket”… so what are you waiting for? This is the place to be….where we will likely suffer less…for now.



    Here in South Australia (the state, not just the southern area), I’ve anecdotally noticed more humidity through the summer. For the record, in school we were taught we were in the driest state in the driest nation on earth. I doubt that’s true on the coast, where I live, but maybe inland a bit it is.

    Anyway my point is, when I was younger we got a couple of humid days per summer, now we have enough humid days to make a couple of humid weeks. At least, that’s my feeling anyway.



    Here in the pacific northwest the climate is becoming much more Mediterranean.

    Not so quick. Climatologists will tell you that changes or trends over a few years or even decades are changes in weather, not climate.



    Yah I know. My mistake..either way, we will have it pretty easy compared to most…


    Russell La Claire

    However, with over 99% percent of Climatologists saying that its climate, I think its a pretty good scientific bet.

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