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    Hi Ron Henson, Not sure what you want to do, but you certainly can start a topic in a forum.

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    Just checked the activity and the most recent post was one from me over a month ago, What is wrong? Are people here just not interested in starting and discussing topics? Certainly the old Think Atheist was a much more active site.

  • I am so over this site. It is not easy to use and is certainly not intuitive.

  • An interesting website that no longer exists listed many of the times since the dawn of Christianity that the end of the world was predicted. I am sure searching could turn up something similar. In every case, the end of the world did not take place. You would think that people would finally learn.

  • The eminent total eclipse of the moon seems to have brought out the appropriately named lunatics. How do you convince them that this is a natural event and does not presage the end of the world? I have a niece who has drunk deeply of the koolaid and is frantic over this.

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    I received an e mail from some one whose id was faith. This came through atheist zone. faith sent you a new message:

    Subject: hi

    “I saw your profile and decided to contact you in good faith. my name is Alice I am, working with the United Nations. I’m from Florida in the United States. I believe we are in a small world, and if we can be friends,…[Read more]

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    I agree that the problem is a fanatical devotion to religion. It makes them irrational, as it does to any fanatics.

    The early Christians destroyed all things pagan they could. Just think of what was lost.

  • Saw on the news last night that ISIS had destroyed a 2000 year old Roman temple in the remains of Palmyra. I had no words to express how I felt other than what on earth would possess these cretins to do this. This was after they had beheaded an 81 year old man who was an expert in antiquities.

    There was a world before the invention of Islam.…[Read more]

  • I suppose there must be something wrong with me. At my age I have lost a lot of family—4 grandparents mother father, all of my aunts and uncles and several cousins.
    I have rarely felt grief, nor have I shed many tears. And no I don’t feel as if it is all pent up ion me waiting to explode. So what is wrong? I don’t know if anything is…[Read more]

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    If the politicians were more responsive to the people’s needs, then he never would have gained traction. The other candidates have no one to blame but their sorry selves. They have consistently put their need to get re-elected in perpetuity over all other considerations.

    I am loving every minute of it.

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    Unless the young man was high on drugs or alcohol, then presumably he is aware that it is not okay to run toward a cop. In fact it is lethal to do so. All he had to do was go to the ground and obey the cop’s directions.

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  • Most Christians consider that something being a theory is a strong negative. They simply do not get the scientific method. In science most every thing is a theory to some degree. Theories are constantly being tested, refined and even rejected.
    That is the beauty of science.

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    I think in my mind I always pictured Pluto as a somewhat mishapen featureless blob. All I can say now is wow. Pluto is a real spherical world.

  • If the South had been able to negotiate a settlement and seceded, does anyone really think that slavery would have been abolished? No matter how the defenders of the flag flown by the south, the war was fought to keep slavery. You only have to read the Ordinances of Secession written by the southerners to see this. They made no apologies. Oh,…[Read more]

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    Still becoming accustomed to the new site. Gradually I am finding my way around.

  • I have never understood Christians doing anything for the glory of god. Doesn’t their god already have all the glory it can handle?

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