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    This respected international economist has been predicting the impending collapse of China for several years. Now, he’s moving on to Germany. But ultimately the economic collapse will be worldwide and will hit even the United States.




    And none of this has to happen.

    Remember, all predictions are based upon current conditions staying the same and the future being set, neither of which are true. Within the time frame mentioned, the Germans could very easily throw out the Watermelon Greenies, get their own offshore oil platforms, start back building nuclear reactors, and diversify it’s trade partners.

    Also, an aging population doesn’t have to mean a less productive workplace if they are assisted by cybernetics and AI.

    I know I’ll probably need this to work after my supposed retirement age because the Social Security “Lock Box” is nothing but I.O.U.s and funding it along with Medicare/Medicaid will require either higher taxes or inflating the currency until it is worthless.

    Perhaps scaling back the butter of Welfare Statism and keeping the government funding to guns will give private citizens more funds to invest in high-tech solutions for greater productivity, rendering both ways to work longer and dividends to live on and invest more into the market.

    “Two words I never use: ‘Trend’ and ‘Predict.'”–Alvin Toffler.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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