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    Ron H

    The eminent total eclipse of the moon seems to have brought out the appropriately named lunatics. How do you convince them that this is a natural event and does not presage the end of the world? I have a niece who has drunk deeply of the koolaid and is frantic over this.

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    cecilia fx

    I doubt anyone this deluded cares but you can list ALL the other times people have nervous attacks over nothing and that Every Single time Nothing happened.


    Ron H

    An interesting website that no longer exists listed many of the times since the dawn of Christianity that the end of the world was predicted. I am sure searching could turn up something similar. In every case, the end of the world did not take place. You would think that people would finally learn.


    tom sarbeck

    I’m going to try responding with something like “I’m saddened that you were so abused” and closing with something like “I hope you recover soon.” I might offer to help in some way.



    Howl at the moon with the niece. It would be a whole lot more fun than trying to persuade her to conform. Embrace the unusual!

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