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    Well, PopeBeanie, no one can take away the feeling of agency. Free will or no, we are what we do and people, with free will or not, will respond and treat us accordingly. We are what we are, we do what we do, we respond to others as our brain tells us to.

    Life goes on just as before even if you accept that there’s no free will. Every action expresses the nature of the actor. Some people have a nature that embodies altruisism, benevolence, and humanity. Others exhibit egocentrism, malevolence, and inhumanity.

    Of course, as we say, “people can change,” but only if self-examination and wanting to be different is in their nature. Whatever they do comes from a lower layer of their psyche which is bey0nd their control.

    All other creatures are the same. For some reason, we humans are STILL operating under the mythology that we are fundamentally different from lower creatures. We may be more complicated than our dogs and cats, but we function in the world just the same way they do. What my cat does is in her unique feline nature. What I do is in my human nature. Ditto for you.

Viewing 226 post (of 226 total)

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